Publications 2014

Title Authors Journal Published Online
The kidney transcriptome and proteome defined by transcriptomics and antibody-based profiling. Habuka M, Fagerberg L, Hallström BM, ..., Uhlén M, Odeberg J PLoS ONE 9 (12) e116125 2014-12-31 2014-12-31
No evidence for genome-wide interactions on plasma fibrinogen by smoking, alcohol consumption and body mass index: results from meta-analyses of 80,607 subjects. Baumert J, Huang J, McKnight B, ..., Peters A, Smith NL PLoS ONE 9 (12) e111156 2014-12-31 2014-12-31
Genomic, proteomic, morphological, and phylogenetic analyses of vB_EcoP_SU10, a podoviridae phage with C3 morphology. Khan Mirzaei M, Mirzaei MK, Eriksson H, ..., Haggård-Ljungquist E, Nilsson AS PLoS ONE 9 (12) e116294 2014-12-31 2014-12-31
Prehistoric genomes reveal the genetic foundation and cost of horse domestication. Schubert M, Jónsson H, Chang D, ..., Shapiro B, Orlando L Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111 (52) E5661-E5669 2014-12-30 2014-12-15
The human pancreas proteome defined by transcriptomics and antibody-based profiling. Danielsson A, Pontén F, Fagerberg L, ..., Korsgren O, Lindskog C PLoS ONE 9 (12) e115421 2014-12-29 2014-12-29
The transcriptomic and proteomic landscapes of bone marrow and secondary lymphoid tissues. Andersson S, Nilsson K, Fagerberg L, ..., Uhlen M, Asplund A PLoS ONE 9 (12) e115911 2014-12-26 2014-12-26
Mechanical stress downregulates MHC class I expression on human cancer cell membrane. La Rocca R, Tallerico R, Talib Hassan A, ..., Di Fabrizio E, Carbone E PLoS ONE 9 (12) e111758 2014-12-26 2014-12-26
Clonal hematopoiesis and blood-cancer risk inferred from blood DNA sequence. Genovese G, Kähler AK, Handsaker RE, ..., Hultman CM, McCarroll SA N. Engl. J. Med. 371 (26) 2477-2487 2014-12-25 2014-11-26
Arabidopsis cytosolic acyl-CoA-binding proteins ACBP4, ACBP5 and ACBP6 have overlapping but distinct roles in seed development. Hsiao AS, Haslam RP, Michaelson LV, ..., Tanner JA, Chye ML Biosci. Rep. 34 (6) e00165 2014-12-23 2014-12-23
Enhanced normal-direction excitation and emission of dual-emitting quantum dots on a cascaded photonic crystal surface. Chen ZH, Wang Y, Yang Y, ..., Wang Y, Yu Z Nanoscale 6 (24) 14708-14715 2014-12-21 2014-09-19
Palladium(II)-catalyzed desulfitative synthesis of aryl ketones from sodium arylsulfinates and nitriles: scope, limitations, and mechanistic studies. Skillinghaug B, Sköld C, Rydfjord J, ..., Sjöberg PJ, Larhed M J. Org. Chem. 79 (24) 12018-12032 2014-12-19 2014-10-31
Germline methylation patterns determine the distribution of recombination events in the dog genome. Berglund J, Quilez J, Arndt PF, Webster MT Genome Biol Evol 7 (2) 522-530 2014-12-19 2014-12-19
Granulocytes Impose a Tight Bottleneck upon the Gut Luminal Pathogen Population during Salmonella Typhimurium Colitis Maier L, Diard M, Sellin ME, ..., Regoes RR, Hardt WD PLoS Pathog 10 (12) e1004557 2014-12-18 2014-12-18
Therapeutic vaccination against fibronectin ED-A attenuates progression of metastatic breast cancer. Femel J, Huijbers EJ, Saupe F, ..., Hellman L, Olsson AK Oncotarget 5 (23) 12418-12427 2014-12-15 2014-11-02
The scaffold protein WRAP53β orchestrates the ubiquitin response critical for DNA double-strand break repair. Henriksson S, Rassoolzadeh H, Hedström E, ..., Helleday T, Farnebo M Genes Dev. 28 (24) 2726-2738 2014-12-15 2014-12-17
