Metabolome dynamics of diapause in the butterfly

Lehmann P, Pruisscher P, Koštál V, Moos M, Šimek P, Nylin S, Agren R, Väremo L, Wiklund C, Wheat CW, Gotthard K

J. Exp. Biol. 221 (Pt 2) - [2018-01-25; online 2018-01-25]

Diapause is a deep resting stage facilitating temporal avoidance of unfavourable environmental conditions, and is used by many insects to adapt their life cycle to seasonal variation. Although considerable work has been invested in trying to understand each of the major diapause stages (induction, maintenance and termination), we know very little about the transitions between stages, especially diapause termination. Understanding diapause termination is crucial for modelling and predicting spring emergence and winter physiology of insects, including many pest insects. In order to gain these insights, we investigated metabolome dynamics across diapause development in pupae of the butterfly

Affiliated researcher

PubMed 29180603

DOI 10.1242/jeb.169508

Crossref 10.1242/jeb.169508

pii: jeb.169508

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