Publications 2019

119 publications

A genome-wide transcriptomic analysis of protein-coding genes in human blood cells.
Uhlen M, Karlsson MJ, Zhong W, ..., Fagerberg L, Brodin P
pii: 366/6472/eaax9198
Science 366 (6472) - [2019-12-20; online 2019-12-21]
Adil Mardinoglu
High genetic diversity but no geographical structure of Aedes albopictus populations in Réunion Island.
Latreille AC, Milesi P, Magalon H, Mavingui P, Atyame CM
pii: 10.1186/s13071-019-3840-x pmc: PMC6924041
Parasit Vectors 12 (1) 597 [2019-12-19; online 2019-12-19]
Pascal Milesi
Informing Pharmacokinetic Models with Physiological Data: Oral Population Modeling of L-Serine in Humans
Bosley J, Bjornson E, Zhang C, ..., Boran J, Mardinoglu A
- - (-) - [2019-12-14; online 2019-12-14]
Adil Mardinoglu
A Spatiotemporal Organ-Wide Gene Expression and Cell Atlas of the Developing Human Heart.
Asp M, Giacomello S, Larsson L, ..., Sylvén C, Lundeberg J
pii: S0092-8674(19)31282-6
Cell 179 (7) 1647-1660.e19 [2019-12-12; online 2019-12-14]
Magda Bienko
Chromatin-sensitive cryptic promoters putatively drive expression of alternative protein isoforms in yeast.
Wei W, Hennig BP, Wang J, ..., Steinmetz LM, Pelechano V
pii: gr.243378.118 pmc: PMC6886497
Genome Res 29 (12) 1974-1984 [2019-12-00; online 2019-11-18]
Vicent Pelechano
Cardiac expression of the microsomal triglyceride transport protein protects the heart function during ischemia.
Klevstig M, Arif M, Mannila M, ..., Ehrenborg E, Borén J
pii: S0022-2828(19)30186-5
J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol. 137 (-) 1-8 [2019-12-00; online 2019-09-15]
Adil Mardinoglu
Smart scanning for low-illumination and fast RESOLFT nanoscopy in vivo
Dreier J, Castello M, Coceano G, ..., Vicidomini G, Testa I
Nat Commun 10 (1) - [2019-12-00; online 2019-02-01]
Ilaria Testa
DiscoverY: a classifier for identifying Y chromosome sequences in male assemblies
Rangavittal S, Stopa N, Tomaszkiewicz M, ..., Makova KD, Medvedev P
BMC Genomics 20 (1) - [2019-12-00; online 2019-08-09]
Kristoffer Sahlin
Helix breaking transition in the S4 of HCN channel is critical for hyperpolarization-dependent gating.
Kasimova MA, Tewari D, Cowgill JB, ..., Delemotte L, Chanda B
pii: 53400 pmc: PMC6904216
Elife 8 (-) - [2019-11-27; online 2019-11-27]
Lucie Delemotte
The human secretome.
Uhlén M, Karlsson MJ, Hober A, ..., Fagerberg L, Sivertsson Å
pii: 12/609/eaaz0274
Sci Signal 12 (609) - [2019-11-26; online 2019-11-26]
Adil Mardinoglu
Metabolically Active Brown Adipose Tissue Is Found in Adult Subjects with Type 1 Diabetes.
Eriksson O, Selvaraju RK, Berglund M, Espes D
pii: ijms20235827 pmc: PMC6928828
Int J Mol Sci 20 (23) - [2019-11-20; online 2019-11-20]
Olof Eriksson
Evolutionary compaction and adaptation visualized by the structure of the dormant microsporidian ribosome.
Barandun J, Hunziker M, Vossbrinck CR, Klinge S
pii: 10.1038/s41564-019-0514-6 pmc: PMC6814508 mid: NIHMS1052135
Nat. Microbiol 4 (11) 1798-1804 [2019-11-00; online 2019-07-22]
Jonas Barandun
Systems biology perspective for studying the gut microbiota in human physiology and liver diseases.
Altay O, Nielsen J, Uhlen M, Boren J, Mardinoglu A
pii: S2352-3964(19)30648-6 pmc: PMC6945237
EBioMedicine 49 (-) 364-373 [2019-11-00; online 2019-10-18]
Adil Mardinoglu
Sharing Data from Molecular Simulations.
