Sari Peura

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Year 2020

Year 2019

Vertical stratification of bacteria and archaea in sediments of a small boreal humic lake.
Rissanen AJ, Peura S, Mpamah PA, ..., Mäki A, Nykänen H
FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 366 (5) - [2019-03-01; online 2019-02-27]
Sari Peura
Decreased Snow Cover Stimulates Under-Ice Primary Producers but Impairs Methanotrophic Capacity.
Garcia SL, Szekely AJ, Bergvall C, Schattenhofer M, Peura S
mSphere 4 (1) - [2019-01-09; online 2019-01-09]
Sarahi Garcia Sari Peura

Year 2018

Increasing dominance of terrigenous organic matter in circumpolar freshwaters due to permafrost thaw
Wauthy M, Rautio M, Christoffersen KS, ..., Peura S, Vincent WF
Limnol. Oceanogr. 3 (3) 186-198 [2018-06-00; online 2018-02-01]
Sari Peura

Year 2017

Poorly known microbial taxa dominate the microbiome of permafrost thaw ponds.
Wurzbacher C, Nilsson RH, Rautio M, Peura S
ISME J 11 (8) 1938-1941 [2017-08-00; online 2017-04-21]
Affiliated researcher Sari Peura

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Year 2013

Unveiling Distribution Patterns of Freshwater Phytoplankton by a Next Generation Sequencing Based Approach
Eiler A, Drakare S, Bertilsson S, ..., Znachor P, Lindström ES
PLoS ONE 8 (1) e53516 [2013-01-22; online 2013-01-22]
Sari Peura

Year 2012

Distinct and diverse anaerobic bacterial communities in boreal lakes dominated by candidate division OD1
Peura S, Eiler A, Bertilsson S, ..., Tiirola M, Jones RI
ISME J 6 (9) 1640-1652 [2012-09-00; online 2012-03-15]
Sari Peura

Year 2010

Impacts of added dissolved organic carbon on boreal freshwater pelagic metabolism and food webs in mesocosm experiments
Kankaala P, Peura S, Nykänen H, ..., Tiirola M, Jones RI
Fund. App. Lim. 177 (3) 161-176 [2010-07-09; online 2010-07-09]
Sari Peura