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Year 2020

Lipoprotein Particles Interact with Membranes and Transfer Their Cargo without Receptors
Plochberger B, Sych T, Weber F, ..., Stangl H, Sezgin E
Biochemistry - (-) - [2020-11-04; online 2020-11-04]
Erdinc Sezgin
Redesigning Solvatochromic Probe Laurdan for Imaging Lipid Order Selectively in Cell Plasma Membranes.
Danylchuk DI, Sezgin E, Chabert P, Klymchenko AS
Anal. Chem. 92 (21) 14798-14805 [2020-11-03; online 2020-10-12]
Erdinc Sezgin
Model membrane systems to reconstitute immune cell signaling.
Céspedes PF, Beckers D, Dustin ML, Sezgin E
FEBS J. - (-) - [2020-07-18; online 2020-07-18]
Erdinc Sezgin
Influenza A viruses use multivalent sialic acid clusters for cell binding and receptor activation.
Sieben C, Sezgin E, Eggeling C, Manley S
pii: PPATHOGENS-D-20-00849 pmc: PMC7371231
PLoS Pathog 16 (7) e1008656 [2020-07-00; online 2020-07-08]
Erdinc Sezgin
Plasma membranes are asymmetric in lipid unsaturation, packing and protein shape.
Lorent JH, Levental KR, Ganesan L, ..., Lyman E, Levental I
pii: 10.1038/s41589-020-0529-6 pmc: PMC7246138 mid: NIHMS1580184
Nat. Chem. Biol. 16 (6) 644-652 [2020-06-00; online 2020-05-04]
Erdinc Sezgin
z-STED Imaging and Spectroscopy to Investigate Nanoscale Membrane Structure and Dynamics.
Barbotin A, Urbančič I, Galiani S, ..., Booth M, Sezgin E
pii: S0006-3495(20)30309-X pmc: PMC7231928
Biophys. J. 118 (10) 2448-2457 [2020-05-19; online 2020-04-16]
Erdinc Sezgin
High photon count rates improve the quality of super-resolution fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
Schneider F, Hernandez-Varas P, Christoffer Lagerholm B, ..., Eggeling C, Urbančič I
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 53 (16) 164003 [2020-04-15; online 2020-02-13]
Erdinc Sezgin
Creating Supported Plasma Membrane Bilayers Using Acoustic Pressure.
Sezgin E, Carugo D, Levental I, Stride E, Eggeling C
pii: membranes10020030 pmc: PMC7074417
Membranes (Basel) 10 (2) - [2020-02-18; online 2020-02-18]
Erdinc Sezgin
Regulation of lipid saturation without sensing membrane fluidity.
Ballweg S, Sezgin E, Doktorova M, ..., Hummer G, Ernst R
pii: 10.1038/s41467-020-14528-1 pmc: PMC7005026
Nat Commun 11 (1) 756 [2020-02-06; online 2020-02-06]
Erdinc Sezgin
Super-resolution RESOLFT microscopy of lipid bilayers using a fluorophore-switch dyad
Frawley AT, Wycisk V, Xiong Y, ..., Eggeling C, Anderson HL
Chem Sci 11 (33) 8955-8960 [2020-00-00; online 2020-00-00]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2019

Mechanical properties of plasma membrane vesicles correlate with lipid order, viscosity and cell density.
Steinkühler J, Sezgin E, Urbančič I, Eggeling C, Dimova R
Commun Biol 2 (-) 337 [2019-09-13; online 2019-09-13]
Erdinc Sezgin
Nanoscale dynamics of cholesterol in the cell membrane.
Pinkwart K, Schneider F, Lukoseviciute M, ..., Eggeling C, Sezgin E
pii: RA119.009683 pmc: PMC6709632
J. Biol. Chem. 294 (34) 12599-12609 [2019-08-23; online 2019-07-03]
Erdinc Sezgin
Receptor-Independent Transfer of Low Density Lipoprotein Cargo to Biomembranes.
Axmann M, Sezgin E, Karner A, ..., Stangl H, Plochberger B
Nano Lett. 19 (4) 2562-2567 [2019-04-10; online 2019-03-08]
Erdinc Sezgin
Measuring nanoscale diffusion dynamics in cellular membranes with super-resolution STED-FCS.
Sezgin E, Schneider F, Galiani S, ..., Lagerholm BC, Eggeling C
pii: 10.1038/s41596-019-0127-9
Nat Protoc 14 (4) 1054-1083 [2019-04-00; online 2019-03-06]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2018

