Publications 2018

Title Authors Journal Published Online
The development of a GPR44 targeting radioligand [11C]AZ12204657 for in vivo assessment of beta cell mass. Jahan M, Johnström P, Selvaraju RK, ..., Halldin C, Eriksson O EJNMMI Res 8 (1) 113 2018-12-27 2018-12-27
CD45 exclusion- and cross-linking-based receptor signaling together broaden FcεRI reactivity. Felce JH, Sezgin E, Wane M, ..., Eggeling C, Davis SJ Sci Signal 11 (561) - 2018-12-18 2018-12-18
acI Actinobacteria Assemble a Functional Actinorhodopsin with Natively Synthesized Retinal. Dwulit-Smith JR, Hamilton JJ, Stevenson DM, ..., McMahon KD, Forest KT Applied and environmental microbiology 84 (24) - 2018-12-15 2018-11-30
Next-generation sequencing reveals two populations of damage-induced small RNAs at endogenous DNA double-strand breaks. Bonath F, Domingo-Prim J, Tarbier M, Friedländer MR, Visa N Nucleic Acids Res. 46 (22) 11869-11882 2018-12-14 2018-11-13
Metabolic network-based stratification of hepatocellular carcinoma reveals three distinct tumor subtypes. Bidkhori G, Benfeitas R, Klevstig M, ..., Boren J, Mardinoglu A Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 115 (50) E11874-E11883 2018-12-11 2018-11-27
miRTrace reveals the organismal origins of microRNA sequencing data. Kang W, Eldfjell Y, Fromm B, ..., Biryukova I, Friedländer MR Genome Biol. 19 (1) 213 2018-12-04 2018-12-04
FZD5 is a Gαq-coupled receptor that exhibits the functional hallmarks of prototypical GPCRs. Wright SC, Cañizal MCA, Benkel T, ..., Schulte G, Hoffmann C Sci Signal 11 (559) eaar5536 2018-12-04 2018-12-04
Tumor suppressor PNRC1 blocks rRNA maturation by recruiting the decapping complex to the nucleolus. Gaviraghi M, Vivori C, Pareja Sanchez Y, ..., Cittaro D, Tonon G EMBO J. 37 (23) - 2018-12-03 2018-10-29
Methanogens and Iron-Reducing Bacteria: the Overlooked Members of Mercury-Methylating Microbial Communities in Boreal Lakes. Bravo AG, Peura S, Buck M, ..., Björn E, Bertilsson S Applied and environmental microbiology 84 (23) - 2018-12-01 2018-11-15
Metaxa2 Database Builder: enabling taxonomic identification from metagenomic or metabarcoding data using any genetic marker. Bengtsson-Palme J, Richardson RT, Meola M, ..., Hartmann M, Nilsson RH Bioinformatics 34 (23) 4027-4033 2018-12-01 2018-06-19
Multiscale patterns and drivers of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in the roots and root-associated soil of a wild perennial herb. Rasmussen PU, Hugerth LW, Blanchet FG, ..., Lindahl BD, Tack AJM New Phytol. 220 (4) 1248-1261 2018-12-00 2018-03-24
Detection and quantification of beta cells by PET imaging: why clinical implementation has never been closer. Gotthardt M, Eizirik DL, Aanstoot HJ, ..., Cnop M, Brom M Diabetologia 61 (12) 2516-2519 2018-12-00 2018-10-03
Cost-effective generation of precise label-free quantitative proteomes in high-throughput by microLC and data-independent acquisition Vowinckel J, Zelezniak A, Bruderer R, ..., Reiter L, Ralser M Sci Rep 8 (1) - 2018-12-00 2018-03-12
Control of hepatic gluconeogenesis by Argonaute2. Yan X, Wang Z, Bishop CA, ..., Willnow TE, Poy MN Mol Metab 18 (-) 15-24 2018-12-00 2018-10-09
Bridging gaps in transposable element research with single-molecule and single-cell technologies Kutter C, Jern P, Suh A Mobile DNA 9 (1) - 2018-12-00 2018-12-06
RollFISH achieves robust quantification of single-molecule RNA biomarkers in paraffin-embedded tumor tissue samples. Wu C, Simonetti M, Rossell C, ..., Crosetto N, Nilsson M Commun Biol 1 (1) 209 2018-11-28 2018-11-28