Abraham M, Apostolov R, Barnoud J, ..., Woods C, Zhmurov A
J Chem Inf Model 59 (10) 4093-4099 [2019-10-28; online 2019-10-11]
Lucie Delemotte
Assessment of glucagon receptor occupancy by Positron Emission Tomography in non-human primates.
Eriksson O, Velikyan I, Haack T, ..., Pierrou S, Wagner M
pii: 10.1038/s41598-019-51530-0 pmc: PMC6800434
Sci Rep 9 (1) 14960 [2019-10-18; online 2019-10-18]
Olof Eriksson
CUTseq is a versatile method for preparing multiplexed DNA sequencing libraries from low-input samples.
Zhang X, Garnerone S, Simonetti M, ..., Bienko M, Crosetto N
pii: 10.1038/s41467-019-12570-2 pmc: PMC6802095
Nat Commun 10 (1) 4732 [2019-10-18; online 2019-10-18]
Magda Bienko
Remodeling the genome with DNA twists.
Bowman GD, Deindl S
pii: 366/6461/35
Science (New York, N.Y.) 366 (6461) 35-36 [2019-10-04; online 2019-10-12]
Sebastian Deindl
Genetic basis and timing of a major mating system shift in Capsella.
Bachmann JA, Tedder A, Laenen B, ..., Castric V, Slotte T
New Phytol. 224 (1) 505-517 [2019-10-00; online 2019-08-01]
Tanja Slotte
VGLUT2 rs2290045 genotype moderates environmental sensitivity to alcohol-related problems in three samples of youths.
Vrettou M, Nilsson KW, Tuvblad C, ..., Nylander I, Comasco E
pii: 10.1007/s00787-019-01293-w pmc: PMC6785645
Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry 28 (10) 1329-1340 [2019-10-00; online 2019-02-25]
Erika Comasco
Association between Transcription Factor AP-2B genotype, obesity, insulin resistance and dietary intake in a longitudinal birth cohort study.
Joost U, Villa I, Comasco E, ..., Veidebaum T, Harro J
pii: 10.1038/s41366-019-0396-y
Int J Obes (Lond) 43 (10) 2095-2106 [2019-10-00; online 2019-06-17]
Erika Comasco
Pancreatic perfusion and its response to glucose as measured by simultaneous PET/MRI.
Espes D, Manell E, Rydén A, ..., Jansson L, Eriksson O
pii: 10.1007/s00592-019-01353-2 pmc: PMC6746678
Acta diabetologica 56 (10) 1113-1120 [2019-10-00; online 2019-04-26]
Olof Eriksson
Systems biology based drug repositioning for development of cancer therapy.
Turanli B, Altay O, Borén J, ..., Arga KY, Mardinoglu A
pii: S1044-579X(19)30265-2
Semin. Cancer Biol. - (-) - [2019-09-27; online 2019-09-27]
Adil Mardinoglu
EvoChromo: towards a synthesis of chromatin biology and evolution.
Drinnenberg IA, Berger F, Elsässer SJ, ..., Warnecke T, Wolfe KH
pii: 146/19/dev178962 pmc: PMC7376748
Development 146 (19) - [2019-09-26; online 2019-09-26]
Simon Elsässer
Cytoplasmic protein misfolding titrates Hsp70 to activate nuclear Hsf1.
Masser AE, Kang W, Roy J, ..., Friedländer MR, Andréasson C
Elife 8 (-) - [2019-09-25; online 2019-09-25]
Marc Friedländer
What industry can teach academia.
Mao Y
pii: 365/6459/1342
Science (New York, N.Y.) 365 (6459) 1342 [2019-09-20; online 2019-10-12]
Yumeng Mao
Mechanical properties of plasma membrane vesicles correlate with lipid order, viscosity and cell density.
Steinkühler J, Sezgin E, Urbančič I, Eggeling C, Dimova R
Commun Biol 2 (-) 337 [2019-09-13; online 2019-09-13]
Erdinc Sezgin
Salmonella persisters promote the spread of antibiotic resistance plasmids in the gut.
Bakkeren E, Huisman JS, Fattinger SA, ..., Diard M, Hardt WD
pii: 10.1038/s41586-019-1521-8 pmc: PMC6744281 mid: EMS83941
Nature 573 (7773) 276-280 [2019-09-00; online 2019-09-04]
Mikael Sellin
Impact of demography on linked selection in two outcrossing Brassicaceae species.
Mattila TM, Laenen B, Horvath R, ..., Savolainen O, Slotte T
pii: ECE35463 pmc: PMC6745670
Ecol Evol 9 (17) 9532-9545 [2019-09-00; online 2019-08-13]
Tanja Slotte
Early life stress and voluntary alcohol consumption in relation to Maoa methylation in male rats.
