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Paraneoplastic antigen Ma2 autoantibodies as specific blood biomarkers for detection of early recurrence of small intestine neuroendocrine tumors. Cui T, Hurtig M, Elgue G, ..., Öberg K, Giandomenico V PLoS ONE 5 (12) e16010 2010-12-30 2010-12-30
Tissue Distribution of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine and Search for Active Demethylation Intermediates Globisch D, Münzel M, Müller M, ..., Biel M, Carell T PLoS ONE 5 (12) e15367 2010-12-23 2010-12-23
Non-toxic dry-coated nanosilver for plasmonic biosensors. Sotiriou GA, Sannomiya T, Teleki A, ..., Vörös J, Pratsinis SE Adv. Funct. Mater. 20 (24) 4250-4257 2010-12-21 2010-12-21
Defining the transcriptome and proteome in three functionally different human cell lines. Lundberg E, Fagerberg L, Klevebring D, ..., Mann M, Uhlen M Mol Syst Biol 6 (-) 450 2010-12-21 2010-12-24
Efficient Synthesis of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Containing DNA Münzel M, Globisch D, Trindler C, Carell T Org. Lett. 12 (24) 5671-5673 2010-12-17 2010-12-17
The SNAP25 gene is linked to working memory capacity and maturation of the posterior cingulate cortex during childhood. Söderqvist S, McNab F, Peyrard-Janvid M, ..., Kere J, Klingberg T Biol. Psychiatry 68 (12) 1120-1125 2010-12-15 2010-10-15
Analysis of transcript and protein overlap in a human osteosarcoma cell line. Klevebring D, Fagerberg L, Lundberg E, ..., Uhlén M, Lundeberg J BMC Genomics 11 (-) 684 2010-12-02 2010-12-02
RNAs actively cycle on the Sm-like protein Hfq. Fender A, Elf J, Hampel K, Zimmermann B, Wagner EG Genes Dev. 24 (23) 2621-2626 2010-12-01 2010-12-03
A pyrosequencing study in twins shows that gastrointestinal microbial profiles vary with inflammatory bowel disease phenotypes. Willing BP, Dicksved J, Halfvarson J, ..., Jansson JK, Engstrand L Gastroenterology 139 (6) 1844-1854.e1 2010-12-00 2010-10-08
High resolution mapping and positional cloning of ENU-induced mutations in the Rw region of mouse chromosome 5. Ching YH, Munroe RJ, Moran JL, ..., Stover PJ, Schimenti JC BMC Genet. 11 (-) 106 2010-11-30 2010-11-30
Stochastic reaction-diffusion kinetics in the microscopic limit. Fange D, Berg OG, Sjöberg P, Elf J Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 107 (46) 19820-19825 2010-11-16 2010-11-01
A Complete Set of Nascent Transcription Rates for Yeast Genes Pelechano V, Chávez S, Pérez-Ortín JE PLoS ONE 5 (11) e15442 2010-11-16 2010-11-16
A Novel Synthetic Route for the Anti-HIV Drug MC-1220 and its Analogues Loksha YM, Globisch D, Loddo R, ..., La Colla P, Pedersen EB ChemMedChem 5 (11) 1847-1849 2010-11-08 2010-08-16
Heat shock transcription factor 1 localizes to sex chromatin during meiotic repression. Akerfelt M, Vihervaara A, Laiho A, ..., Sistonen L, Henriksson E J Biol Chem 285 (45) 34469-34476 2010-11-05 2010-08-27
Incorporation of Mg and Ca into nanostructured Fe2O3 improves Fe solubility in dilute acid and sensory characteristics in foods. Hilty FM, Knijnenburg JT, Teleki A, ..., Pratsinis SE, Zimmermann MB J Food Sci 76 (1) N2-10 2010-11-04 2010-11-04
Toward next generation plasma profiling via heat-induced epitope retrieval and array-based assays. Schwenk JM, Igel U, Neiman M, ..., Nilsson P, Uhlen M Mol. Cell Proteomics 9 (11) 2497-2507 2010-11-00 2010-08-03
Effect of Sensor Domain Mutations on the Properties of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels: Molecular Dynamics Studies of the Potassium Channel Kv1.2 Delemotte L, Treptow W, Klein ML, Tarek M Biophysical Journal 99 (9) L72-L74 2010-11-00 2010-11-00
