Vicent Pelechano

SciLifeLab Fellow since 2016.

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System-wide Profiling of RNA-Binding Proteins Uncovers Key Regulators of Virus Infection.
Garcia-Moreno M, Noerenberg M, Ni S, ..., Mohammed S, Castello A
Mol. Cell 74 (1) 196-211.e11 [2019-04-04; online 2019-02-21]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano

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The Nuclear PolyA-Binding Protein Nab2p Is Essential for mRNA Production
Schmid M, Olszewski P, Pelechano V, ..., Steinmetz LM, Jensen TH
Cell Reports 12 (1) 128-139 [2015-07-00; online 2015-07-00]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano
Single-cell polyadenylation site mapping reveals 3' isoform choice variability.
Velten L, Anders S, Pekowska A, ..., Pelechano V, Steinmetz LM
Mol Syst Biol 11 (6) 812 [2015-06-03; online 2015-06-03]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano
Chromatin-dependent regulation of RNA polymerases II and III activity throughout the transcription cycle
Jordán-Pla A, Gupta I, de Miguel-Jiménez L, ..., Pelechano V, Pérez-Ortín JE
Nucleic Acids Res. 43 (2) 787-802 [2015-01-30; online 2014-12-29]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano
A high-throughput ChIP-Seq for large-scale chromatin studies.
Chabbert CD, Adjalley SH, Klaus B, ..., Pelechano V, Steinmetz LM
Mol Syst Biol 11 (1) 777 [2015-01-12; online 2015-01-12]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano

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An efficient method for genome-wide polyadenylation site mapping and RNA quantification
Wilkening S, Pelechano V, Järvelin AI, ..., Benes V, Steinmetz LM
Nucleic Acids Res. 41 (5) e65-e65 [2013-03-01; online 2013-01-07]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano

Year 2012

Genome-wide polyadenylation site mapping.
Pelechano V, Wilkening S, Järvelin AI, Tekkedil MM, Steinmetz LM
Meth. Enzymol. 513 (-) 271-296 [2012-08-30; online 2012-08-30]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano

Year 2011

The Conserved Foot Domain of RNA Pol II Associates with Proteins Involved in Transcriptional Initiation and/or Early Elongation
García-López MC, Pelechano V, Mirón-García MC, ..., Pérez-Ortín JE, Navarro F
Genetics 189 (4) 1235-1248 [2011-12-00; online 2011-09-27]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano
A genomic view of mRNA turnover in yeast
Pérez-Ortín JE, Jordán-Pla A, Pelechano V
Comptes Rendus Biologies 334 (8-9) 647-654 [2011-08-00; online 2011-08-00]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano
Functional consequences of bidirectional promoters
Wei W, Pelechano V, Järvelin AI, Steinmetz LM
Trends in Genetics 27 (7) 267-276 [2011-07-00; online 2011-07-00]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano

Year 2010

A Complete Set of Nascent Transcription Rates for Yeast Genes
Pelechano V, Chávez S, Pérez-Ortín JE
PLoS ONE 5 (11) e15442 [2010-11-16; online 2010-11-16]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano

Year 2009

Regulon-specific control of transcription elongation across the yeast genome.
Pelechano V, Jimeno-González S, Rodríguez-Gil A, ..., Pérez-Ortín JE, Chávez S
PLoS Genet 5 (8) e1000614 [2009-08-00; online 2009-08-21]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano

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Year 2006

A genomic study of the inter-ORF distances in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Pelechano V, García-Martínez J, Pérez-Ortín JE
Yeast 23 (9) 689-699 [2006-07-15; online 2006-07-18]
SciLifeLab Fellow Vicent Pelechano

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