Vimentin deficiency in macrophages induces increased oxidative stress and vascular inflammation but attenuates atherosclerosis in mice. Håversen L, Sundelin JP, Mardinoglu A, ..., Levin M, Borén J Sci Rep 8 (1) 16973 2018-11-19 2018-11-19
Methanomethylophilus alvus Mx1201 Provides Basis for Mutual Orthogonal Pyrrolysyl tRNA/Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Pairs in Mammalian Cells. Meineke B, Heimgärtner J, Lafranchi L, Elsässer SJ ACS chemical biology 13 (11) 3087-3096 2018-11-16 2018-10-12
PREQUAL: detecting non-homologous characters in sets of unaligned homologous sequences. Whelan S, Irisarri I, Burki F Bioinformatics 34 (22) 3929-3930 2018-11-15 2018-06-06
Structural Characterization of Agonist Binding to Protease-Activated Receptor 2 through Mutagenesis and Computational Modeling. Kennedy AJ, Ballante F, Johansson JR, ..., Nordqvist A, Carlsson J ACS pharmacology & translational science 1 (2) 119-133 2018-11-09 2018-10-16
A Network-Based Cancer Drug Discovery: From Integrated Multi-Omics Approaches to Precision Medicine. Turanli B, Karagoz K, Gulfidan G, ..., Mardinoglu A, Arga KY Curr. Pharm. Des. 24 (32) 3778-3790 2018-11-07 2018-11-07
Forces drive basement membrane invasion in Caenorhabditis elegans. Cáceres R, Bojanala N, Kelley LC, ..., Sherwood DR, Plastino J Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 115 (45) 11537-11542 2018-11-06 2018-10-22
Deciphering highly similar multigene family transcripts from Iso-Seq data with IsoCon. Sahlin K, Tomaszkiewicz M, Makova KD, Medvedev P Nat Commun 9 (1) 4601 2018-11-02 2018-11-02
microRNA-205-5p is a modulator of insulin sensitivity that inhibits FOXO function. Langlet F, Tarbier M, Haeusler RA, ..., Friedländer MR, Accili D Mol Metab 17 (-) 49-60 2018-11-00 2018-08-11
Uncovering the regional localization of inhaled salmeterol retention in the lung. Bäckström E, Hamm G, Nilsson A, ..., Goodwin RJA, Fridén M Drug Deliv 25 (1) 838-845 2018-11-00 2018-03-29
Transfection of crayfish hematopoietic tissue cells. Shi H, Ruan L, Söderhäll I, Söderhäll K, Xu X Dev. Comp. Immunol. 88 (-) 70-76 2018-11-00 2018-07-09
QCM mass underestimation in molecular biotechnology: Proximity ligation assay for norovirus detection as a case study Neumann F, Madaboosi N, Hernández-Neuta I, ..., Mecea V, Nilsson M Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 273 (-) 742-750 2018-11-00 2018-11-00
How to minimize dye-induced perturbations while studying biomembrane structure and dynamics: PEG linkers as a rational alternative. Mobarak E, Javanainen M, Kulig W, ..., Rog T, Vattulainen I Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr 1860 (11) 2436-2445 2018-11-00 2018-07-18
Gene-environment interaction of monoamine oxidase A in relation to antisocial behaviour: current and future directions. Nilsson KW, Åslund C, Comasco E, Oreland L J Neural Transm (Vienna) 125 (11) 1601-1626 2018-11-00 2018-06-07
Barcoded solid-phase RNA capture for Spatial Transcriptomics profiling in mammalian tissue sections. Salmén F, Ståhl PL, Mollbrink A, ..., Frisén J, Lundeberg J Nat Protoc 13 (11) 2501-2534 2018-11-00 2018-10-26
Ribosome Profiling of Synechocystis Reveals Altered Ribosome Allocation at Carbon Starvation Karlsen J, Asplund-Samuelsson J, Thomas Q, Jahn M, Hudson EP mSystems 3 (5) - 2018-10-30 2018-10-30
Detection of post-translational modifications using solid-phase proximity ligation assay. Oliveira FMS, Mereiter S, Lönn P, ..., Reis CA, Kamali-Moghaddam M N Biotechnol 45 (-) 51-59 2018-10-25 2017-10-31
Combination of phage and Gram-positive bacterial display of human antibody repertoires enables isolation of functional high affinity binders. Hu FJ, Volk AL, Persson H, ..., Uhlen M, Rockberg J N Biotechnol 45 (-) 80-88 2018-10-25 2017-08-01