A genome-wide association study identifies new psoriasis susceptibility loci and an interaction between HLA-C and ERAP1. Genetic Analysis of Psoriasis Consortium & the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2 , Strange A, Capon F, ..., Donnelly P, Trembath RC Nat. Genet. 42 (11) 985-990 2010-11-00 2010-10-17
Far-Field Autofluorescence Nanoscopy Bierwagen J, Testa I, Fölling J, ..., Eggeling C, Hell SW Nano Lett. 10 (10) 4249-4252 2010-10-13 2010-10-13
Semiconductor gas sensors: dry synthesis and application. Tricoli A, Righettoni M, Teleki A Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 49 (42) 7632-7659 2010-10-11 2010-08-19
Genome analysis and comparative genomics of a Giardia intestinalis assemblage E isolate. Jerlström-Hultqvist J, Franzén O, Ankarklev J, ..., Svärd SG, Andersson B BMC Genomics 11 (-) 543 2010-10-07 2010-10-07
Neuroticism-related personality traits are related to symptom severity in patients with premenstrual dysphoric disorder and to the serotonin transporter gene-linked polymorphism 5-HTTPLPR. Gingnell M, Comasco E, Oreland L, Fredrikson M, Sundström-Poromaa I Arch Womens Ment Health 13 (5) 417-423 2010-10-00 2010-05-04
Multicolor Fluorescence Nanoscopy in Fixed and Living Cells by Exciting Conventional Fluorophores with a Single Wavelength Testa I, Wurm CA, Medda R, ..., Hell SW, Eggeling C Biophysical Journal 99 (8) 2686-2694 2010-10-00 2010-10-00
Clinical and experimental pancreatic islet transplantation to striated muscle: establishment of a vascular system similar to that in native islets. Christoffersson G, Henriksnäs J, Johansson L, ..., Carlsson PO, Phillipson M Diabetes 59 (10) 2569-2578 2010-10-00 2010-07-22
Light entrained rhythmic gene expression in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis: the evolution of the animal circadian clock. Reitzel AM, Behrendt L, Tarrant AM PLoS ONE 5 (9) e12805 2010-09-21 2010-09-21
A chemotactic gradient sequestered on endothelial heparan sulfate induces directional intraluminal crawling of neutrophils. Massena S, Christoffersson G, Hjertström E, ..., Li JP, Phillipson M Blood 116 (11) 1924-1931 2010-09-16 2010-06-08
Chk1 promotes replication fork progression by controlling replication initiation. Petermann E, Woodcock M, Helleday T Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 107 (37) 16090-16095 2010-09-14 2010-08-30
Lung cancer proteomics, clinical and technological considerations. Lehtiö J, De Petris L J Proteomics 73 (10) 1851-1863 2010-09-10 2010-06-01
Substance graphs are optimal simple-graph representations of metabolism Holme P, Huss M Chin. Sci. Bull. 55 (27-28) 3161-3168 2010-09-00 2010-10-14
Introduction into the analysis of high-throughput-sequencing based epigenome data. Huss M Brief. Bioinformatics 11 (5) 512-523 2010-09-00 2010-05-10
Daxx is an H3.3-specific histone chaperone and cooperates with ATRX in replication-independent chromatin assembly at telomeres Lewis PW, Elsaesser SJ, Noh KM, Stadler SC, Allis CD Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (32) 14075-14080 2010-08-10 2010-07-22
Genome-Wide Evidence for Efficient Positive and Purifying Selection in Capsella grandiflora, a Plant Species with a Large Effective Population Size Slotte T, Foxe JP, Hazzouri KM, Wright SI Molecular Biology and Evolution 27 (8) 1813-1821 2010-08-01 2010-03-01
6-thioguanine selectively kills BRCA2-defective tumors and overcomes PARP inhibitor resistance. Issaeva N, Thomas HD, Djureinovic T, ..., Curtin NJ, Helleday T Cancer Res. 70 (15) 6268-6276 2010-08-01 2010-07-14
