Publications 2013

Title Authors Journal Published Online
Characterization of VCAM-1-binding peptide-functionalized quantum dots for molecular imaging of inflamed endothelium. Chen Y, Molnár M, Li L, ..., Brismar H, Fu Y PLoS ONE 8 (12) e83805 2013-12-31 2013-12-31
Organocatalyzed stereospecific C-C bond formation of β-lactams. Pawar SA, Alapour S, Khanyase S, ..., Govender T, Arvidsson PI Org. Biomol. Chem. 11 (48) 8294-8297 2013-12-28 2013-11-11
Association of STAT4 polymorphism with severe renal insufficiency in lupus nephritis. Bolin K, Sandling JK, Zickert A, ..., Gunnarsson I, Nordmark G PLoS ONE 8 (12) e84450 2013-12-27 2013-12-27
Targeting the PDGF signaling pathway in tumor treatment. Heldin CH Cell Commun. Signal 11 (-) 97 2013-12-20 2013-12-20
Omega Currents in Voltage-Gated Ion Channels: What Can We Learn from Uncovering the Voltage-Sensing Mechanism Using MD Simulations? Tarek M, Delemotte L Acc. Chem. Res. 46 (12) 2755-2762 2013-12-17 2013-05-22
Local partition coefficients govern solute permeability of cholesterol-containing membranes. Zocher F, van der Spoel D, Pohl P, Hub JS Biophys. J. 105 (12) 2760-2770 2013-12-17 2013-12-24
Profiling post-centrifugation delay of serum and plasma with antibody bead arrays. Qundos U, Hong MG, Tybring G, ..., Nilsson P, Schwenk JM J Proteomics 95 (-) 46-54 2013-12-16 2013-04-28
SMG-1 suppresses CDK2 and tumor growth by regulating both the p53 and Cdc25A signaling pathways. Gubanova E, Issaeva N, Gokturk C, Djureinovic T, Helleday T Cell Cycle 12 (24) 3770-3780 2013-12-15 2013-10-04
Probing concentration-dependent behavior of DNA-binding proteins on a single-molecule level illustrated by Rad51. Frykholm K, Freitag C, Persson F, Tegenfeldt JO, Granéli A Anal. Biochem. 443 (2) 261-268 2013-12-15 2013-08-29
Bile acids modulate signaling by functional perturbation of plasma membrane domains. Zhou Y, Maxwell KN, Sezgin E, ..., Lichtenberger LM, Levental I J Biol Chem 288 (50) 35660-35670 2013-12-13 2013-10-28
Genome-wide analyses implicate 33 loci in heritable dog osteosarcoma, including regulatory variants near CDKN2A/B. Karlsson EK, Sigurdsson S, Ivansson E, ..., Breen M, Lindblad-Toh K Genome Biol. 14 (12) R132 2013-12-12 2013-12-12
The impact of nandrolone decanoate and growth hormone on biosynthesis of steroids in rats. Grönbladh A, Johansson J, Kushnir MM, Bergquist J, Hallberg M Steroids 78 (12-13) 1192-1199 2013-12-11 2013-09-05
Microfluidic device for generating a stepwise concentration gradient on a microwell slide for cell analysis. Weibull E, Matsui S, Sakai M, Andersson Svahn H, Ohashi T Biomicrofluidics 7 (6) 64115 2013-12-10 2013-12-10
Broad-scale phylogenomics provides insights into retrovirus-host evolution. Hayward A, Grabherr M, Jern P Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (50) 20146-20151 2013-12-10 2013-11-25
Signaling in insulin-secreting MIN6 pseudoislets and monolayer cells. Chowdhury A, Satagopam VP, Manukyan L, ..., Bergquist J, Bergsten P J. Proteome Res. 12 (12) 5954-5962 2013-12-06 2013-09-30
Mass fingerprinting of complex mixtures: protein inference from high-resolution peptide masses and predicted retention times. Moruz L, Hoopmann MR, Rosenlund M, ..., Moritz RL, Käll L J. Proteome Res. 12 (12) 5730-5741 2013-12-06 2013-10-11