The cerebrospinal fluid cytokine signature of multiple sclerosis: a homogenous response that does not conform to the Th1/Th2/Th17 convention. Burman J, Svensson E, Fransson M, ..., Fagius J, Mangsbo SM J. Neuroimmunol. 277 (1-2) 153-159 2014-12-15 2014-10-18
A novel AP4M1 mutation in autosomal recessive cerebral palsy syndrome and clinical expansion of AP-4 deficiency. Jameel M, Klar J, Tariq M, ..., Baig SM, Dahl N BMC Med. Genet. 15 (-) 133 2014-12-14 2014-12-14
Rapid pulsed whole genome sequencing for comprehensive acute diagnostics of inborn errors of metabolism. Stranneheim H, Engvall M, Naess K, ..., von Döbeln U, Wedell A BMC Genomics 15 (-) 1090 2014-12-11 2014-12-11
Microfluidics-based in situ padlock/rolling circle amplification system for counting single DNA molecules in a cell. Kuroda A, Ishigaki Y, Nilsson M, Sato K, Sato K Anal Sci 30 (12) 1107-1112 2014-12-11 2014-12-11
Diagnostics of primary immunodeficiency diseases: a sequencing capture approach. Moens LN, Falk-Sörqvist E, Asplund AC, ..., Smith CI, Nilsson M PLoS ONE 9 (12) e114901 2014-12-11 2014-12-11
Genotypes do not confer risk for delinquency but rather alter susceptibility to positive and negative environmental factors: gene-environmentinteractions of BDNF Val66Met, 5-HTTLPR, and MAOA-uVNTR [corrected]. Nilsson KW, Comasco E, Hodgins S, Oreland L, Åslund C Int J Neuropsychopharmacol 18 (5) - 2014-12-10 2014-12-10
TGFβ-induced invasion of prostate cancer cells is promoted by c-Jun-dependent transcriptional activation of Snail1. Thakur N, Gudey SK, Marcusson A, ..., Heldin CH, Landström M Cell Cycle 13 (15) 2400-2414 2014-12-09 2014-12-09
Sensitive detection of aggregated prion protein via proximity ligation. Hammond M, Wik L, Deslys JP, ..., Landegren U, Kamali-Moghaddam M Prion 8 (3) 261-265 2014-12-09 2014-12-09
Order Parameters and Algorithmic Approaches for Detection and Demarcation of Interfaces in Hydrate-Fluid and Ice-Fluid Systems. Sæthre BS, Hoffmann AC, van der Spoel D J Chem Theory Comput 10 (12) 5606-5615 2014-12-09 2015-11-20
Inactivation of the budding yeast cohesin loader Scc2 alters gene expression both globally and in response to a single DNA double strand break. Lindgren E, Hägg S, Giordano F, Björkegren J, Ström L Cell Cycle 13 (23) 3645-3658 2014-12-09 2014-12-09
Functional and molecular neuroimaging of menopause and hormone replacement therapy. Comasco E, Frokjaer VG, Sundström-Poromaa I Front Neurosci 8 (-) 388 2014-12-08 2014-12-08
Analysis of the early heterocyst Cys-proteome in the multicellular cyanobacterium Nostoc punctiforme reveals novel insights into the division of labor within diazotrophic filaments. Sandh G, Ramström M, Stensjö K BMC Genomics 15 (-) 1064 2014-12-04 2014-12-04
Phenotypic effects of concomitant insensitive acetylcholinesterase (ace-1(R)) and knockdown resistance (kdr(R)) in Anopheles gambiae: a hindrance for insecticide resistance management for malaria vector control. Assogba BS, Djogbénou LS, Saizonou J, ..., Weill M, Makoutodé M Parasit Vectors 7 (-) 548 2014-12-03 2014-12-03
Cerebral microdialysis for protein biomarker monitoring in the neurointensive care setting - a technical approach. Hillered L, Dahlin AP, Clausen F, ..., Enblad P, Lewén A Front Neurol 5 (-) 245 2014-12-03 2014-12-03