Why do adolescents drink? Motivational patterns related to alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems. Comasco E, Berglund K, Oreland L, Nilsson KW Subst Use Misuse 45 (10) 1589-1604 2010-08-00 2010-07-02
The distribution of active RNA polymerase II along the transcribed region is gene-specific and controlled by elongation factors Rodríguez-Gil A, García-Martínez J, Pelechano V, ..., Pérez-Ortín JE, Chávez S Nucleic Acids Res. 38 (14) 4651-4664 2010-08-00 2010-04-10
Many particle magnetic dipole–dipole and hydrodynamic interactions in magnetizable stent assisted magnetic drug targeting Cregg PJ, Murphy K, Mardinoglu A, Prina-Mello A Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 322 (15) 2087-2094 2010-08-00 2010-08-00
Replication-biased genome organisation in the crenarchaeon Sulfolobus. Andersson AF, Pelve EA, Lindeberg S, ..., Nilsson P, Bernander R BMC Genomics 11 (-) 454 2010-07-28 2010-07-28
Impacts of added dissolved organic carbon on boreal freshwater pelagic metabolism and food webs in mesocosm experiments Kankaala P, Peura S, Nykänen H, ..., Tiirola M, Jones RI Fund. App. Lim. 177 (3) 161-176 2010-07-09 2010-07-09
Dynamics of HIV-1 quasispecies during antiviral treatment dissected using ultra-deep pyrosequencing. Hedskog C, Mild M, Jernberg J, ..., Andersson B, Albert J PLoS ONE 5 (7) e11345 2010-07-07 2010-07-07
Classification of DNA sequences using Bloom filters. Stranneheim H, Käller M, Allander T, ..., Arvestad L, Lundeberg J Bioinformatics 26 (13) 1595-1600 2010-07-01 2010-05-13
Upregulated Op18/stathmin activity causes chromosomal instability through a mechanism that evades the spindle assembly checkpoint Holmfeldt P, Sellin ME, Gullberg M Experimental Cell Research 316 (12) 2017-2026 2010-07-00 2010-07-00
Quantification of the Sixth DNA Base Hydroxymethylcytosine in the Brain Münzel M, Globisch D, Brückl T, ..., Biel M, Carell T Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (31) 5375-5377 2010-06-25 2010-06-25
Control of membrane protein topology by a single C-terminal residue. Seppälä S, Slusky JS, Lloris-Garcerá P, Rapp M, von Heijne G Science 328 (5986) 1698-1700 2010-06-25 2010-05-27
Induction of cytochrome P450 1 genes and stress response genes in developing zebrafish exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Behrendt L, Jönsson ME, Goldstone JV, Stegeman JJ Aquat Toxicol 98 (1) 74-82 2010-06-01 2010-02-04
Local release of highly loaded antibodies from functionalized nanoporous support for cancer immunotherapy. Lei C, Liu P, Chen B, ..., Liu J, Hellstrom KE Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (20) 6906-6907 2010-05-26 2010-05-04
Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis of closely related wild and captive tsetse fly (Glossina morsitans morsitans) populations. Lall GK, Darby AC, Nystedt B, ..., Bishop RP, Welburn SC Parasit Vectors 3 (-) 47 2010-05-26 2010-05-26
Five-Vertebrate ChIP-seq Reveals the Evolutionary Dynamics of Transcription Factor Binding Schmidt D, Wilson MD, Ballester B, ..., Flicek P, Odom DT Science 328 (5981) 1036-1040 2010-05-21 2010-04-08
Structure-Based Discovery of A2A Adenosine Receptor Ligands Carlsson J, Yoo L, Gao ZG, ..., Shoichet BK, Jacobson KA J. Med. Chem. 53 (9) 3748-3755 2010-05-13 2010-05-13
Systematic comparison of microarray profiling, real-time PCR, and next-generation sequencing technologies for measuring differential microRNA expression Git A, Dvinge H, Salmon-Divon M, ..., Bertone P, Caldas C RNA 16 (5) 991-1006 2010-05-01 2010-04-01