Urinary prognostic biomarkers and classification of IgA nephropathy by high resolution mass spectrometry coupled with liquid chromatography. Kalantari S, Rutishauser D, Samavat S, ..., Rezaei-Tavirani M, Zubarev RA PLoS ONE 8 (12) e80830 2013-12-05 2013-12-05
S100A4 interacts with p53 in the nucleus and promotes p53 degradation. Orre LM, Panizza E, Kaminskyy VO, ..., Zhivotovsky B, Lehtiö J Oncogene 32 (49) 5531-5540 2013-12-05 2013-06-10
Accurate detection of subclonal single nucleotide variants in whole genome amplified and pooled cancer samples using HaloPlex target enrichment. Berglund EC, Lindqvist CM, Hayat S, ..., Lönnerholm G, Syvänen AC BMC Genomics 14 (-) 856 2013-12-05 2013-12-05
Transcription-factor binding and sliding on DNA studied using micro- and macroscopic models. Marklund EG, Mahmutovic A, Berg OG, ..., Fange D, Elf J Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (49) 19796-19801 2013-12-03 2013-11-12
Integrated molecular portrait of non-small cell lung cancers. Lazar V, Suo C, Orear C, ..., Hansson J, Pawitan Y BMC Med Genomics 6 (-) 53 2013-12-03 2013-12-03
Using Transcriptomics To Improve Butanol Tolerance of Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6803 Anfelt J, Hallström B, Nielsen J, Uhlén M, Hudson EP Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 79 (23) 7419-7427 2013-12-01 2013-09-20
A genome-wide association study of atopic dermatitis identifies loci with overlapping effects on asthma and psoriasis. Weidinger S, Willis-Owen SA, Kamatani Y, ..., Irvine AD, Moffatt MF Hum. Mol. Genet. 22 (23) 4841-4856 2013-12-01 2013-07-25
Understanding the interactions between bacteria in the human gut through metabolic modeling Shoaie S, Karlsson F, Mardinoglu A, ..., Bordel S, Nielsen J Sci Rep 3 (1) - 2013-12-00 2013-08-28
The links between chromatin spatial organization and biological function. Rodriguez A, Bjerling P Biochem. Soc. Trans. 41 (6) 1634-1639 2013-12-00 2013-11-22
Selectivity analysis of single binder assays used in plasma protein profiling. Neiman M, Fredolini C, Johansson H, ..., Nilsson P, Schwenk JM Proteomics 13 (23-24) 3406-3410 2013-12-00 2013-11-18
Protein expansion is primarily due to indels in intrinsically disordered regions. Light S, Sagit R, Sachenkova O, Ekman D, Elofsson A Mol. Biol. Evol. 30 (12) 2645-2653 2013-12-00 2013-09-12
Post translational modifications in adenovirus type 2. Bergström Lind S, Artemenko KA, Elfineh L, ..., Bergquist J, Pettersson U Virology 447 (1-2) 104-111 2013-12-00 2013-09-21
Oral bacterial community dynamics in paediatric patients with malignancies in relation to chemotherapy-related oral mucositis: a prospective study. Ye Y, Carlsson G, Agholme MB, ..., Modéer T, Pütsep K Clin. Microbiol. Infect. 19 (12) E559-E567 2013-12-00 2013-07-05
Olfactory receptor 51E1 as a novel target for diagnosis in somatostatin receptor-negative lung carcinoids. Giandomenico V, Cui T, Grimelius L, ..., Pelosi G, Tsolakis AV J. Mol. Endocrinol. 51 (3) 277-286 2013-12-00 2013-11-07
Novel candidate genes for 46,XY gonadal dysgenesis identified by a customized 1 M array-CGH platform. Norling A, Lindén Hirschberg A, Iwarsson E, ..., Wedell A, Barbaro M Eur J Med Genet 56 (12) 661-668 2013-12-00 2013-09-18
