Gustaf Christoffersson

SciLifeLab Fellow since 2019.

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Year 2021

Putative regulation of macrophage-mediated inflammation by catestatin.
Muntjewerff EM, Christoffersson G, Mahata SK, van den Bogaart G
Trends Immunol. - (-) - [2021-11-27; online 2021-11-27]
Fellows programme Gustaf Christoffersson
Perivascular Macrophages Regulate Blood Flow Following Tissue Damage.
Vågesjö E, Parv K, Ahl D, ..., Christoffersson G, Phillipson M
Circ. Res. 128 (11) 1694-1707 [2021-05-28; online 2021-04-21]
Fellows programme Gustaf Christoffersson
Phagocytosis and Efferocytosis by Resident Macrophages in the Mouse Pancreas.
Parv K, Westerlund N, Merchant K, ..., Lindsay RS, Christoffersson G
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 12 (-) 606175 [2021-05-25; online 2021-05-25]
Fellows programme Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2020

Year 2019

Case Reports of Pre-clinical Replication Studies in Metabolism and Diabetes.
von Herrath M, Pagni PP, Grove K, ..., Karlsen AE, Petersen JS
Cell Metab. 29 (4) 795-802 [2019-04-02; online 2019-03-14]
Fellows programme Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2018

Suppression of diabetes by accumulation of non-islet-specific CD8 + effector T cells in pancreatic islets.
Christoffersson G, Chodaczek G, Ratliff SS, Coppieters K, von Herrath MG
Sci Immunol 3 (21) - [2018-03-23; online 2018-03-25]
Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2017

Vascular sprouts induce local attraction of proangiogenic neutrophils.
Christoffersson G, Lomei J, O'Callaghan P, ..., Engblom S, Phillipson M
J Leukoc Biol 102 (3) 741-751 [2017-09-00; online 2017-06-05]
Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2016

Recent advances in understanding Type 1 Diabetes.
Christoffersson G, Rodriguez-Calvo T, von Herrath M
F1000Res 5 (-) - [2016-01-27; online 2016-01-27]
Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2015

Identification and characterization of VEGF-A-responsive neutrophils expressing CD49d, VEGFR1, and CXCR4 in mice and humans.
Massena S, Christoffersson G, Vågesjö E, ..., Kreuger J, Phillipson M
Blood 126 (17) 2016-2026 [2015-10-22; online 2015-08-18]
Gustaf Christoffersson
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 is essential for physiological Beta cell function and islet vascularization in adult mice.
Christoffersson G, Waldén T, Sandberg M, ..., Carlsson PO, Phillipson M
Am. J. Pathol. 185 (4) 1094-1103 [2015-04-00; online 2015-02-07]
Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2014

Acute sleep deprivation in healthy young men: impact on population diversity and function of circulating neutrophils.
Christoffersson G, Vågesjö E, Pettersson US, ..., Benedict C, Phillipson M
Brain Behav. Immun. 41 (-) 162-172 [2014-10-00; online 2014-05-28]
Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2013

Year 2012

VEGF-A recruits a proangiogenic MMP-9-delivering neutrophil subset that induces angiogenesis in transplanted hypoxic tissue.
Christoffersson G, Vågesjö E, Vandooren J, ..., Opdenakker G, Phillipson M
Blood 120 (23) 4653-4662 [2012-11-29; online 2012-09-10]
Gustaf Christoffersson
Sustained beta-cell dysfunction but normalized islet mass in aged thrombospondin-1 deficient mice.
Drott CJ, Olerud J, Emanuelsson H, Christoffersson G, Carlsson PO
PLoS ONE 7 (10) e47451 [2012-10-19; online 2012-10-19]
Gustaf Christoffersson
Vascular adaptation to a dysfunctional endothelium as a consequence of Shb deficiency.
Christoffersson G, Zang G, Zhuang ZW, ..., Phillipson M, Welsh M
Angiogenesis 15 (3) 469-480 [2012-09-00; online 2012-05-05]
Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2011

Increased recruitment but impaired function of leukocytes during inflammation in mouse models of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Pettersson US, Christoffersson G, Massena S, ..., Henriksnäs J, Phillipson M
PLoS ONE 6 (7) e22480 [2011-07-25; online 2011-07-25]
Gustaf Christoffersson
Thrombospondin-1: an islet endothelial cell signal of importance for β-cell function.
Olerud J, Mokhtari D, Johansson M, ..., Welsh N, Carlsson PO
Diabetes 60 (7) 1946-1954 [2011-07-00; online 2011-05-26]
Gustaf Christoffersson
Intramuscular islet transplantation promotes restored islet vascularity.
Christoffersson G, Carlsson PO, Phillipson M
Islets 3 (2) 69-71 [2011-03-01; online 2011-03-01]
Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2010

A chemotactic gradient sequestered on endothelial heparan sulfate induces directional intraluminal crawling of neutrophils.
Massena S, Christoffersson G, Hjertström E, ..., Li JP, Phillipson M
Blood 116 (11) 1924-1931 [2010-09-16; online 2010-06-08]
Gustaf Christoffersson

Year 2009

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