Jens Carlsson

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Year 2021

Ligand design by targeting a binding site water
Matricon P, Suresh RR, Gao ZG, ..., Jacobson KA, Carlsson J
Chem Sci - (-) - [2021-00-00; online 2021-00-00]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2020

GPCRmd uncovers the dynamics of the 3D-GPCRome
Rodríguez-Espigares I, Torrens-Fontanals M, Tiemann JKS, ..., Guixà-González R, Selent J
Nat Methods 17 (8) 777-787 [2020-08-00; online 2020-07-13]
Jens Carlsson
Docking Finds GPCR Ligands in Dark Chemical Matter
Ballante F, Rudling A, Zeifman A, ..., Loza MI, Carlsson J
J. Med. Chem. 63 (2) 613-620 [2020-01-23; online 2019-12-17]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2019

A conserved molecular switch in Class F receptors regulates receptor activation and pathway selection.
Wright SC, Kozielewicz P, Kowalski-Jahn M, ..., Carlsson J, Schulte G
pii: 10.1038/s41467-019-08630-2 pmc: PMC6368630
Nat Commun 10 (1) 667 [2019-02-08; online 2019-02-08]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2018

FZD 5 is a Gαq-coupled receptor that exhibits the functional hallmarks of prototypical GPCRs.
Wright SC, Cañizal MCA, Benkel T, ..., Schulte G, Hoffmann C
pii: 11/559/eaar5536
Sci Signal 11 (559) - [2018-12-04; online 2018-12-04]
Jens Carlsson
Scavenging of superoxide by a membrane-bound superoxide oxidase.
Lundgren CAK, Sjöstrand D, Biner O, ..., von Ballmoos C, Högbom M
pii: 10.1038/s41589-018-0072-x
Nat. Chem. Biol. 14 (8) 788-793 [2018-08-00; online 2018-06-18]
Affiliated researcher Jens Carlsson
Docking Screens for Dual Inhibitors of Disparate Drug Targets for Parkinson's Disease.
Jaiteh M, Zeifman A, Saarinen M, ..., Loza MI, Carlsson J
J. Med. Chem. 61 (12) 5269-5278 [2018-06-28; online 2018-06-15]
Affiliated researcher Jens Carlsson

Year 2017

Understanding the Role of GPCR Heteroreceptor Complexes in Modulating the Brain Networks in Health and Disease
Borroto-Escuela DO, Carlsson J, Ambrogini P, ..., Diaz-Cabiale Z, Fuxe K
Front. Cell. Neurosci. 11 (-) - [2017-02-21; online 2017-02-21]
Jens Carlsson
Structure-Based Discovery of GPCR Ligands from Crystal Structures and Homology Models
Ranganathan A, Rodríguez D, Carlsson J
- - (-) 65-99 [2017-00-00; online 2017-05-25]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2016

Structure-Based Screening of Uncharted Chemical Space for Atypical Adenosine Receptor Agonists
Rodríguez D, Chakraborty S, Warnick E, ..., Jacobson KA, Carlsson J
ACS Chem. Biol. 11 (10) 2763-2772 [2016-10-21; online 2016-08-22]
Affiliated researcher Jens Carlsson

Year 2015

Year 2014

Advances in GPCR Modeling Evaluated by the GPCR Dock 2013 Assessment: Meeting New Challenges
Kufareva I, Katritch V, Stevens RC, Abagyan R
Structure 22 (8) 1120-1139 [2014-08-00; online 2014-08-00]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2013

Structure-based Discovery of Antagonists of Nuclear Receptor LRH-1
Benod C, Carlsson J, Uthayaruban R, ..., Sablin EP, Fletterick RJ
J. Biol. Chem. 288 (27) 19830-19844 [2013-07-05; online 2013-05-10]
Jens Carlsson
Role of aspartate 132 at the orifice of a proton pathway in cytochrome c oxidase
Johansson AL, Hogbom M, Carlsson J, Gennis RB, Brzezinski P
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (22) 8912-8917 [2013-05-28; online 2013-05-14]
Jens Carlsson
Proton Uptake and pKa Changes in the Uncoupled Asn139Cys Variant of Cytochrome c Oxidase
Johansson AL, Carlsson J, Högbom M, ..., Gennis RB, Brzezinski P
Biochemistry 52 (5) 827-836 [2013-02-05; online 2013-01-25]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2012

Year 2011

Ligand discovery from a dopamine D3 receptor homology model and crystal structure
Carlsson J, Coleman RG, Setola V, ..., Roth BL, Shoichet BK
Nat Chem Biol 7 (11) 769-778 [2011-11-00; online 2011-09-18]
Jens Carlsson
Status of GPCR Modeling and Docking as Reflected by Community-wide GPCR Dock 2010 Assessment
Kufareva I, Rueda M, Katritch V, Stevens RC, Abagyan R
Structure 19 (8) 1108-1126 [2011-08-00; online 2011-08-00]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2010

Structure-Based Discovery of A2A Adenosine Receptor Ligands
Carlsson J, Yoo L, Gao ZG, ..., Shoichet BK, Jacobson KA
J. Med. Chem. 53 (9) 3748-3755 [2010-05-13; online 2010-05-13]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2009

Year 2008

Predicting binding modes from free energy calculations.
Nervall M, Hanspers P, Carlsson J, Boukharta L, Aqvist J
J. Med. Chem. 51 (9) 2657-2667 [2008-05-08; online 2008-04-12]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2007

Year 2006

Continuum solvation models in the linear interaction energy method.
Carlsson J, Andér M, Nervall M, Aqvist J
J. Phys. Chem. B 110 (24) 12034-12041 [2006-06-22; online 2006-06-28]
Jens Carlsson

Year 2005

Year 2004