In situ mutation detection and visualization of intratumor heterogeneity for cancer research and diagnostics. Grundberg I, Kiflemariam S, Mignardi M, ..., Botling J, Nilsson M Oncotarget 4 (12) 2407-2418 2013-12-00 2013-11-28
Imaging the in vivo fate of human T cells following transplantation in immunoincompetent mice - implications for clinical cell therapy trials. Berglund D, Karlsson M, Palanisamy S, ..., Korsgren O, Eriksson O Transplant immunology 29 (1-4) 105-108 2013-12-00 2013-09-29
High expression of glycolytic and pigment proteins is associated with worse clinical outcome in stage III melanoma. Falkenius J, Lundeberg J, Johansson H, ..., Hansson J, Egyhazi Brage S Melanoma Res. 23 (6) 452-460 2013-12-00 2013-10-17
Gene regulation by antisense transcription Pelechano V, Steinmetz LM Nat Rev Genet 14 (12) 880-893 2013-12-00 2013-11-12
Decreased survival in normal karyotype AML with single-nucleotide polymorphisms in genes encoding the AraC metabolizing enzymes cytidine deaminase and 5'-nucleotidase. Falk IJ, Fyrberg A, Paul E, ..., Gréen H, Lotfi K Am. J. Hematol. 88 (12) 1001-1006 2013-12-00 2013-09-09
Biochemical characterization of stallion prostasomes and comparison to their human counterparts. Ronquist GK, Ek B, Ronquist G, ..., Carlsson L, Larsson A Syst Biol Reprod Med 59 (6) 297-303 2013-12-00 2013-08-02
Association between circulating endostatin, hypertension duration, and hypertensive target-organ damage. Carlsson AC, Ruge T, Sundström J, ..., Lind L, Arnlöv J Hypertension 62 (6) 1146-1151 2013-12-00 2013-09-30
Advances in metabolic pathway and strain engineering paving the way for sustainable production of chemical building blocks. Chen Y, Nielsen J Curr. Opin. Biotechnol. 24 (6) 965-972 2013-12-00 2013-03-28
Accurate sex identification of ancient human remains using DNA shotgun sequencing Skoglund P, Storå J, Götherström A, Jakobsson M Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (12) 4477-4482 2013-12-00 2013-12-00
Accurate Hotspot Localization by Sampling the Near-Field Pattern of Electronic Devices Singh P, Deschrijver D, Pissoort D, Dhaene T IEEE Trans. Electromagn. Compat. 55 (6) 1365-1368 2013-12-00 2013-12-00
A flexible algorithm for calculating pair interactions on SIMD architectures Páll S, Hess B Computer Physics Communications 184 (12) 2641-2650 2013-12-00 2013-12-00
A balanced sequential design strategy for global surrogate modeling Singh P, Deschrijver D, Dhaene T - - (-) - 2013-12-00 2013-12-00
Single-cell genomics reveal low recombination frequencies in freshwater bacteria of the SAR11 clade. Zaremba-Niedzwiedzka K, Viklund J, Zhao W, ..., Stepanauskas R, Andersson SG Genome Biol. 14 (11) R130 2013-11-28 2013-11-28
Testing the reproducibility of multiple displacement amplification on genomes of clonal endosymbiont populations. Ellegaard KM, Klasson L, Andersson SG PLoS ONE 8 (11) e82319 2013-11-27 2013-11-27
Thermal Energy Dissipation by SiO2-Coated Plasmonic-Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles in Alternating Magnetic Fields Sotiriou GA, Visbal-Onufrak MA, Teleki A, ..., Pratsinis SE, Rinaldi C Chem Mater 25 (22) 4603-4612 2013-11-26 2013-11-07
Identification of candidate serum proteins for classifying well-differentiated small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors. Darmanis S, Cui T, Drobin K, ..., Schwenk JM, Giandomenico V PLoS ONE 8 (11) e81712 2013-11-25 2013-11-25