A myopic perspective on the future of protein diagnostics. Landegren U, Al-Amin RA, Björkesten J N Biotechnol 45 (-) 14-18 2018-10-25 2018-01-05
A Robust Proton Flux (pHlux) Assay for Studying the Function and Inhibition of the Influenza A M2 Proton Channel. Santner P, Martins JMDS, Laursen JS, ..., Willemoës M, Lindorff-Larsen K Biochemistry 57 (41) 5949-5956 2018-10-16 2018-10-03
Chemoselective Probe Containing a Unique Bioorthogonal Cleavage Site for Investigation of Gut Microbiota Metabolism. Garg N, Conway LP, Ballet C, ..., Löhr JM, Globisch D Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 57 (42) 13805-13809 2018-10-15 2018-09-20
Noninvasive Urine Biomarker Lateral Flow Immunoassay for Monitoring Active Onchocerciasis. Shirey RJ, Globisch D, Eubanks LM, Hixon MS, Janda KD ACS Infect Dis 4 (10) 1423-1431 2018-10-12 2018-09-21
Quantifying point-mutations in shotgun metagenomic data Magesh S, Jonsson V, Bengtsson-Palme J bioRxiv preprint - (-) - 2018-10-11 2018-10-11
Growth of Cyanobacteria Is Constrained by the Abundance of Light and Carbon Assimilation Proteins. Jahn M, Vialas V, Karlsen J, ..., Käll L, Hudson EP Cell Reports 25 (2) 478-486.e8 2018-10-09 2018-10-12
Rapid Isolation of the Mitoribosome from HEK Cells. Aibara S, Andréll J, Singh V, Amunts A J Vis Exp - (140) - 2018-10-04 2018-10-04
Conceptual and empirical advances in Neotropical biodiversity research. Antonelli A, Ariza M, Albert J, ..., Zizka A, Edwards SV PeerJ 6 (-) e5644 2018-10-04 2018-10-04
Reconstitution of immune cell interactions in free-standing membranes. Jenkins E, Santos AM, O'Brien-Ball C, ..., Eggeling C, Sezgin E J. Cell. Sci. 132 (4) - 2018-10-02 2018-10-02
Bacteriophages Synergize with the Gut Microbial Community To Combat Salmonella. Hu YOO, Hugerth LW, Bengtsson C, ..., Du J, Engstrand L mSystems 3 (5) - 2018-10-02 2018-10-02
Opening leads to closing: Allosteric crosstalk between the activation and inactivation gates in KcsA. Delemotte L J. Gen. Physiol. 150 (10) 1356-1359 2018-10-01 2018-08-24
Determining the molecular basis of voltage sensitivity in membrane proteins. Kasimova MA, Lindahl E, Delemotte L J. Gen. Physiol. 150 (10) 1444-1458 2018-10-01 2018-08-27
High Cell Density Perfusion Culture has a Maintained Exoproteome and Metabolome. Zamani L, Lundqvist M, Zhang Y, ..., Rockberg J, Chotteau V Biotechnol J 13 (10) e1800036 2018-10-00 2018-07-13
Genome-wide binding of transcription factor ZEB1 in triple-negative breast cancer cells. Maturi V, Enroth S, Heldin CH, Moustakas A J. Cell. Physiol. 233 (10) 7113-7127 2018-10-00 2018-05-10
Genomes from uncultivated prokaryotes: a comparison of metagenome-assembled and single-amplified genomes. Alneberg J, Karlsson CMG, Divne AM, ..., Andersson AF, Pinhassi J Microbiome 6 (1) 173 2018-09-28 2018-09-28
ESS: A Tool for Genome-Scale Quantification of Essentiality Score for Reaction/Genes in Constraint-Based Modeling. Zhang C, Bidkhori G, Benfeitas R, ..., Uhlén M, Mardinoglu A Front. Physiol. 9 (-) 1355 2018-09-28 2018-09-28
Bioanalytical advantages of a novel recombinant apyrase enzyme in ATP-based bioluminescence methods. Pavankumar AR, Zelenin S, Lundin A, ..., Achour A, Russom A Anal. Chim. Acta 1025 (-) 118-123 2018-09-26 2018-04-26
Effects of Design Choices on the Stiffness of Wireframe DNA Origami Structures. Benson E, Mohammed A, Rayneau-Kirkhope D, ..., Orponen P, Högberg B ACS Nano 12 (9) 9291-9299 2018-09-25 2018-09-06