Bendre M, Granholm L, Drennan R, ..., Nylander I, Comasco E
pii: S0741-8329(18)30238-6
Alcohol 79 (-) 7-16 [2019-09-00; online 2018-11-08]
Erika Comasco
Turning Up the Heat: Local Temperature Control During in vivo Imaging of Immune Cells.
Ahl D, Eriksson O, Sedin J, ..., Christoffersson G, Phillipson M
Front Immunol 10 (-) 2036 [2019-08-27; online 2019-08-27]
Gustaf Christoffersson
Nanoscale dynamics of cholesterol in the cell membrane.
Pinkwart K, Schneider F, Lukoseviciute M, ..., Eggeling C, Sezgin E
pii: RA119.009683 pmc: PMC6709632
J. Biol. Chem. 294 (34) 12599-12609 [2019-08-23; online 2019-07-03]
Erdinc Sezgin
Molecular Basis and Ecological Relevance of Caulobacter Cell Filamentation in Freshwater Habitats.
Heinrich K, Leslie DJ, Morlock M, Bertilsson S, Jonas K
pii: mBio.01557-19 pmc: PMC6703425
MBio 10 (4) - [2019-08-20; online 2019-08-20]
Kristina Jonas
MRPS25 mutations impair mitochondrial translation and cause encephalomyopathy.
Bugiardini E, Mitchell AL, Rosa ID, ..., Pitceathly RDS, Spinazzola A
pii: 5482278 pmc: PMC6687946
Hum. Mol. Genet. 28 (16) 2711-2719 [2019-08-15; online 2019-05-01]
Alexey Amunts
LIPG-promoted lipid storage mediates adaptation to oxidative stress in breast cancer.
Cadenas C, Vosbeck S, Edlund K, ..., Marchan R, Hengstler JG
Int. J. Cancer 145 (4) 901-915 [2019-08-15; online 2019-02-07]
Adil Mardinoglu
The ribosomal protein S1-dependent standby site in tisB mRNA consists of a single-stranded region and a 5' structure element.
Romilly C, Deindl S, Wagner EGH
pii: 1904309116 pmc: PMC6690012 figshare: 10.6084/m9.figshare.8796698.v1
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116 (32) 15901-15906 [2019-08-06; online 2019-07-18]
Sebastian Deindl
Tools for Bioimaging Pancreatic β Cells in Diabetes.
Kang NY, Soetedjo AAP, Amirruddin NS, ..., Eriksson O, Teo AKK
pii: S1471-4914(19)30106-6
Trends in molecular medicine 25 (8) 708-722 [2019-08-00; online 2019-06-06]
Olof Eriksson
Strategies for increasing the throughput of super-resolution microscopies.
Mahecic D, Testa I, Griffié J, Manley S
pii: S1367-5931(19)30032-8
Curr Opin Chem Biol 51 (-) 84-91 [2019-08-00; online 2019-06-15]
Ilaria Testa
Single-cell expression noise and gene-body methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Horvath R, Laenen B, Takuno S, Slotte T
pii: 10.1038/s41437-018-0181-z pmc: PMC6781109
Heredity (Edinb) 123 (2) 81-91 [2019-08-00; online 2019-01-16]
Tanja Slotte
Progress towards the Tree of Eukaryotes
Keeling PJ, Burki F
Current Biology 29 (16) R808-R817 [2019-08-00; online 2019-08-00]
Fabien Burki
Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis responsiveness, startle response, and sensorimotor gating in late pregnancy.
Breedh J, Comasco E, Hellgren C, ..., Skalkidou A, Poromaa IS
pii: S0306-4530(18)31160-0
Psychoneuroendocrinology 106 (-) 1-8 [2019-08-00; online 2019-03-15]
Erika Comasco
Constitutive Serotonin Transporter Reduction Resembles Maternal Separation with Regard to Stress-Related Gene Expression.
Comasco E, Schijven D, de Maeyer H, ..., Sundström-Poromaa I, Olivier JDA
ACS Chem Neurosci 10 (7) 3132-3142 [2019-07-17; online 2019-01-23]
Erika Comasco
The Potential Use of Metabolic Cofactors in Treatment of NAFLD.
