The association between p,p'-DDE levels and left ventricular mass is mainly mediated by obesity.

La Merrill MA, Lind PM, Salihovic S, van Bavel B, Lind L

Environ. Res. 160 (-) 541-546 [2018-01-00; online 2017-10-26]

The pesticide metabolite p,p'-DDE has been associated with left ventricular (LV) mass and known risk factors for LV hypertrophy in humans and in experimental models. We hypothesized that the associations of p,p'-DDE with LV hypertrophy risk factors, namely elevated glucose, adiposity and hypertension, mediate the association of p,p'-DDE with LV mass. p,p'-DDE was measured in plasma from 70-year-old subjects (n = 988) of the Prospective Study of the Vasculature in Uppsala Seniors (PIVUS). When these subjects were 70-, 75- and 80- years old, LV characteristics were measured by echocardiography, while fasting glucose, body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure were assessed with standard clinical techniques. We found that p,p'-DDE levels were associated with increased fasting glucose, BMI, hypertension and LV mass in separate models adjusted for sex. Structural equation modeling revealed that the association between p,p'-DDE and LV mass was almost entirely mediated by BMI (70%), and also by hypertension (19%). The obesogenic effect of p,p'-DDE is a major determinant responsible for the association of p,p'-DDE with LV mass.

Affiliated researcher

PubMed 29106953

DOI 10.1016/j.envres.2017.10.031

Crossref 10.1016/j.envres.2017.10.031

pii: S0013-9351(17)31176-3

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