Shotgun metagenomics reveals a wide array of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile elements in a polluted lake in India. Bengtsson-Palme J, Boulund F, Fick J, Kristiansson E, Larsson DG Front Microbiol 5 (-) 648 2014-12-02 2014-12-02
Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation and motility by fibroblasts is both contact and soluble factor dependent. Alkasalias T, Flaberg E, Kashuba V, ..., Klein G, Guven H Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111 (48) 17188-17193 2014-12-02 2014-11-17
TGFβ receptor 1: an immune susceptibility gene in HPV-associated cancer. Levovitz C, Chen D, Ivansson E, ..., Boffetta P, Sikora AG Cancer Res. 74 (23) 6833-6844 2014-12-01 2014-10-01
New insights into the evolution of vertebrate CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone) and invertebrate DH44 (diuretic hormone 44) receptors in metazoans. Cardoso JC, Félix RC, Bergqvist CA, Larhammar D Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 209 (-) 162-170 2014-12-01 2014-09-16
Variability of the transporter gene complement in ammonia-oxidizing archaea. Offre P, Kerou M, Spang A, Schleper C Trends Microbiol. 22 (12) 665-675 2014-12-00 2014-08-26
Understanding the structural and dynamic consequences of DNA epigenetic modifications: computational insights into cytosine methylation and hydroxymethylation. Carvalho AT, Gouveia L, Kanna CR, ..., Platts JA, Kamerlin SC Epigenetics 9 (12) 1604-1612 2014-12-00 2015-01-28
Toxicogenomics directory of chemically exposed human hepatocytes Grinberg M, Stöber RM, Edlund K, ..., Rahnenführer J, Hengstler JG Arch Toxicol 88 (12) 2261-2287 2014-12-00 2014-11-16
Therapeutic vaccination targeting the tumour vasculature. Olsson AK Biochem. Soc. Trans. 42 (6) 1653-1657 2014-12-00 2014-11-18
The lung-specific proteome defined by integration of transcriptomics and antibody-based profiling. Lindskog C, Fagerberg L, Hallström B, ..., Pontén F, Micke P FASEB J. 28 (12) 5184-5196 2014-12-00 2014-08-28
The glioblastoma vasculature as a target for cancer therapy. Dimberg A Biochem. Soc. Trans. 42 (6) 1647-1652 2014-12-00 2014-11-18
The Salmonella Typhimurium effector protein SopE transiently localizes to the early SCV and contributes to intracellular replication Vonaesch P, Sellin ME, Cardini S, ..., Barthel M, Hardt WD Cell Microbiol 16 (12) 1723-1735 2014-12-00 2014-08-26
Superior long-term repopulating capacity of G-CSF+plerixafor-mobilized blood: implications for stem cell gene therapy by studies in the Hbb(th-3) mouse model. Psatha N, Sgouramali E, Gkountis A, ..., Stamatoyannopoulos G, Yannaki E Hum Gene Ther Methods 25 (6) 317-327 2014-12-00 2014-10-22
Strategy to develop a MAO-A-resistant 5-hydroxy-L-[β-(11)C]tryptophan isotopologue based on deuterium kinetic isotope effects. Eriksson J, Åberg O, Selvaraju RK, ..., Johansson L, Eriksson O EJNMMI Res 4 (1) 62 2014-12-00 2014-11-30
STED microscopy: increased resolution for medical research? Blom H, Brismar H J. Intern. Med. 276 (6) 560-578 2014-12-00 2014-08-05
SATB1 is an independent prognostic factor in radically resected upper gastrointestinal tract adenocarcinoma. Hedner C, Gaber A, Korkocic D, ..., Jirström K, Eberhard J Virchows Arch. 465 (6) 649-659 2014-12-00 2014-10-19