Snail depletes the tumorigenic potential of glioblastoma. Savary K, Caglayan D, Caja L, ..., Ferletta M, Moustakas A Oncogene 32 (47) 5409-5420 2013-11-21 2013-03-25
Fastphylo: fast tools for phylogenetics. Khan MA, Elias I, Sjölund E, ..., Lagergren J, Arvestad L BMC Bioinformatics 14 (-) 334 2013-11-20 2013-11-20
Rule-based models of the interplay between genetic and environmental factors in childhood allergy. Bornelöv S, Sääf A, Melén E, ..., Pershagen G, Komorowski J PLoS ONE 8 (11) e80080 2013-11-19 2013-11-19
Close encounters of the third domain: the emerging genomic view of archaeal diversity and evolution. Spang A, Martijn J, Saw JH, ..., Guy L, Ettema TJ Archaea 2013 (-) 202358 2013-11-19 2013-11-19
Tumor-dependent increase of serum amino acid levels in breast cancer patients has diagnostic potential and correlates with molecular tumor subtypes. Poschke I, Mao Y, Kiessling R, de Boniface J J Transl Med 11 (-) 290 2013-11-16 2013-11-16
SAMstrt: statistical test for differential expression in single-cell transcriptome with spike-in normalization. Katayama S, Töhönen V, Linnarsson S, Kere J Bioinformatics 29 (22) 2943-2945 2013-11-15 2013-08-31
In vivo trp scanning of the small multidrug resistance protein EmrE confirms 3D structure models'. Lloris-Garcerá P, Slusky JS, Seppälä S, ..., Schäfer LV, von Heijne G J. Mol. Biol. 425 (22) 4642-4651 2013-11-15 2013-08-03
Activated Cdc42-associated kinase 1 (Ack1) is required for tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) receptor recruitment to lipid rafts and induction of cell death. Linderoth E, Pilia G, Mahajan NP, Ferby I J. Biol. Chem. 288 (46) 32922-32931 2013-11-15 2013-10-01
Modulated fluorescence of colloidal quantum dots embedded in a porous alumina membrane. Xu H, Li L, Manneberg O, ..., Brismar H, Fu Y J Phys Chem B 117 (45) 14151-14156 2013-11-14 2013-10-31
Efficient cellular fractionation improves RNA sequencing analysis of mature and nascent transcripts from human tissues. Zaghlool A, Ameur A, Nyberg L, ..., Cavelier L, Feuk L BMC Biotechnol. 13 (-) 99 2013-11-13 2013-11-13
Protocol for a collaborative meta-analysis of 5-HTTLPR, stress, and depression. Culverhouse RC, Bowes L, Breslau N, ..., Bierut LJ, 5-HTTLPR, Stress, and Depression Consortium BMC Psychiatry 13 (-) 304 2013-11-12 2013-11-12
Mutagenesis and computational modeling of human G-protein-coupled receptor Y2 for neuropeptide Y and peptide YY. Xu B, Fällmar H, Boukharta L, ..., Aqvist J, Larhammar D Biochemistry 52 (45) 7987-7998 2013-11-12 2013-10-31
ChIP-seq in steatohepatitis and normal liver tissue identifies candidate disease mechanisms related to progression to cancer. Bysani M, Wallerman O, Bornelöv S, ..., Komorowski J, Wadelius C BMC Med Genomics 6 (-) 50 2013-11-08 2013-11-08
Transforming growth factor-β signalling controls human breast cancer metastasis in a zebrafish xenograft model. Drabsch Y, He S, Zhang L, Snaar-Jagalska BE, ten Dijke P Breast Cancer Res. 15 (6) R106 2013-11-07 2013-11-07
Inference of the genetic architecture underlying BMI and height with the use of 20,240 sibling pairs. Hemani G, Yang J, Vinkhuyzen A, ..., Martin NG, Visscher PM Am. J. Hum. Genet. 93 (5) 865-875 2013-11-07 2013-10-31
