Publications 2004

Title Authors Journal Published Online
Birth and adaptive evolution of a hominoid gene that supports high neurotransmitter flux. Burki F, Kaessmann H Nat Genet 36 (10) 1061-1063 2004-10-00 2004-09-19
Proton binding to proteins: pK(a) calculations with explicit and implicit solvent models. Simonson T, Carlsson J, Case DA J. Am. Chem. Soc. 126 (13) 4167-4180 2004-04-07 2004-04-01
Capacity ofSalvinia minima Baker to Tolerate and Accumulate As and Pb Hoffmann T, Kutter C, SantamarĂ­a J Eng. Life Sci. 4 (1) 61-65 2004-02-05 2004-02-05

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