Understanding biological dynamics: following cells and molecules to track functions and mechanisms Palamidessi A, Testa I, Frittoli E, ..., Scita G, Faretta M Eur Biophys J 39 (6) 947-957 2010-05-00 2009-05-20
Iron from nanocompounds containing iron and zinc is highly bioavailable in rats without tissue accumulation. Hilty FM, Arnold M, Hilbe M, ..., Langhans W, Zimmermann MB Nat Nanotechnol 5 (5) 374-380 2010-05-00 2010-04-25
Continuous surface functionalization of flame-made TiO2 nanoparticles. Teleki A, Bjelobrk N, Pratsinis SE Langmuir 26 (8) 5815-5822 2010-04-20 2010-03-03
International network of cancer genome projects. International Cancer Genome Consortium , Hudson TJ, Anderson W, ..., Liu ET, Wainwright BJ Nature 464 (7291) 993-998 2010-04-15 2010-04-16
Metabolic Network Topology Reveals Transcriptional Regulatory Signatures of Type 2 Diabetes Zelezniak A, Pers TH, Soares S, Patti ME, Patil KR PLoS Comput Biol 6 (4) e1000729 2010-04-01 2010-04-01
New functions for an old variant: no substitute for histone H3.3 Elsaesser SJ, Goldberg AD, Allis CD Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 20 (2) 110-117 2010-04-00 2010-04-00
In vivo and in vitro characterization of [18F]-FE-(+)-DTBZ as a tracer for beta-cell mass. Eriksson O, Jahan M, Johnström P, ..., Halldin C, Johansson L Nucl. Med. Biol. 37 (3) 357-363 2010-04-00 2010-01-15
There is a steady-state transcriptome in exponentially growing yeast cells Pelechano V, Pérez-Ortín JE Yeast 27 (7) 413-422 2010-03-17 2010-03-17
Intersubunit capture of regulatory segments is a component of cooperative CaMKII activation Chao LH, Pellicena P, Deindl S, ..., Schulman H, Kuriyan J Nat Struct Mol Biol 17 (3) 264-272 2010-03-00 2010-02-07
Distinct Factors Control Histone Variant H3.3 Localization at Specific Genomic Regions Goldberg AD, Banaszynski LA, Noh KM, ..., Zheng D, Allis CD Cell 140 (5) 678-691 2010-03-00 2010-03-00
Unconventional Ubiquitin Recognition by the Ubiquitin-Binding Motif within the Y Family DNA Polymerases ι and Rev1 Bomar MG, D'Souza S, Bienko M, ..., Walker GC, Zhou P Molecular Cell 37 (3) 408-417 2010-02-00 2010-02-00
The clock gene PER2 and sleep problems: association with alcohol consumption among Swedish adolescents. Comasco E, Nordquist N, Göktürk C, ..., Oreland L, Nilsson KW Ups. J. Med. Sci. 115 (1) 41-48 2010-02-00 2010-03-02
Regulation of Translesion Synthesis DNA Polymerase η by Monoubiquitination Bienko M, Green CM, Sabbioneda S, ..., Lehmann AR, Dikic I Molecular Cell 37 (3) 396-407 2010-02-00 2010-02-00
Complex regulatory network encompassing the Csr, c-di-GMP and motility systems of Salmonella Typhimurium. Jonas K, Edwards AN, Ahmad I, ..., Römling U, Melefors O Environ. Microbiol. 12 (2) 524-540 2010-02-00 2009-11-17
Structure Determination and Improved Model of Plant Photosystem I Amunts A, Toporik H, Borovikova A, Nelson N J. Biol. Chem. 285 (5) 3478-3486 2010-01-29 2009-11-18
Differential effects of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family members Mcl-1, Bcl-2, and Bcl-xL on Celecoxib-induced apoptosis Rudner J, Elsaesser SJ, Müller AC, Belka C, Jendrossek V Biochemical Pharmacology 79 (1) 10-20 2010-01-00 2010-01-00
Evolution of Rhizaria: new insights from phylogenomic analysis of uncultivated protists Burki F, Kudryavtsev A, Matz MV, ..., Keeling PJ, Pawlowski J BMC Evol Biol BMC Evolutionary Biology 10 (1) 377 2010-00-00 2010-00-00
Deciphering the porcine intestinal microRNA transcriptome Sharbati S, Friedlander MR, Sharbati J, ..., Rajewsky N, Einspanier R BMC Genomics 11 (1) 275 2010-00-00 2010-00-00

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