Pharmacogenetics, plasma concentrations, clinical signs and EEG during propofol treatment. Khan MS, Zetterlund EL, Gréen H, ..., Persson H, Eintrei C Basic Clin. Pharmacol. Toxicol. 115 (6) 565-570 2014-12-00 2014-07-19
Marine sponge Cribrochalina vasculum compounds activate intrinsic apoptotic signaling and inhibit growth factor signaling cascades in non-small cell lung carcinoma. Zovko A, Viktorsson K, Hååg P, ..., Carmeli S, Lewensohn R Mol. Cancer Ther. 13 (12) 2941-2954 2014-12-00 2014-10-15
MICA polymorphism: biology and importance in cancer. Chen D, Gyllensten U Carcinogenesis 35 (12) 2633-2642 2014-12-00 2014-10-20
Large-scale metabolomic profiling identifies novel biomarkers for incident coronary heart disease. Ganna A, Salihovic S, Sundström J, ..., Fall T, Ingelsson E PLoS Genet 10 (12) e1004801 2014-12-00 2014-12-11
Inhibition of Insulin-Regulated Aminopeptidase (IRAP) by Arylsulfonamides. Borhade SR, Rosenström U, Sävmarker J, ..., Larhed M, Hallberg M ChemistryOpen 3 (6) 256-263 2014-12-00 2014-11-21
Impact of ABCB1 single nucleotide polymorphisms 1236C>T and 2677G>T on overall survival in FLT3 wild-type de novo AML patients with normal karyotype. Jakobsen Falk I, Fyrberg A, Paul E, ..., Gréen H, Lotfi K Br. J. Haematol. 167 (5) 671-680 2014-12-00 2014-08-23
Genome-scale metabolic modelling of hepatocytes reveals serine deficiency in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Mardinoglu A, Agren R, Kampf C, ..., Uhlen M, Nielsen J Nat Commun 5 (1) - 2014-12-00 2014-01-14
Gender differences and time trends in incidence and prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Sweden--a model explaining the diabetes epidemic worldwide today? Wändell PE, Carlsson AC Diabetes Res. Clin. Pract. 106 (3) e90-e92 2014-12-00 2014-10-02
GABAergic terminals are a source of galanin to modulate cholinergic neuron development in the neonatal forebrain. Keimpema E, Zheng K, Barde SS, ..., Hökfelt T, Harkany T Cereb. Cortex 24 (12) 3277-3288 2014-12-00 2013-07-29
Evaluation of efficacy of a new MEK inhibitor, RO4987655, in human tumor xenografts by [(18)F] FDG-PET imaging combined with proteomic approaches. Tegnebratt T, Ruge E, Bader S, ..., Tessier J, Stone-Elander S EJNMMI Res 4 (1) 34 2014-12-00 2014-09-09
Emotional and cognitive functional imaging of estrogen and progesterone effects in the female human brain: a systematic review. Toffoletto S, Lanzenberger R, Gingnell M, Sundström-Poromaa I, Comasco E Psychoneuroendocrinology 50 (-) 28-52 2014-12-00 2014-08-13
Efficient application of next-generation sequencing for the diagnosis of rare genetic syndromes. Madrigal I, Alvarez-Mora MI, Karlberg O, ..., Syvänen AC, Milà M J. Clin. Pathol. 67 (12) 1099-1103 2014-12-00 2014-09-30
Dual labeled Ag@SiO₂ core-shell nanoparticle based optical immunosensor for sensitive detection of E. coli. Krishnan S, Chinnasamy T, Veerappan S, Senthilkumar K, Kannaiyan D Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl 45 (-) 337-342 2014-12-00 2014-09-16
Differences in anthropometric measures in immigrants and Swedish-born individuals: results from two community-based cohort studies. Carlsson AC, Wändell P, Riserus U, ..., Hellénius ML, de Faire U Prev Med 69 (-) 151-156 2014-12-00 2014-10-02