Mardinoglu A, Ural D, Zeybel M, ..., Uhlén M, Borén J
pii: nu11071578 pmc: PMC6682907
Nutrients 11 (7) - [2019-07-12; online 2019-07-12]
Adil Mardinoglu
Structure-based mechanism for activation of the AAA+ GTPase McrB by the endonuclease McrC.
Nirwan N, Itoh Y, Singh P, ..., Amunts A, Saikrishnan K
pii: 10.1038/s41467-019-11084-1 pmc: PMC6624300
Nat Commun 10 (1) 3058 [2019-07-11; online 2019-07-11]
Alexey Amunts
Outlining the proton-conduction pathway in otopetrin channels.
Delemotte L
pii: 10.1038/s41594-019-0260-8
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 26 (7) 528-530 [2019-07-00; online 2019-06-27]
Lucie Delemotte
Cryo-EM structure of the activated RET signaling complex reveals the importance of its cysteine-rich domain.
Bigalke JM, Aibara S, Roth R, ..., Amunts A, Sandmark J
pii: aau4202 pmc: PMC6669014
Sci Adv 5 (7) eaau4202 [2019-07-00; online 2019-07-31]
Alexey Amunts
Conformational switches control early maturation of the eukaryotic small ribosomal subunit.
Hunziker M, Barandun J, Buzovetsky O, ..., Molina H, Klinge S
Elife 8 (-) - [2019-06-17; online 2019-06-17]
Jonas Barandun
MOBN: an interactive database of multi-omics biological networks
Zhang C, Arif M, Li X, ..., Uhlen M, Mardinoglu A
- - (-) - [2019-06-08; online 2019-06-08]
Adil Mardinoglu
RMetD2: a tool for integration of relative transcriptomics data into Genome-scale metabolic models
Zhang C, Lee S, Bidkhori G, ..., Nielsen J, Mardinoglu A
- - (-) - [2019-06-06; online 2019-06-06]
Adil Mardinoglu
Biorelevant intrinsic dissolution profiling in early drug development: Fundamental, methodological, and industrial aspects.
Bergström CAS, Box K, Holm R, ..., Schäfer KJ, Teleki A
pii: S0939-6411(18)31292-X
Eur J Pharm Biopharm 139 (-) 101-114 [2019-06-00; online 2019-03-09]
Alexandra Teleki
Regulatory Immune Mechanisms beyond Regulatory T Cells.
Christoffersson G, von Herrath M
pii: S1471-4906(19)30079-1
Trends Immunol. 40 (6) 482-491 [2019-06-00; online 2019-05-14]
Gustaf Christoffersson
EXOSC10 is required for RPA assembly and controlled DNA end resection at DNA double-strand breaks.
Domingo-Prim J, Endara-Coll M, Bonath F, ..., Huertas P, Visa N
pii: 10.1038/s41467-019-10153-9 pmc: PMC6513946
Nat Commun 10 (1) 2135 [2019-05-13; online 2019-05-13]
Marc Friedländer
Mucispirillum schaedleri Antagonizes Salmonella Virulence to Protect Mice against Colitis.
Herp S, Brugiroux S, Garzetti D, ..., Berry D, Stecher B
pii: S1931-3128(19)30156-8
Cell Host Microbe 25 (5) 681-694.e8 [2019-05-08; online 2019-04-18]
Mikael Sellin
Long Time-Scale Atomistic Simulations of the Structure and Dynamics of Transcription Factor-DNA Recognition.
Liao Q, Lüking M, Krüger DM, ..., Kasson PM, Lynn Kamerlin SC
J Phys Chem B 123 (17) 3576-3590 [2019-05-02; online 2019-04-18]
Sebastian Deindl
Stress-related genetic polymorphisms in association with peripartum depression symptoms and stress hormones: A longitudinal population-based study.
Skalkidou A, Poromaa IS, Iliadis SI, ..., Freyhult E, Comasco E
pii: S0306-4530(18)31036-9
Psychoneuroendocrinology 103 (-) 296-305 [2019-05-00; online 2019-02-07]
Erika Comasco
Discovery of functional alternatively spliced PKM transcripts in human cancers
Li X, Zhang C, Kim W, ..., Uhlen M, Mardinoglu A
- - (-) - [2019-04-18; online 2019-04-18]
Adil Mardinoglu
Direct observation of coordinated DNA movements on the nucleosome during chromatin remodelling.
Sabantsev A, Levendosky RF, Zhuang X, Bowman GD, Deindl S
pii: 10.1038/s41467-019-09657-1 pmc: PMC6461674
Nat Commun 10 (1) 1720 [2019-04-12; online 2019-04-12]
Sebastian Deindl
Receptor-Independent Transfer of Low Density Lipoprotein Cargo to Biomembranes.