Maternal gut and breast milk microbiota affect infant gut antibiotic resistome and mobile genetic elements. Pärnänen K, Karkman A, Hultman J, ..., Satokari R, Virta M Nat Commun 9 (1) 3891 2018-09-24 2018-09-24
Characterization of different fat depots in NAFLD using inflammation-associated proteome, lipidome and metabolome. Lovric A, Granér M, Bjornson E, ..., Mardinoglu A, Boren J Sci Rep 8 (1) 14200 2018-09-21 2018-09-21
Meta-Analysis of Adiponectin as a Biomarker for the Detection of Metabolic Syndrome. Liu Z, Liang S, Que S, ..., Zheng S, Mardinoglu A Front. Physiol. 9 (-) 1238 2018-09-19 2018-09-19
Phylogeny and Systematics of Kewa (Kewaceae) Thulin M, Larsson A, Edwards EJ, Moore AJ Systematic Botany 43 (3) 689-700 2018-09-10 2018-09-10
Shedding of CD16 disassembles the NK cell immune synapse and boosts serial engagement of target cells. Srpan K, Ambrose A, Karampatzakis A, ..., Önfelt B, Davis DM J. Cell Biol. 217 (9) 3267-3283 2018-09-03 2018-07-02
Promoter Usage and Dynamics in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Exposed to Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 or Interleukin-1β. Alhendi AMN, Patrikakis M, Daub CO, ..., Arner E, Khachigian LM Sci Rep 8 (1) 13164 2018-09-03 2018-09-03
Neuronal Expression of Opioid Gene is Controlled by Dual Epigenetic and Transcriptional Mechanism in Human Brain. Bazov I, Sarkisyan D, Kononenko O, ..., Yakovleva T, Bakalkin G Cereb. Cortex 28 (9) 3129-3142 2018-09-01 2017-10-03
The pro-inflammatory role of platelets in cancer. Olsson AK, Cedervall J Platelets 29 (6) 569-573 2018-09-00 2018-03-27
The downfall of TBA-354 - a possible explanation for its neurotoxicity via mass spectrometric imaging. Ntshangase S, Shobo A, Kruger HG, ..., Govender T, Baijnath S Xenobiotica 48 (9) 938-944 2018-09-00 2017-10-13
The Protozoan Parasite Toxoplasma gondii Selectively Reprograms the Host Cell Translatome. Leroux LP, Lorent J, Graber TE, ..., Larsson O, Jaramillo M Infect. Immun. 86 (9) - 2018-09-00 2018-08-22
Targeting ATR in cancer. Lecona E, Fernandez-Capetillo O Nat. Rev. Cancer 18 (9) 586-595 2018-09-00 2018-06-15
Systematic overexpression study to find target enzymes enhancing production of terpenes in Synechocystis PCC 6803, using isoprene as a model compound. Englund E, Shabestary K, Hudson EP, Lindberg P Metab. Eng. 49 (-) 164-177 2018-09-00 2018-07-17
Survival of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli water isolates in lake and well water. Nilsson A, Johansson C, Skarp A, ..., Bertilsson S, Rautelin H APMIS 126 (9) 762-770 2018-09-00 2018-08-31
Prognostic, predictive, and pharmacogenomic assessments of CDX2 refine stratification of colorectal cancer. Bruun J, Sveen A, Barros R, ..., Almeida R, Lothe RA Mol Oncol 12 (9) 1639-1655 2018-09-00 2018-08-15
Multi-ethnic genome-wide association study for atrial fibrillation. Roselli C, Chaffin MD, Weng LC, ..., Lunetta KL, Ellinor PT Nat. Genet. 50 (9) 1225-1233 2018-09-00 2018-06-11
Mechanisms for stalled replication fork stabilization: new targets for synthetic lethality strategies in cancer treatments. Liao H, Ji F, Helleday T, Ying S EMBO Rep. 19 (9) - 2018-09-00 2018-08-13
Hypermethylation of MIR21 in CD4+ T cells from patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis associates with lower miRNA-21 levels and concomitant up-regulation of its target genes. Ruhrmann S, Ewing E, Piket E, ..., Piehl F, Jagodic M Mult. Scler. 24 (10) 1288-1300 2018-09-00 2017-08-02
Germline variation in the oxidative DNA repair genes NUDT1 and OGG1 is not associated with hereditary colorectal cancer or polyposis. Mur P, Jemth AS, Bevc L, ..., Helleday T, Valle L Hum. Mutat. 39 (9) 1214-1225 2018-09-00 2018-07-04