Global analysis of DNA methylation variation in adipose tissue from twins reveals links to disease-associated variants in distal regulatory elements. Grundberg E, Meduri E, Sandling JK, ..., Bell JT, Deloukas P Am. J. Hum. Genet. 93 (5) 876-890 2013-11-07 2013-10-31
Excap: maximization of haplotypic diversity of linked markers. Kahles A, Sarqume F, Savolainen P, Arvestad L PLoS ONE 8 (11) e79012 2013-11-07 2013-11-07
β-sheet structures and dimer models of the two major tyrocidines, antimicrobial peptides from Bacillus aneurinolyticus. Munyuki G, Jackson GE, Venter GA, ..., Bhattacharya B, van der Spoel D Biochemistry 52 (44) 7798-7806 2013-11-05 2013-10-23
The vertebrate ancestral repertoire of visual opsins, transducin alpha subunits and oxytocin/vasopressin receptors was established by duplication of their shared genomic region in the two rounds of early vertebrate genome duplications. Lagman D, Ocampo Daza D, Widmark J, ..., Sundström G, Larhammar D BMC Evol Biol BMC Evolutionary Biology 13 (-) 238 2013-11-02 2013-11-02
Functional Validation of Virtual Screening for Novel Agents with General Anesthetic Action at Ligand-Gated Ion Channels Heusser SA, Howard RJ, Borghese CM, ..., Carlsson J, Harris RA Molecular Pharmacology 84 (5) 670-678 2013-11-01 2013-08-15
Comparative and phylogenomic evidence that the alphaproteobacterium HIMB59 is not a member of the oceanic SAR11 clade. Viklund J, Martijn J, Ettema TJ, Andersson SG PLoS ONE 8 (11) e78858 2013-11-01 2013-11-01
A short C-terminal tail prevents mis-targeting of hydrophobic mitochondrial membrane proteins to the ER. Reithinger JH, Yim C, Park K, ..., von Heijne G, Kim H FEBS Lett. 587 (21) 3480-3486 2013-11-01 2013-09-18
Variants at multiple loci implicated in both innate and adaptive immune responses are associated with Sjögren's syndrome. Lessard CJ, Li H, Adrianto I, ..., Harley JB, Sivils KL Nat. Genet. 45 (11) 1284-1292 2013-11-00 2013-10-06
Towards a unified paradigm for sequence-based identification of fungi. Kõljalg U, Nilsson RH, Abarenkov K, ..., Weiss M, Larsson KH Mol. Ecol. 22 (21) 5271-5277 2013-11-00 2013-09-24
Serum endostatin and risk of mortality in the elderly: findings from 2 community-based cohorts. Ärnlöv J, Ruge T, Ingelsson E, ..., Sundström J, Lind L Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 33 (11) 2689-2695 2013-11-00 2013-09-12
Reproducibility of high-throughput mRNA and small RNA sequencing across laboratories 't Hoen PAC, Friedländer MR, Almlöf J, ..., Dermitzakis ET, Lappalainen T Nat Biotechnol 31 (11) 1015-1022 2013-11-00 2013-09-15
Rapid and deep human proteome analysis by single-dimension shotgun proteomics. Pirmoradian M, Budamgunta H, Chingin K, ..., Astorga-Wells J, Zubarev RA Mol. Cell Proteomics 12 (11) 3330-3338 2013-11-00 2013-07-22
Putting poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase and other DNA repair inhibitors into clinical practice. Helleday T Curr Opin Oncol 25 (6) 609-614 2013-11-00 2013-10-08
Proline substitution independently enhances H-2D(b) complex stabilization and TCR recognition of melanoma-associated peptides. Uchtenhagen H, Abualrous ET, Stahl E, ..., Nygren PÅ, Achour A Eur. J. Immunol. 43 (11) 3051-3060 2013-11-00 2013-08-30