Axmann M, Sezgin E, Karner A, ..., Stangl H, Plochberger B
Nano Lett. 19 (4) 2562-2567 [2019-04-10; online 2019-03-08]
Erdinc Sezgin
iFISH is a publically available resource enabling versatile DNA FISH to study genome architecture.
Gelali E, Girelli G, Matsumoto M, ..., Crosetto N, Bienko M
pii: 10.1038/s41467-019-09616-w pmc: PMC6456570
Nat Commun 10 (1) 1636 [2019-04-09; online 2019-04-09]
Magda Bienko
System-wide Profiling of RNA-Binding Proteins Uncovers Key Regulators of Virus Infection.
Garcia-Moreno M, Noerenberg M, Ni S, ..., Mohammed S, Castello A
pii: S1097-2765(19)30037-1 pmc: PMC6458987
Mol. Cell 74 (1) 196-211.e11 [2019-04-04; online 2019-02-21]
Vicent Pelechano
Case Reports of Pre-clinical Replication Studies in Metabolism and Diabetes.
von Herrath M, Pagni PP, Grove K, ..., Karlsen AE, Petersen JS
pii: S1550-4131(19)30068-3
Cell Metab. 29 (4) 795-802 [2019-04-02; online 2019-03-14]
Gustaf Christoffersson
Mature Human White Adipocytes Cultured under Membranes Maintain Identity, Function, and Can Transdifferentiate into Brown-like Adipocytes.
Harms MJ, Li Q, Lee S, ..., Spalding KL, Boucher J
pii: S2211-1247(19)30342-0
Cell Reports 27 (1) 213-225.e5 [2019-04-02; online 2019-04-04]
Adil Mardinoglu
Discovery of therapeutic agents for prostate cancer using genome-scale metabolic modeling and drug repositioning.
Turanli B, Zhang C, Kim W, ..., Arga KY, Mardinoglu A
pii: S2352-3964(19)30149-5 pmc: PMC6491384
EBioMedicine 42 (-) 386-396 [2019-04-00; online 2019-03-21]
Adil Mardinoglu
Liver macrophages regulate systemic metabolism through non-inflammatory factors.
Morgantini C, Jager J, Li X, ..., Bajgar A, Aouadi M
pii: 10.1038/s42255-019-0044-9
Nat Metab 1 (4) 445-459 [2019-04-00; online 2019-03-25]
Claudia Kutter
Measuring nanoscale diffusion dynamics in cellular membranes with super-resolution STED-FCS.
Sezgin E, Schneider F, Galiani S, ..., Lagerholm BC, Eggeling C
pii: 10.1038/s41596-019-0127-9
Nat Protoc 14 (4) 1054-1083 [2019-04-00; online 2019-03-06]
Erdinc Sezgin
Comprehensive kinetic and substrate specificity analysis of an arylsulfatase from Helix pomatia using mass spectrometry.
Correia MSP, Ballet C, Meistermann H, Conway LP, Globisch D
pii: S0968-0896(18)32030-3
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 27 (6) 955-962 [2019-03-15; online 2019-01-30]
Daniel Globisch
Vertical stratification of bacteria and archaea in sediments of a small boreal humic lake.
Rissanen AJ, Peura S, Mpamah PA, ..., Mäki A, Nykänen H
pii: 5365400 pmc: PMC6476745
FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 366 (5) - [2019-03-01; online 2019-02-27]
Sari Peura
Pervasive population genomic consequences of genome duplication in Arabidopsis arenosa.
Monnahan P, Kolář F, Baduel P, ..., Bomblies K, Yant L
pii: 10.1038/s41559-019-0807-4
Nat Ecol Evol 3 (3) 457-468 [2019-03-00; online 2019-02-25]
Tanja Slotte
Plant microRNAs in human sera are likely contaminants.
Fromm B, Kang W, Rovira C, ..., Friedländer MR, Tosar JP
pii: S0955-2863(18)30535-7
J Nutr Biochem 65 (-) 139-140 [2019-03-00; online 2018-09-05]
Marc Friedländer
Pyruvate kinase L/R is a regulator of lipid metabolism and mitochondrial function.