Comparative single-cell genomics reveals potential ecological niches for the freshwater acI Actinobacteria lineage. Ghylin TW, Garcia SL, Moya F, ..., Bertilsson S, McMahon KD ISME J 8 (12) 2503-2516 2014-12-00 2014-08-05
Common genetic variants highlight the role of insulin resistance and body fat distribution in type 2 diabetes, independent of obesity. Scott RA, Fall T, Pasko D, ..., Langenberg C, Wareham NJ Diabetes 63 (12) 4378-4387 2014-12-00 2014-06-19
Classification aided domain reduction for high dimensional optimization Singh P, Ferranti F, Deschrijver D, Couckuyt I, Dhaene T - - (-) - 2014-12-00 2014-12-00
A splice variant of the human phosphohistidine phosphatase 1 (PHPT1) is degraded by the proteasome. Inturi R, Wäneskog M, Vlachakis D, ..., Punga T, Bjerling P Int. J. Biochem. Cell Biol. 57 (-) 69-75 2014-12-00 2014-10-14
PyTMs: a useful PyMOL plugin for modeling common post-translational modifications. Warnecke A, Sandalova T, Achour A, Harris RA BMC Bioinformatics 15 (-) 370 2014-11-28 2014-11-28
Antibiotics in fetal and early life and subsequent childhood asthma: nationwide population based study with sibling analysis. Örtqvist AK, Lundholm C, Kieler H, ..., Ye W, Almqvist C BMJ 349 (-) g6979 2014-11-28 2014-11-28
Community-driven development for computational biology at Sprints, Hackathons and Codefests. Möller S, Afgan E, Banck M, ..., Katayama T, Chapman BA BMC Bioinformatics 15 Suppl 14 (-) S7 2014-11-27 2014-11-27
Induced ice melting by the snow flea antifreeze protein from molecular dynamics simulations. Todde G, Whitman C, Hovmöller S, Laaksonen A J Phys Chem B 118 (47) 13527-13534 2014-11-26 2014-11-12
Insights into the Role of Asp79(2.50) in β2 Adrenergic Receptor Activation from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Ranganathan A, Dror RO, Carlsson J Biochemistry 53 (46) 7283-7296 2014-11-25 2014-11-12
Benchmarking study of parameter variation when using signature fingerprints together with support vector machines. Alvarsson J, Eklund M, Andersson C, ..., Spjuth O, Wikberg JE J Chem Inf Model 54 (11) 3211-3217 2014-11-24 2014-10-28
1p36 deletion is a marker for tumour dissemination in microsatellite stable stage II-III colon cancer. Mayrhofer M, Kultima HG, Birgisson H, ..., Glimelius B, Isaksson A BMC Cancer 14 (-) 872 2014-11-24 2014-11-24
The Eph tyrosine kinase receptors EphB2 and EphA2 are novel proteolytic substrates of tissue factor/coagulation factor VIIa. Eriksson O, Ramström M, Hörnaeus K, ..., Mokhtari D, Siegbahn A J. Biol. Chem. 289 (47) 32379-32391 2014-11-21 2014-10-03
Safe Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Couplings with Microwave Heating Using Continuous-Flow Silicon Carbide Reactors Konda V, Rydfjord J, Sävmarker J, Larhed M Org. Process Res. Dev. 18 (11) 1413-1418 2014-11-21 2014-08-05
Microwave Heated Flow Synthesis of Spiro-oxindole Dihydroquinazolinone Based IRAP Inhibitors Engen K, Sävmarker J, Rosenström U, ..., Jenmalm-Jensen A, Larhed M Org. Process Res. Dev. 18 (11) 1582-1588 2014-11-21 2014-10-16
Constitutive activation of the ERK pathway in melanoma and skin melanocytes in Grey horses. Jiang L, Campagne C, Sundström E, ..., Andersson L, Golovko A BMC Cancer 14 (-) 857 2014-11-21 2014-11-21
