Marc Friedländer

SciLifeLab Fellow since 2014.

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Year 2021

MapToCleave: High-throughput profiling of microRNA biogenesis in living cells.
Kang W, Fromm B, Houben AJ, ..., Biryukova I, Friedländer MR
Cell Reports 37 (7) 110015 [2021-11-16; online 2021-11-18]
Fellows programme Marc Friedländer

Year 2020

Circulating miRNA Spaceflight Signature Reveals Targets for Countermeasure Development.
Malkani S, Chin CR, Cekanaviciute E, ..., Mason CE, Beheshti A
Cell Reports 33 (10) 108448 [2020-12-08; online 2020-11-25]
Fellows programme Marc Friedländer
Quo vadis microRNAs?
Fromm B, Keller A, Yang X, ..., Peterson KJ, Griffiths-Jones S
Trends in Genetics 36 (7) 461-463 [2020-07-00; online 2020-04-16]
Fellows programme Marc Friedländer
MirGeneDB 2.0: the metazoan microRNA complement.
Fromm B, Domanska D, Høye E, ..., Friedländer MR, Peterson KJ
Nucleic Acids Res. 48 (D1) D1172 [2020-01-08; online 2019-10-24]
Fellows programme Marc Friedländer

Year 2019

Plant microRNAs in human sera are likely contaminants.
Fromm B, Kang W, Rovira C, ..., Friedländer MR, Tosar JP
J Nutr Biochem 65 (-) 139-140 [2019-03-00; online 2018-09-05]
Fellows programme Marc Friedländer

Year 2018

miRTrace reveals the organismal origins of microRNA sequencing data.
Kang W, Eldfjell Y, Fromm B, ..., Biryukova I, Friedländer MR
Genome Biol. 19 (1) 213 [2018-12-04; online 2018-12-04]
Fellows programme Marc Friedländer
microRNA-205-5p is a modulator of insulin sensitivity that inhibits FOXO function.
Langlet F, Tarbier M, Haeusler RA, ..., Friedländer MR, Accili D
Mol Metab 17 (-) 49-60 [2018-11-00; online 2018-08-11]
Fellows programme Marc Friedländer

Year 2017

Year 2016

Year 2015

miR-184 Regulates Pancreatic β-Cell Function According to Glucose Metabolism.
Tattikota SG, Rathjen T, Hausser J, ..., Friedländer MR, Poy MN
J Biol Chem 290 (33) 20284-20294 [2015-08-14; online 2015-07-07]
Affiliated researcher Fellows programme Marc Friedländer

Year 2014

Evidence for the biogenesis of more than 1,000 novel human microRNAs.
Friedländer MR, Lizano E, Houben AJ, ..., Martí E, Estivill X
Genome Biol. 15 (4) R57 [2014-04-07; online 2014-04-07]
Fellows programme Marc Friedländer

Year 2013

Reproducibility of high-throughput mRNA and small RNA sequencing across laboratories
't Hoen PAC, Friedländer MR, Almlöf J, ..., Dermitzakis ET, Lappalainen T
Nat Biotechnol 31 (11) 1015-1022 [2013-11-00; online 2013-09-15]
Affiliated researcher Marc Friedländer
Transcriptome and genome sequencing uncovers functional variation in humans
Lappalainen T, Sammeth M, Friedländer MR, ..., Estivill X, Dermitzakis ET
Nature 501 (7468) 506-511 [2013-09-00; online 2013-09-15]
Affiliated researcher Marc Friedländer
MicroRNA expression profiling in blood from fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome patients
Alvarez-Mora MI, Rodriguez-Revenga L, Madrigal I, ..., Estivill X, Milà M
- 12 (6) 595-603 [2013-08-00; online 2013-07-24]
Marc Friedländer
Upregulation of a small vault RNA (svtRNA2-1a) is an early event in Parkinson disease and induces neuronal dysfunction.
Miñones-Moyano E, Friedländer MR, Pallares J, ..., Estivill X, Martí E
RNA Biol 10 (7) 1093-1106 [2013-07-00; online 2013-05-01]
Marc Friedländer

Year 2012

Select microRNAs are essential for early development in the sea urchin
Song JL, Stoeckius M, Maaskola J, ..., Rajewsky N, Wessel GM
Developmental Biology 362 (1) 104-113 [2012-02-00; online 2012-02-00]
Marc Friedländer

Year 2010

Deciphering the porcine intestinal microRNA transcriptome
Sharbati S, Friedlander MR, Sharbati J, ..., Rajewsky N, Einspanier R
BMC Genomics 11 (1) 275 [2010-00-00; online 2010-00-00]
Marc Friedländer

Year 2009

Large-scale sorting of C. elegans embryos reveals the dynamics of small RNA expression.
Stoeckius M, Maaskola J, Colombo T, ..., Piano F, Rajewsky N
Nat. Methods 6 (10) 745-751 [2009-10-00; online 2009-09-06]
Marc Friedländer
High-resolution profiling and discovery of planarian small RNAs.
Friedländer MR, Adamidi C, Han T, ..., Kim JK, Rajewsky N
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 106 (28) 11546-11551 [2009-07-14; online 2009-06-29]
Marc Friedländer

Year 2008

A human snoRNA with microRNA-like functions.
Ender C, Krek A, Friedländer MR, ..., Rajewsky N, Meister G
Mol. Cell 32 (4) 519-528 [2008-11-21; online 2008-11-26]
Marc Friedländer
Discovering microRNAs from deep sequencing data using miRDeep.
Friedländer MR, Chen W, Adamidi C, ..., Knespel S, Rajewsky N
Nat. Biotechnol. 26 (4) 407-415 [2008-04-00; online 2008-04-09]
Marc Friedländer

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