CD45 exclusion- and cross-linking-based receptor signaling together broaden FcεRI reactivity.
Felce JH, Sezgin E, Wane M, ..., Eggeling C, Davis SJ
pii: 11/561/eaat0756
Sci Signal 11 (561) - [2018-12-18; online 2018-12-18]
Erdinc Sezgin
How to minimize dye-induced perturbations while studying biomembrane structure and dynamics: PEG linkers as a rational alternative.
Mobarak E, Javanainen M, Kulig W, ..., Rog T, Vattulainen I
pii: S0005-2736(18)30198-6
Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr 1860 (11) 2436-2445 [2018-11-00; online 2018-07-18]
Erdinc Sezgin
Reconstitution of immune cell interactions in free-standing membranes.
Jenkins E, Santos AM, O'Brien-Ball C, ..., Eggeling C, Sezgin E
pii: jcs.219709 pmc: PMC6398472
J. Cell. Sci. 132 (4) - [2018-10-02; online 2018-10-02]
Erdinc Sezgin
Spironaphthoxazine switchable dyes for biological imaging.
Xiong Y, Vargas Jentzsch A, Osterrieth JWM, ..., Eggeling C, Anderson HL
pii: c8sc00130h pmc: PMC5916019
Chem Sci 9 (11) 3029-3040 [2018-03-21; online 2018-02-20]
Erdinc Sezgin
Interferometric scattering (iSCAT) microscopy: studies of biological membrane dynamics
Reina F, Galiani S, Shrestha D, ..., Eggeling C, Cole D
- - (-) - [2018-02-20; online 2018-02-20]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2017

HDL particles incorporate into lipid bilayers - a combined AFM and single molecule fluorescence microscopy study.
Plochberger B, Röhrl C, Preiner J, ..., Stangl H, Schütz GJ
pii: 10.1038/s41598-017-15949-7 pmc: PMC5698431
Sci Rep 7 (1) 15886 [2017-11-21; online 2017-11-21]
Erdinc Sezgin
Polarity-Sensitive Probes for Superresolution Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy.
Sezgin E, Schneider F, Zilles V, ..., Klymchenko AS, Eggeling C
pii: S0006-3495(17)30700-2 pmc: PMC5607142
Biophys. J. 113 (6) 1321-1330 [2017-09-19; online 2017-07-19]
Erdinc Sezgin
A dynamic and adaptive network of cytosolic interactions governs protein export by the T3SS injectisome.
Diepold A, Sezgin E, Huseyin M, ..., Eggeling C, Armitage JP
pii: ncomms15940 pmc: PMC5490264
Nat Commun 8 (-) 15940 [2017-06-27; online 2017-06-27]
Erdinc Sezgin
Diffusion of lipids and GPI-anchored proteins in actin-free plasma membrane vesicles measured by STED-FCS.
Schneider F, Waithe D, Clausen MP, ..., Eggeling C, Sezgin E
pii: mbc.E16-07-0536 pmc: PMC5449149
Mol. Biol. Cell 28 (11) 1507-1518 [2017-06-01; online 2017-04-12]
Erdinc Sezgin
Laurdan and Di-4-ANEPPDHQ probe different properties of the membrane.
Amaro M, Reina F, Hof M, Eggeling C, Sezgin E
pii: daa5dbc pmc: PMC5802044
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50 (13) 134004 [2017-04-05; online 2017-03-07]
Erdinc Sezgin
Electroformation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles on Stainless Steel Electrodes.
Pereno V, Carugo D, Bau L, ..., Eggeling C, Stride E
ACS Omega 2 (3) 994-1002 [2017-03-31; online 2017-03-16]
Erdinc Sezgin
Rituximab capping triggers intracellular reorganization of B cells
Koller T, Blok S, Santos AM, ..., Sezgin E, Eggeling C
Matters - (-) - [2017-01-12; online 2017-01-12]
Erdinc Sezgin
Modulation of the molecular arrangement in artificial and biological membranes by phospholipid-shelled microbubbles.
Carugo D, Aron M, Sezgin E, ..., Eggeling C, Stride E
pii: S0142-9612(16)30585-3
Biomaterials 113 (-) 105-117 [2017-01-00; online 2016-10-24]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2016