Scanning STED-FCS reveals spatiotemporal heterogeneity of lipid interaction in the plasma membrane of living cells. Honigmann A, Mueller V, Ta H, ..., Hell SW, Eggeling C Nat Commun 5 (-) 5412 2014-11-20 2014-11-20
Single-cell transcriptomics for microbial eukaryotes. Kolisko M, Boscaro V, Burki F, Lynn DH, Keeling PJ Curr. Biol. 24 (22) R1081-R1082 2014-11-17 2014-11-17
Reprogramming during epithelial to mesenchymal transition under the control of TGFβ. Tan EJ, Olsson AK, Moustakas A Cell Adh Migr 9 (3) 233-246 2014-11-17 2014-11-17
Pathway analysis of cervical cancer genome-wide association study highlights the MHC region and pathways involved in response to infection. Chen D, Enroth S, Ivansson E, Gyllensten U Hum. Mol. Genet. 23 (22) 6047-6060 2014-11-15 2014-06-16
Reduced expression of the polymeric immunoglobulin receptor in pancreatic and periampullary adenocarcinoma signifies tumour progression and poor prognosis. Fristedt R, Elebro J, Gaber A, ..., Eberhard J, Jirström K PLoS ONE 9 (11) e112728 2014-11-14 2014-11-14
Endostatin level is associated with kidney injury in the elderly: findings from two community-based cohorts. Ruge T, Carlsson AC, Larsson TE, ..., Lind L, Ärnlöv J Am. J. Nephrol. 40 (5) 417-424 2014-11-14 2014-11-14
Structure of the large ribosomal subunit from human mitochondria Brown A, Amunts A, Bai Xc, ..., Scheres SHW, Ramakrishnan V Science 346 (6210) 718-722 2014-11-07 2014-10-02
Defining the Human Adipose Tissue Proteome To Reveal Metabolic Alterations in Obesity Mardinoglu A, Kampf C, Asplund A, ..., Uhlen M, Nielsen J J. Proteome Res. 13 (11) 5106-5119 2014-11-07 2014-09-25
Analysis of autoantibody profiles in osteoarthritis using comprehensive protein array concepts. Henjes F, Lourido L, Ruiz-Romero C, ..., Nilsson P, Fuentes M J. Proteome Res. 13 (11) 5218-5229 2014-11-07 2014-10-09
Affinity proteomic profiling of plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and brain tissue within multiple sclerosis. Byström S, Ayoglu B, Häggmark A, ..., Nilsson P, Schwenk JM J. Proteome Res. 13 (11) 4607-4619 2014-11-07 2014-10-01
Quantifying colocalization: thresholding, void voxels and the H(coef). Adler J, Parmryd I PLoS ONE 9 (11) e111983 2014-11-06 2014-11-06
Efficient Multisite Unnatural Amino Acid Incorporation in Mammalian Cells via Optimized Pyrrolysyl tRNA Synthetase/tRNA Expression and Engineered eRF1 Schmied WH, Elsässer SJ, Uttamapinant C, Chin JW J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136 (44) 15577-15583 2014-11-05 2014-10-28
Detection of rotavirus using padlock probes and rolling circle amplification. Mezger A, Öhrmalm C, Herthnek D, Blomberg J, Nilsson M PLoS ONE 9 (11) e111874 2014-11-04 2014-11-04
Gallium-68-labeled affibody molecule for PET imaging of PDGFRβ expression in vivo. Strand J, Varasteh Z, Eriksson O, ..., Orlova A, Tolmachev V Mol. Pharm. 11 (11) 3957-3964 2014-11-03 2014-07-23
Study of protein and RNA in dendritic spines using multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry (MIMS). Brismar H, Aperia A, Westin L, ..., Poczatek C, Lechene C Surf Interface Anal 46 (Suppl 1) 158-160 2014-11-01 2015-09-18
Tracing the evolution of FERM domain of Kindlins. Ali RH, Khan AA Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 80 (-) 193-204 2014-11-00 2014-08-20
