Oskar Karlsson

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Year 2023

Persistent immunosuppressive effects of dibutyl phthalate exposure in adult male mice.
Pierozan P, Källsten L, Theodoropoulou E, Almamoun R, Karlsson O
Sci. Total Environ. 878 (-) 162741 [2023-06-20; online 2023-03-11]
Oskar Karlsson SciLifeLab Fellow

Year 2022

Year 2021

The human exposome and health in the Anthropocene.
Karlsson O, Rocklöv J, Lehoux AP, ..., Blunt MJ, Birnbaum LS
Int J Epidemiol 50 (2) 378-389 [2021-05-17; online 2020-12-23]
Oskar Karlsson SciLifeLab Fellow

Year 2020

Year 2019

Year 2018

Placental lncRNA Expression Is Associated With Prenatal Phthalate Exposure.
Machtinger R, Zhong J, Mansur A, ..., Karlsson O, Baccarelli AA
Toxicol Sci 163 (1) 116-122 [2018-05-01; online 2018-02-01]
Oskar Karlsson SciLifeLab Fellow

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