Developing reduced SNP assays from whole-genome sequence data to estimate introgression in an organism with complex genetic patterns, the Iberian honeybee ( Apis mellifera iberiensis). Henriques D, Parejo M, Vignal A, ..., Webster MT, Pinto MA Evol Appl 11 (8) 1270-1282 2018-09-00 2018-03-30
Detailed analysis of HTT repeat elements in human blood using targeted amplification-free long-read sequencing. Höijer I, Tsai YC, Clark TA, ..., Gyllensten U, Ameur A Hum. Mutat. 39 (9) 1262-1272 2018-09-00 2018-07-12
Characterization of a cold-active transglutaminase from a crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus. Sirikharin R, Söderhäll I, Söderhäll K Fish Shellfish Immunol. 80 (-) 546-549 2018-09-00 2018-06-27
Autoantibody profiling reveals four protein candidate autoantigens associated with systemic lupus erythematosus. Frostegård J, Hellström C, Nilsson P, Frostegård AG, Ajeganova S Lupus 27 (10) 1670-1678 2018-09-00 2018-07-24
Assessment modalities of non-ionizing three-dimensional images for the quantification of facial morphology, symmetry, and appearance in cleft lip and palate: a systematic review. Thierens LAM, De Roo NMC, De Pauw GAM, Brusselaers N Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg 47 (9) 1095-1105 2018-09-00 2018-06-05
An update on the role of type I interferons in systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjögren's syndrome. Thorlacius GE, Wahren-Herlenius M, Rönnblom L Curr Opin Rheumatol 30 (5) 471-481 2018-09-00 2018-06-12
A fine-needle aspiration-based protein signature discriminates benign from malignant breast lesions. Franzén B, Kamali-Moghaddam M, Alexeyenko A, ..., Landegren U, Lewensohn R Mol Oncol 12 (9) 1415-1428 2018-09-00 2018-08-09
Top-Down Fabricated Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Field-Effect Detection of Prostate-Specific Antigen Rani D, Pachauri V, Madaboosi N, ..., Conde JP, Ingebrandt S ACS Omega 3 (8) 8471-8482 2018-08-31 2018-08-00
Ca2+-binding protein NECAB2 facilitates inflammatory pain hypersensitivity. Zhang MD, Su J, Adori C, ..., Harkany T, Hökfelt T J. Clin. Invest. 128 (9) 3757-3768 2018-08-31 2018-07-30
Mapping the Interface of a GPCR Dimer: A Structural Model of the A2A Adenosine and D2 Dopamine Receptor Heteromer. Borroto-Escuela DO, Rodriguez D, Romero-Fernandez W, ..., Fuxe K, Carlsson J Front. Pharmacol. 9 (-) 829 2018-08-30 2018-08-30
Eleven percent intact PGM3 in a severely immunodeficient patient with a novel splice-site mutation, a case report. Lundin KE, Wang Q, Hamasy A, ..., Ekwall O, Smith CIE BMC Pediatr 18 (1) 285 2018-08-29 2018-08-29
Building of neomycin-nucleobase-amino acid conjugates for the inhibition of oncogenic miRNAs biogenesis. Vo DD, Becquart C, Tran TPA, ..., Staedel C, Duca M Org. Biomol. Chem. 16 (34) 6262-6274 2018-08-29 2018-08-18
Statistical Analysis of Scanning Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Data Differentiates Free from Hindered Diffusion. Schneider F, Waithe D, Lagerholm BC, ..., Eggeling C, Fritzsche M ACS Nano 12 (8) 8540-8546 2018-08-28 2018-07-26
Metabolic reprogramming of acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells in response to glucocorticoid treatment. Dyczynski M, Vesterlund M, Björklund AC, ..., Tamm KP, Nilsson R Cell Death Dis 9 (9) 846 2018-08-28 2018-08-28
Direct observation of rotation-coupled protein diffusion along DNA on the microsecond timescale Marklund E, Amselem E, Kipper K, ..., Deindl S, Elf J - - (-) - 2018-08-27 2018-08-27
A Protein-Based Encapsulation System with Calcium-Controlled Cargo Loading and Detachment. Lizatović R, Assent M, Barendregt A, ..., Wennmalm S, André I Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 57 (35) 11334-11338 2018-08-27 2018-07-30