The association between glomerular filtration rate and left ventricular function in two independent community-based cohorts of elderly. Nerpin E, Ingelsson E, Risérus U, ..., Lars L, Ärnlöv J Nephrol. Dial. Transplant. 29 (11) 2069-2074 2014-11-00 2014-06-10
Systemic lupus erythematosus prevalence in Sweden in 2010: what do national registers say? Simard JF, Sjöwall C, Rönnblom L, Jönsen A, Svenungsson E Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken) 66 (11) 1710-1717 2014-11-00 2014-04-24
Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 (sTNFR1) is associated with increased total mortality due to cancer and cardiovascular causes - findings from two community based cohorts of elderly. Carlsson AC, Juhlin CC, Larsson TE, ..., Lind L, Arnlöv J Atherosclerosis 237 (1) 236-242 2014-11-00 2014-09-16
Silenced B-cell receptor response to autoantigen in a poor-prognostic subset of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Bergh AC, Evaldsson C, Pedersen LB, ..., Rosenquist R, Rosén A Haematologica 99 (11) 1722-1730 2014-11-00 2014-08-01
Polymeric Smart Coating Strategy for Titanium Implants Berts I, Ossipov D, Fragneto G, Frisk A, Rennie AR Adv. Eng. Mater. 16 (11) 1340-1350 2014-11-00 2014-04-01
Parallel barcoding of antibodies for DNA-assisted proteomics. Dezfouli M, Vickovic S, Iglesias MJ, Schwenk JM, Ahmadian A Proteomics 14 (21-22) 2432-2436 2014-11-00 2014-09-30
Integration of genome-wide of Stat3 binding and epigenetic modification mapping with transcriptome reveals novel Stat3 target genes in glioma cells. Kruczyk M, Przanowski P, Dabrowski M, ..., Kaminska B, Komorowski J Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1839 (11) 1341-1350 2014-11-00 2014-08-08
Influence of persistent organic pollutants on oxidative stress in population-based samples. Kumar J, Monica Lind P, Salihovic S, ..., Lind L, Ingelsson E Chemosphere 114 (-) 303-309 2014-11-00 2014-06-02
Improved contact predictions using the recognition of protein like contact patterns. Skwark MJ, Raimondi D, Michel M, Elofsson A PLoS Comput Biol 10 (11) e1003889 2014-11-00 2014-11-06
High-resolution mapping of transcriptional dynamics across tissue development reveals a stable mRNA–tRNA interface Schmitt BM, Rudolph KLM, Karagianni P, ..., Marioni JC, Kutter C Genome Res. 24 (11) 1797-1807 2014-11-00 2014-08-13
Heparan sulfate in the regulation of neural differentiation and glioma development. Xiong A, Kundu S, Forsberg-Nilsson K FEBS J. 281 (22) 4993-5008 2014-11-00 2014-11-06
Fat mass and obesity-associated gene (FTO) is linked to higher plasma levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and lower serum levels of the satiety hormone leptin in older adults. Benedict C, Axelsson T, Söderberg S, ..., Lind L, Schiöth HB Diabetes 63 (11) 3955-3959 2014-11-00 2014-06-04
Evolution reveals a glutathione-dependent mechanism of 3-hydroxypropionic acid tolerance. Kildegaard KR, Hallström BM, Blicher TH, ..., Nielsen J, Borodina I Metab. Eng. 26 (-) 57-66 2014-11-00 2014-09-28
Defining the role of common variation in the genomic and biological architecture of adult human height. Wood AR, Esko T, Yang J, ..., Hirschhorn JN, Frayling TM Nat. Genet. 46 (11) 1173-1186 2014-11-00 2014-10-05
Defining the human gallbladder proteome by transcriptomics and affinity proteomics Kampf C, Mardinoglu A, Fagerberg L, ..., Pontén F, Uhlen M Proteomics 14 (21-22) 2498-2507 2014-11-00 2014-10-09
