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The 20 most recent publications

SRCAP mutations drive clonal hematopoiesis through epigenetic and DNA repair dysregulation.
Chen CW, Zhang L, Dutta R, ..., Sperling AS, Goodell MA
Cell Stem Cell 30 (11) 1503-1519.e8 [2023-11-02; online 2023-10-19]
Abhishek Niroula DDLS Fellow
Functional and molecular profiling of hematopoietic stem cells during regeneration.
Rydström A, Grahn THM, Niroula A, ..., Larsson J, Karlsson S
Exp. Hematol. 127 (-) 40-51 [2023-11-00; online 2023-09-04]
Abhishek Niroula DDLS Fellow

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