N-terminal peptide sequence repetition influences the kinetics of backbone fragmentation: a manifestation of the Jahn-Teller effect? Good DM, Yang H, Zubarev RA J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 24 (11) 1671-1675 2013-11-00 2013-04-30
Molecular biomarkers of neurodegeneration. Höglund K, Salter H Expert Rev. Mol. Diagn. 13 (8) 845-861 2013-11-00 2013-10-25
Heritability of objectively assessed daily physical activity and sedentary behavior. den Hoed M, Brage S, Zhao JH, ..., Wareham NJ, Loos RJ Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 98 (5) 1317-1325 2013-11-00 2013-09-18
Discovery and refinement of loci associated with lipid levels. Willer CJ, Schmidt EM, Sengupta S, ..., Abecasis GR, Global Lipids Genetics Consortium Nat. Genet. 45 (11) 1274-1283 2013-11-00 2013-10-06
Deregulation of hyaluronan synthesis, degradation and binding promotes breast cancer. Heldin P, Basu K, Olofsson B, ..., Kozlova I, Kahata K J. Biochem. 154 (5) 395-408 2013-11-00 2013-10-03
Comparative drug pair screening across multiple glioblastoma cell lines reveals novel drug-drug interactions. Schmidt L, Kling T, Monsefi N, ..., Gerlee P, Nelander S Neuro-oncology 15 (11) 1469-1478 2013-11-00 2013-10-06
Common variants associated with plasma triglycerides and risk for coronary artery disease. Do R, Willer CJ, Schmidt EM, ..., Neale BM, Kathiresan S Nat. Genet. 45 (11) 1345-1352 2013-11-00 2013-10-06
Association of genes in the NF-κB pathway with antibody-positive primary Sjögren's syndrome. Nordmark G, Wang C, Vasaitis L, ..., Syvänen AC, UK Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome Registry Scand. J. Immunol. 78 (5) 447-454 2013-11-00 2013-08-16
Antibodies biotinylated using a synthetic Z-domain from protein A provide stringent in situ protein detection. Andersson S, Konrad A, Ashok N, ..., Hober S, Asplund A J. Histochem. Cytochem. 61 (11) 773-784 2013-11-00 2013-08-06
Adaptive classification algorithm for EMC‐compliance testing of electronic devices Singh P, Deschrijver D, Pissoort D, Dhaene T Electron. lett. 49 (24) 1526-1528 2013-11-00 2013-11-00
Serglycin is implicated in the promotion of aggressive phenotype of breast cancer cells. Korpetinou A, Skandalis SS, Moustakas A, ..., Karamanos NK, Theocharis AD PLoS ONE 8 (10) e78157 2013-10-31 2013-10-31
Complementarity between in Silico and Biophysical Screening Approaches in Fragment-Based Lead Discovery against the A2A Adenosine Receptor Chen D, Ranganathan A, IJzerman AP, Siegal G, Carlsson J J. Chem. Inf. Model. 53 (10) 2701-2714 2013-10-28 2013-09-18
Developmental expression of IL-33 in the mouse brain. Wicher G, Husic E, Nilsson G, Forsberg-Nilsson K Neurosci. Lett. 555 (-) 171-176 2013-10-25 2013-09-27
CGGBP1 phosphorylation constitutes a telomere-protection signal. Singh U, Maturi V, Jones RE, ..., Baird DM, Westermark B Cell Cycle 13 (1) 96-105 2013-10-23 2013-10-23
Direct observation of structurally encoded metal discrimination and ether bond formation in a heterodinuclear metalloprotein. Griese JJ, Roos K, Cox N, ..., Siegbahn PE, Högbom M Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (43) 17189-17194 2013-10-22 2013-10-07
Complexation and sequestration of BMP-2 from an ECM mimetic hyaluronan gel for improved bone formation. Kisiel M, Klar AS, Ventura M, ..., Cool SM, Hilborn J PLoS ONE 8 (10) e78551 2013-10-22 2013-10-22