Clinical effect of stereotyped B-cell receptor immunoglobulins in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: a retrospective multicentre study. Baliakas P, Hadzidimitriou A, Sutton LA, ..., Ghia P, Stamatopoulos K Lancet Haematol 1 (2) e74-e84 2014-11-00 2014-11-03
Challenges in computational studies of enzyme structure, function and dynamics. Carvalho AT, Barrozo A, Doron D, ..., Major DT, Kamerlin SC J. Mol. Graph. Model. 54 (-) 62-79 2014-11-00 2014-09-28
Binning metagenomic contigs by coverage and composition. Alneberg J, Bjarnason BS, de Bruijn I, ..., Andersson AF, Quince C Nat. Methods 11 (11) 1144-1146 2014-11-00 2014-09-14
Abolished InsP3R2 function inhibits sweat secretion in both humans and mice. Klar J, Hisatsune C, Baig SM, ..., Mikoshiba K, Dahl N J. Clin. Invest. 124 (11) 4773-4780 2014-11-00 2014-10-20
Haplotype-tag single nucleotide polymorphism analysis of the vesicular glutamate transporter (VGLUT) genes in severely alcoholic women. Comasco E, Hallman J, Wallén-Mackenzie A Psychiatry Res 219 (2) 403-405 2014-10-30 2014-06-06
Oncogenic signaling is dominant to cell of origin and dictates astrocytic or oligodendroglial tumor development from oligodendrocyte precursor cells. Lindberg N, Jiang Y, Xie Y, ..., Holland EC, Uhrbom L J. Neurosci. 34 (44) 14644-14651 2014-10-29 2014-10-31
Designing a multimer allergen for diagnosis and immunotherapy of dog allergic patients. Nilsson OB, Neimert-Andersson T, Bronge M, ..., van Hage M, Grönlund H PLoS ONE 9 (10) e111041 2014-10-29 2014-10-29
Ligand-based target prediction with signature fingerprints. Alvarsson J, Eklund M, Engkvist O, ..., Wikberg JE, Noeske T J Chem Inf Model 54 (10) 2647-2653 2014-10-27 2014-10-03
Unexpected multiplicity of QRFP receptors in early vertebrate evolution. Larhammar D, Xu B, Bergqvist CA Front Neurosci 8 (-) 337 2014-10-24 2014-10-24
Structure and mechanism of Zn2+-transporting P-type ATPases. Wang K, Sitsel O, Meloni G, ..., Nissen P, Gourdon P Nature 514 (7523) 518-522 2014-10-23 2014-08-17
Genetic variation reveals large-scale population expansion and migration during the expansion of Bantu-speaking peoples. Li S, Schlebusch C, Jakobsson M Proc. Biol. Sci. 281 (1793) - 2014-10-22 2014-09-10
DCDC2 polymorphism is associated with left temporoparietal gray and white matter structures during development. Darki F, Peyrard-Janvid M, Matsson H, Kere J, Klingberg T J. Neurosci. 34 (43) 14455-14462 2014-10-22 2014-10-24
Prognostic and treatment predictive significance of SATB1 and SATB2 expression in pancreatic and periampullary adenocarcinoma. Elebro J, Heby M, Gaber A, ..., Jirström K, Eberhard J J Transl Med 12 (-) 289 2014-10-17 2014-10-17
Allelic expression mapping across cellular lineages to establish impact of non-coding SNPs. Adoue V, Schiavi A, Light N, ..., Syvänen AC, Pastinen T Mol Syst Biol 10 (-) 754 2014-10-16 2014-10-16
Role of dietary fats in modulating cardiometabolic risk during moderate weight gain: a randomized double-blind overfeeding trial (LIPOGAIN study). Iggman D, Rosqvist F, Larsson A, ..., Rudling M, Risérus U J Am Heart Assoc 3 (5) e001095 2014-10-15 2014-10-15
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