Association of tamoxifen resistance and lipid reprogramming in breast cancer. Hultsch S, Kankainen M, Paavolainen L, ..., Pietiäinen V, Kallioniemi O BMC Cancer 18 (1) 850 2018-08-24 2018-08-24
Stereotypic Immune System Development in Newborn Children. Olin A, Henckel E, Chen Y, ..., Bohlin K, Brodin P Cell 174 (5) 1277-1292.e14 2018-08-23 2018-08-25
Transcriptional Convergence of Oligodendrocyte Lineage Progenitors during Development. Marques S, van Bruggen D, Vanichkina DP, ..., Taft RJ, Castelo-Branco G Dev. Cell 46 (4) 504-517.e7 2018-08-20 2018-08-02
Sulfonimidamides: Synthesis and Applications in Preparative Organic Chemistry Nandi GC, Arvidsson PI Adv. Synth. Catal. 360 (16) 2976-3001 2018-08-17 2018-05-25
Role of Gln222 in Photoswitching of Aequorea Fluorescent Proteins: A Twisting and H-Bonding Affair? Storti B, Margheritis E, Abbandonato G, ..., Nifosì R, Bizzarri R ACS chemical biology 13 (8) 2082-2093 2018-08-17 2018-06-19
Enhanced photon collection enables four dimensional fluorescence nanoscopy of living systems. Masullo LA, Bodén A, Pennacchietti F, ..., Ratz M, Testa I Nat Commun 9 (1) 3281 2018-08-16 2018-08-16
The binding of Chp2's chromodomain to methylated H3K9 is essential for Chp2's role in heterochromatin assembly in fission yeast. Maksimov V, Oya E, Tanaka M, ..., Bjerling P, Nakayama JI PLoS ONE 13 (8) e0201101 2018-08-15 2018-08-15
Surface Display of Small Affinity Proteins on Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6803 Mediated by Fusion to the Major Type IV Pilin PilA1. Cengic I, Uhlén M, Hudson EP J. Bacteriol. 200 (16) - 2018-08-15 2018-07-25
Characterization of avian influenza virus attachment patterns to human and pig tissues. Eriksson P, Lindskog C, Engholm E, ..., Jourdain E, Ellström P Sci Rep 8 (1) 12215 2018-08-15 2018-08-15
A Decomposition Method for Global Evaluation of Shannon Entropy and Local Estimations of Algorithmic Complexity Zenil H, Hernández-Orozco S, Kiani N, ..., Rueda-Toicen A, Tegnér J Entropy 20 (8) 605 2018-08-15 2018-08-15
Novel Autotrophic Organisms Contribute Significantly to the Internal Carbon Cycling Potential of a Boreal Lake. Peura S, Buck M, Aalto SL, ..., Nykänen H, Eiler A MBio 9 (4) - 2018-08-14 2018-08-14
Predicting drug permeability through skin using molecular dynamics simulation. Lundborg M, Wennberg CL, Narangifard A, Lindahl E, Norlén L J Control Release 283 (-) 269-279 2018-08-10 2018-06-01
Stationary and portable sequencing-based approaches for tracing wastewater contamination in urban stormwater systems. Hu YOO, Ndegwa N, Alneberg J, ..., Fagerberg J, Andersson AF Sci Rep 8 (1) 11907 2018-08-09 2018-08-09
SURGE complex of Plasmodium falciparum in the rhoptry-neck (SURFIN4.2-RON4-GLURP) contributes to merozoite invasion. Quintana MDP, Ch'ng JH, Zandian A, ..., Chan S, Wahlgren M PLoS ONE 13 (8) e0201669 2018-08-09 2018-08-09
Proteomic Biomarkers for Incident Aortic Stenosis Requiring Valvular Replacement. Ljungberg J, Janiec M, Bergdahl IA, ..., Fall T, Söderberg S Circulation 138 (6) 590-599 2018-08-07 2018-03-01
New enzymatic and mass spectrometric methodology for the selective investigation of gut microbiota-derived metabolites. Ballet C, Correia MSP, Conway LP, ..., Löhr JM, Globisch D Chem Sci 9 (29) 6233-6239 2018-08-07 2018-06-28
Evaluation of the Therapeutic Potential of a HER3-Binding Affibody Construct TAM-HER3 in Comparison with a Monoclonal Antibody, Seribantumab. Orlova A, Bass TZ, Rinne SS, ..., Tolmachev V, Ståhl S Mol. Pharm. 15 (8) 3394-3403 2018-08-06 2018-07-25