Multiple insecticide resistances in the disease vector Culex p. quinquefasciatus from Western Indian Ocean. Pocquet N, Milesi P, Makoundou P, ..., Chandre F, Labbé P PLoS ONE 8 (10) e77855 2013-10-21 2013-10-21
Quantitative synteny scoring improves homology inference and partitioning of gene families. Ali RH, Muhammad S, Khan M, Arvestad L BMC Bioinformatics 14 Suppl 15 (-) S12 2013-10-15 2013-10-15
Genome-wide probabilistic reconciliation analysis across vertebrates. Mahmudi O, Sjöstrand J, Sennblad B, Lagergren J BMC Bioinformatics 14 Suppl 15 (-) S10 2013-10-15 2013-10-15
Damage-induced DNA replication stalling relies on MAPK-activated protein kinase 2 activity. Köpper F, Bierwirth C, Schön M, ..., Schön MP, Dobbelstein M Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (42) 16856-16861 2013-10-15 2013-09-30
Integration of cardiac proteome biology and medicine by a specialized knowledgebase. Zong NC, Li H, Li H, ..., Hermjakob H, Ping P Circ. Res. 113 (9) 1043-1053 2013-10-12 2013-08-21
Chemical fragmentation for massively parallel sequencing library preparation. Gyarmati P, Song Y, Hällman J, Käller M J. Biotechnol. 168 (1) 95-100 2013-10-10 2013-08-27
Thorough investigation of a canine autoinflammatory disease (AID) confirms one main risk locus and suggests a modifier locus for amyloidosis. Olsson M, Tintle L, Kierczak M, ..., Lindblad-Toh K, Meadows JR PLoS ONE 8 (10) e75242 2013-10-09 2013-10-09
Quantification of Solvent Contribution to the Stability of Noncovalent Complexes. Zhang H, Tan T, Hetényi C, van der Spoel D J. Chem. Theory Comput. 9 (10) 4542-4551 2013-10-08 2013-09-19
Nonparametric Bayesian evaluation of differential protein quantification. Serang O, Cansizoglu AE, Käll L, Steen H, Steen JA J. Proteome Res. 12 (10) 4556-4565 2013-10-04 2013-09-11
Crystal structure of Na+, K(+)-ATPase in the Na(+)-bound state. Nyblom M, Poulsen H, Gourdon P, ..., Fedosova N, Nissen P Science 342 (6154) 123-127 2013-10-04 2013-09-19
Brain proteomics supports the role of glutamate metabolism and suggests other metabolic alterations in protein l-isoaspartyl methyltransferase (PIMT)-knockout mice. Yang H, Lowenson JD, Clarke S, Zubarev RA J. Proteome Res. 12 (10) 4566-4576 2013-10-04 2013-09-10
A mutation in the SUV39H2 gene in Labrador Retrievers with hereditary nasal parakeratosis (HNPK) provides insights into the epigenetics of keratinocyte differentiation. Jagannathan V, Bannoehr J, Plattet P, ..., Roosje P, Leeb T PLoS Genet 9 (10) e1003848 2013-10-03 2013-10-03
Transcription factor ZBED6 affects gene expression, proliferation, and cell death in pancreatic beta cells. Wang X, Jiang L, Wallerman O, ..., Andersson L, Welsh N Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (40) 15997-16002 2013-10-01 2013-09-16
Organellar oligopeptidase (OOP) provides a complementary pathway for targeting peptide degradation in mitochondria and chloroplasts. Kmiec B, Teixeira PF, Berntsson RP, ..., Stenmark P, Glaser E Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (40) E3761-E3769 2013-10-01 2013-09-16
Neuropsychiatric deep brain stimulation for translational neuroimaging. Höflich A, Savli M, Comasco E, ..., Kasper S, Lanzenberger R NeuroImage 79 (-) 30-41 2013-10-01 2013-04-28
