Adil Mardinoglu

SciLifeLab Fellow since 2015.

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Year 2021

Anticancer effects of novel NSAIDs derivatives on cultured human glioblastoma cells.
Özdemir Ö, Marinelli L, Cacciatore I, ..., Mardinoglu A, Turkez H
Z Naturforsch C J Biosci 76 (7-8) 329-335 [2021-07-27; online 2020-09-05]
Adil Mardinoglu SciLifeLab Fellow
Addressing the heterogeneity in liver diseases using biological networks.
Lam S, Doran S, Yuksel HH, ..., Uhlen M, Mardinoglu A
Brief. Bioinformatics 22 (2) 1751-1766 [2021-03-22; online 2020-03-24]
Adil Mardinoglu SciLifeLab Fellow

Year 2020

Potential Anticancer Effect of Carvacrol Codrugs on Human Glioblastoma Cells.
Yazici A, Marinelli L, Cacciatore I, ..., Mardinoğlu A, Türkez H
Curr Drug Deliv 18 (3) 350-356 [2020-10-29; online 2020-10-29]
Adil Mardinoglu SciLifeLab Fellow
Boosting Natural Killer Cell-Mediated Targeting of Sarcoma Through DNAM-1 and NKG2D.
Sayitoglu EC, Georgoudaki AM, Chrobok M, ..., Sutlu T, Duru AD
Front Immunol 11 (-) 40 [2020-01-28; online 2020-01-28]
Adil Mardinoglu SciLifeLab Fellow

Year 2019

The Potential Use of Metabolic Cofactors in Treatment of NAFLD.
Mardinoglu A, Ural D, Zeybel M, ..., Uhlén M, Borén J
Nutrients 11 (7) 1578 [2019-07-12; online 2019-07-12]
Adil Mardinoglu SciLifeLab Fellow

Year 2018

High Cell Density Perfusion Culture has a Maintained Exoproteome and Metabolome.
Zamani L, Lundqvist M, Zhang Y, ..., Rockberg J, Chotteau V
Biotechnol J 13 (10) e1800036 [2018-10-00; online 2018-07-13]
Adil Mardinoglu SciLifeLab Fellow

Year 2017

Plasma Mannose Levels Are Associated with Incident Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.
Mardinoglu A, Stančáková A, Lotta LA, ..., Langenberg C, Smith U
Cell Metab. 26 (2) 281-283 [2017-08-01; online 2017-08-03]
Adil Mardinoglu SciLifeLab Fellow
Vimentin deficiency in macrophages induces CD36-mediated inflammation
Håversen L, Ståhlman M, Mattson Hultén L, ..., Levin M, Borén J
Atherosclerosis 263 (-) e87-e88 [2017-08-00; online 2017-08-00]
Adil Mardinoglu SciLifeLab Fellow

Year 2016

Year 2015

Stratification of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Based on Acetate Utilization.
Björnson E, Mukhopadhyay B, Asplund A, ..., Nielsen J, Mardinoglu A
Cell Reports 13 (9) 2014-2026 [2015-12-01; online 2015-11-19]
Adil Mardinoglu Affiliated researcher SciLifeLab Fellow
Proteomics. Tissue-based map of the human proteome.
Uhlén M, Fagerberg L, Hallström BM, ..., Nielsen J, Pontén F
Science (New York, N.Y.) 347 (6220) 1260419 [2015-01-23; online 2015-01-24]
Adil Mardinoglu Affiliated researcher SciLifeLab Fellow

Year 2014

Toxicogenomics directory of chemically exposed human hepatocytes
Grinberg M, Stöber RM, Edlund K, ..., Rahnenführer J, Hengstler JG
Arch Toxicol 88 (12) 2261-2287 [2014-12-00; online 2014-11-16]
Adil Mardinoglu Affiliated researcher SciLifeLab Fellow

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