Mitochondrial genomes reveal an east to west cline of steppe ancestry in Corded Ware populations. Juras A, Chyleński M, Ehler E, ..., Jakobsson M, Kośko A Sci Rep 8 (1) 11603 2018-08-02 2018-08-02
A colorimetric assay to rapidly determine the activities of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases. Wang D, Li J, Wong ACY, Aachmann FL, Hsieh YSY Biotechnol Biofuels 11 (-) 215 2018-08-02 2018-08-02
Sulfonyl Fluorides (SFs): More Than Click Reagents? Chinthakindi PK, Arvidsson PI Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2018 (27-28) 3648-3666 2018-08-01 2018-07-06
Investigation of viable taxa in the deep terrestrial biosphere suggests high rates of nutrient recycling. Lopez-Fernandez M, Broman E, Turner S, ..., Bertilsson S, Dopson M FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 94 (8) - 2018-08-01 2018-06-23
Evolution of the growth hormone, prolactin, prolactin 2 and somatolactin family. Ocampo Daza D, Larhammar D Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 264 (-) 94-112 2018-08-01 2018-01-12
Different menopausal hormone regimens and risk of breast cancer. Brusselaers N, Tamimi RM, Konings P, ..., Adami HO, Lagergren J Ann. Oncol. 29 (8) 1771-1776 2018-08-01 2018-06-20
CD93 promotes β1 integrin activation and fibronectin fibrillogenesis during tumor angiogenesis. Lugano R, Vemuri K, Yu D, ..., Dejana E, Dimberg A J. Clin. Invest. 128 (8) 3280-3297 2018-08-01 2018-06-25
An imidazole based H-Phe-Phe-NH 2 peptidomimetic with anti-allodynic effect in spared nerve injury mice. Skogh A, Lesniak A, Sköld C, ..., Hallberg M, Sandström A Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 28 (14) 2446-2450 2018-08-01 2018-06-15
The environmental neurotoxin β-N-methylamino-L-alanine inhibits melatonin synthesis in primary pinealocytes and a rat model. Pierozan P, Andersson M, Brandt I, Karlsson O Journal of pineal research 65 (1) e12488 2018-08-00 2018-04-06
The PDGF/PDGFR pathway as a drug target. Papadopoulos N, Lennartsson J Mol. Aspects Med. 62 (-) 75-88 2018-08-00 2017-11-15
Structure and function of the global topsoil microbiome. Bahram M, Hildebrand F, Forslund SK, ..., Tedersoo L, Bork P Nature 560 (7717) 233-237 2018-08-00 2018-08-01
Scavenging of superoxide by a membrane-bound superoxide oxidase. Lundgren CAK, Sjöstrand D, Biner O, ..., von Ballmoos C, Högbom M Nat. Chem. Biol. 14 (8) 788-793 2018-08-00 2018-06-18
Role of proteoglycans in neuro-inflammation and central nervous system fibrosis. Heindryckx F, Li JP Matrix Biol. 68-69 (-) 589-601 2018-08-00 2018-01-31
RNA velocity of single cells. La Manno G, Soldatov R, Zeisel A, ..., Linnarsson S, Kharchenko PV Nature 560 (7719) 494-498 2018-08-00 2018-08-08
Plasmablast antibody repertoires in elderly influenza vaccine responders exhibit restricted diversity but increased breadth of binding across influenza strains. Ju CH, Blum LK, Kongpachith S, ..., Davis MM, Robinson WH Clin. Immunol. 193 (-) 70-79 2018-08-00 2018-02-02
Plasma Protein Profiling Reveal Osteoprotegerin as a Marker of Prognostic Impact for Colorectal Cancer. Birgisson H, Tsimogiannis K, Freyhult E, Kamali-Moghaddam M Transl Oncol 11 (4) 1034-1043 2018-08-00 2018-07-04
Modulation of TGFβ/Smad signaling by the small GTPase RhoB. Livitsanou M, Vasilaki E, Stournaras C, Kardassis D Cell. Signal. 48 (-) 54-63 2018-08-00 2018-04-26
Memory T cells specific to citrullinated α-enolase are enriched in the rheumatic joint. Pieper J, Dubnovitsky A, Gerstner C, ..., Achour A, Malmström V J. Autoimmun. 92 (-) 47-56 2018-08-00 2018-05-28
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