Wojciech Michno

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Association of PTHrP levels in CSF with Alzheimer's disease biomarkers.
Kushnir MM, Michno W, Rockwood AL, ..., Strathmann FG, Hanrieder J
Clin Mass Spectrom 14 Pt B (-) 124-129 [2019-11-00; online 2018-10-09]
SciLifeLab Fellow Wojciech Michno
Amyloid fibril polymorphism and cell-specific toxicity in vivo.
Jonson M, Nyström S, Sandberg A, ..., Thor S, Hammarström P
Amyloid 26 (sup1) 136-137 [2019-07-26; online 2019-07-26]
SciLifeLab Fellow Wojciech Michno

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Lithium Accumulates in Neurogenic Brain Regions as Revealed by High Resolution Ion Imaging.
Zanni G, Michno W, Di Martino E, ..., Blomgren K, Hanrieder J
Sci Rep 7 (-) 40726 [2017-01-18; online 2017-01-18]
SciLifeLab Fellow Wojciech Michno

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