Liu Z, Zhang C, Lee S, ..., Boren J, Mardinoglu A
pii: S1096-7176(18)30318-5
Metab. Eng. 52 (-) 263-272 [2019-03-00; online 2019-01-04]
Adil Mardinoglu
Long-term balancing selection drives evolution of immunity genes in Capsella.
Koenig D, Hagmann J, Li R, ..., Wright SI, Weigel D
pii: 43606 pmc: PMC6426441
Elife 8 (-) - [2019-02-26; online 2019-02-26]
Tanja Slotte
First-in-class positron emission tomography tracer for the glucagon receptor.
Velikyan I, Haack T, Bossart M, ..., Wagner M, Eriksson O
pii: 10.1186/s13550-019-0482-0 pmc: PMC6377692
EJNMMI Res 9 (1) 17 [2019-02-15; online 2019-02-15]
Olof Eriksson
A conserved molecular switch in Class F receptors regulates receptor activation and pathway selection.
Wright SC, Kozielewicz P, Kowalski-Jahn M, ..., Carlsson J, Schulte G
pii: 10.1038/s41467-019-08630-2 pmc: PMC6368630
Nat Commun 10 (1) 667 [2019-02-08; online 2019-02-08]
Jens Carlsson
Spatiotemporal dissection of the cell cycle with single-cell proteogenomics
Mahdessian D, Cesnik AJ, Gnann C, ..., Sullivan D, Lundberg E
- - (-) - [2019-02-07; online 2019-02-07]
Adil Mardinoglu
Structural Patching Fosters Divergence of Mitochondrial Ribosomes.
Petrov AS, Wood EC, Bernier CR, ..., Brown A, Amunts A
pii: 5229934 pmc: PMC6367999
Mol. Biol. Evol. 36 (2) 207-219 [2019-02-01; online 2018-12-06]
Alexey Amunts
Characterization of heterogeneous redox responses in hepatocellular carcinoma patients using network analysis.
Benfeitas R, Bidkhori G, Mukhopadhyay B, ..., Kunos G, Mardinoglu A
pii: S2352-3964(18)30635-2 pmc: PMC6412169
EBioMedicine 40 (-) 471-487 [2019-02-00; online 2018-12-31]
Adil Mardinoglu
Transcription-driven chromatin repression of Intragenic transcription start sites.
Nielsen M, Ard R, Leng X, ..., Pelechano V, Marquardt S
pii: PGENETICS-D-18-01434 pmc: PMC6373976
PLoS Genet 15 (2) e1007969 [2019-02-00; online 2019-02-01]
Vicent Pelechano
Discovery of KIRREL as a biomarker for prognostic stratification of patients with thin melanoma.
Lundgren S, Fagerström-Vahman H, Zhang C, ..., Nodin B, Jirström K
Biomark Res 7 (-) 1 [2019-01-14; online 2019-01-14]
Adil Mardinoglu
The Circulating Transcriptome as a Source of Biomarkers for Melanoma.
Solé C, Tramonti D, Schramm M, ..., Middleton MR, Lawrie CH
pii: cancers11010070 pmc: PMC6356785
Cancers (Basel) 11 (1) - [2019-01-10; online 2019-01-10]
Marc Friedländer
Decreased Snow Cover Stimulates Under-Ice Primary Producers but Impairs Methanotrophic Capacity.
Garcia SL, Szekely AJ, Bergvall C, Schattenhofer M, Peura S
pii: 4/1/e00626-18 pmc: PMC6327105
mSphere 4 (1) - [2019-01-09; online 2019-01-09]
Sarahi Garcia Sari Peura
The Major RNA-Binding Protein ProQ Impacts Virulence Gene Expression in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium.
Westermann AJ, Venturini E, Sellin ME, ..., Hardt WD, Vogel J
pii: mBio.02504-18 pmc: PMC6315103
MBio 10 (1) - [2019-01-02; online 2019-01-02]
Mikael Sellin
Phylogenomics supports the monophyly of the Cercozoa.
Irwin NAT, Tikhonenkov DV, Hehenberger E, ..., Burki F, Keeling PJ
pii: S1055-7903(18)30474-3
Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 130 (-) 416-423 [2019-01-00; online 2018-10-11]
Fabien Burki
Bass D, Ward GM, Burki F
Current Biology 29 (1) R7-R8 [2019-01-00; online 2019-01-00]
Fabien Burki
Nanostructured Minerals and Vitamins for Food Fortification and Food Supplementation
Knijnenburg JTN, Posavec L, Teleki A
- - (-) 63-98 [2019-00-00; online 2019-00-00]
Alexandra Teleki