Three-way interaction effect of 5-HTTLPR, BDNF Val66Met, and childhood adversity on depression: a replication study. Comasco E, Åslund C, Oreland L, Nilsson KW Eur Neuropsychopharmacol 23 (10) 1300-1306 2013-10-00 2013-03-06
T-cell responses after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for aggressive relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Burman J, Fransson M, Tötterman TH, ..., Mangsbo SM, Loskog AS Immunology 140 (2) 211-219 2013-10-00 2013-06-01
Prostasomes from four different species are able to produce extracellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Ronquist KG, Ek B, Morrell J, ..., Ronquist G, Larsson A Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1830 (10) 4604-4610 2013-10-00 2013-05-22
Pleiotropic effects of obesity-susceptibility loci on metabolic traits: a meta-analysis of up to 37,874 individuals. van Vliet-Ostaptchouk JV, den Hoed M, Luan J, ..., Snieder H, Loos RJ Diabetologia 56 (10) 2134-2146 2013-10-00 2013-07-05
Multiplex detection of antibiotic resistance genes using padlock probes. Barišić I, Schoenthaler S, Ke R, ..., Noehammer C, Wiesinger-Mayr H Diagn. Microbiol. Infect. Dis. 77 (2) 118-125 2013-10-00 2013-08-12
Mendelian randomization studies do not support a causal role for reduced circulating adiponectin levels in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Yaghootkar H, Lamina C, Scott RA, ..., Richards JB, Frayling TM Diabetes 62 (10) 3589-3598 2013-10-00 2013-07-08
Heart research advances using database search engines, Human Protein Atlas and the Sydney Heart Bank. Li A, Estigoy C, Raftery M, ..., Lal S, Dos Remedios CG Heart Lung Circ 22 (10) 819-826 2013-10-00 2013-07-13
Alternative splicing of the chromodomain protein Morf4l1 pre-mRNA has implications on cell differentiation in the developing chicken retina. Boije H, Ring H, Shirazi Fard S, ..., Nilsson M, Hallböök F J. Mol. Neurosci. 51 (2) 615-628 2013-10-00 2013-06-04
Adipocytokines levels at delivery, functional variation of TFAP2β, and maternal and neonatal anthropometric parameters. Comasco E, Iliadis SI, Larsson A, ..., Sundström-Poromaa I, Skalkidou A Obesity (Silver Spring) 21 (10) 2130-2137 2013-10-00 2013-05-29
A comparison of reduced coordinate sets for describing protein structure. Hinsen K, Hu S, Kneller GR, Niemi AJ J Chem Phys 139 (12) 124115 2013-09-28 2013-10-05
FHOD1, a formin upregulated in epithelial-mesenchymal transition, participates in cancer cell migration and invasion. Gardberg M, Kaipio K, Lehtinen L, ..., Koivisto M, Carpén O PLoS ONE 8 (9) e74923 2013-09-26 2013-09-26
Genome-wide signatures of differential DNA methylation in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Nordlund J, Bäcklin CL, Wahlberg P, ..., Lönnerholm G, Syvänen AC Genome Biol. 14 (9) r105 2013-09-24 2013-09-24
Peak Finder Metaserver - a novel application for finding peaks in ChIP-seq data. Kruczyk M, Umer HM, Enroth S, Komorowski J BMC Bioinformatics 14 (-) 280 2013-09-23 2013-09-23
A metagenomics transect into the deepest point of the Baltic Sea reveals clear stratification of microbial functional capacities. Thureborn P, Lundin D, Plathan J, ..., Sjöberg BM, Sjöling S PLoS ONE 8 (9) e74983 2013-09-23 2013-09-23
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