Use of BODIPY-Cholesterol (TF-Chol) for Visualizing Lysosomal Cholesterol Accumulation.
Hölttä-Vuori M, Sezgin E, Eggeling C, Ikonen E
Traffic 17 (9) 1054-1057 [2016-09-00; online 2016-06-13]
Erdinc Sezgin
Photoswitchable Spiropyran Dyads for Biological Imaging.
Xiong Y, Rivera-Fuentes P, Sezgin E, ..., Eggeling C, Anderson HL
Org. Lett. 18 (15) 3666-3669 [2016-08-05; online 2016-07-26]
Erdinc Sezgin
Reorganization of Lipid Diffusion by Myelin Basic Protein as Revealed by STED Nanoscopy.
Steshenko O, Andrade DM, Honigmann A, ..., Simons M, Eggeling C
pii: S0006-3495(16)30273-9 pmc: PMC4906378
Biophys. J. 110 (11) 2441-2450 [2016-06-07; online 2016-06-09]
Erdinc Sezgin
A comparative study on fluorescent cholesterol analogs as versatile cellular reporters.
Sezgin E, Can FB, Schneider F, ..., Platt F, Eggeling C
pii: jlr.M065326 pmc: PMC4727425
J. Lipid Res. 57 (2) 299-309 [2016-02-00; online 2015-12-23]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2015

A straightforward approach for gated STED-FCS to investigate lipid membrane dynamics.
Clausen MP, Sezgin E, Bernardino de la Serna J, ..., Lagerholm BC, Eggeling C
pii: S1046-2023(15)30005-0 pmc: PMC4641872
Methods 88 (-) 67-75 [2015-10-15; online 2015-06-27]
Erdinc Sezgin
STED-FLCS: An Advanced Tool to Reveal Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of Molecular Membrane Dynamics.
Vicidomini G, Ta H, Honigmann A, ..., Hell SW, Eggeling C
Nano Lett. 15 (9) 5912-5918 [2015-09-09; online 2015-08-07]
Erdinc Sezgin
Spectral imaging to measure heterogeneity in membrane lipid packing.
Sezgin E, Waithe D, Bernardino de la Serna J, Eggeling C
Chemphyschem 16 (7) 1387-1394 [2015-05-18; online 2015-03-05]
Erdinc Sezgin
Adaptive lipid packing and bioactivity in membrane domains.
Sezgin E, Gutmann T, Buhl T, ..., Levental I, Schwille P
pii: PONE-D-14-53017 pmc: PMC4408024
PLoS ONE 10 (4) e0123930 [2015-04-23; online 2015-04-23]
Erdinc Sezgin
Membrane nanoclusters-tails of the unexpected.
Sezgin E, Davis SJ, Eggeling C
pii: S0092-8674(15)00425-0
Cell 161 (3) 433-434 [2015-04-23; online 2015-04-25]
Erdinc Sezgin
Nanoclusters of the resting T cell antigen receptor (TCR) localize to non-raft domains.
Beck-García K, Beck-García E, Bohler S, ..., Alarcón B, Schamel WW
pii: S0167-4889(14)00445-5
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1853 (4) 802-809 [2015-04-00; online 2014-12-20]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2014

Scanning STED-FCS reveals spatiotemporal heterogeneity of lipid interaction in the plasma membrane of living cells.
Honigmann A, Mueller V, Ta H, ..., Hell SW, Eggeling C
pii: ncomms6412
Nat Commun 5 (-) 5412 [2014-11-20; online 2014-11-20]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2013

Bile acids modulate signaling by functional perturbation of plasma membrane domains.
Zhou Y, Maxwell KN, Sezgin E, ..., Lichtenberger LM, Levental I
pii: M113.519116 pmc: PMC3861618
J Biol Chem 288 (50) 35660-35670 [2013-12-13; online 2013-10-28]
Erdinc Sezgin
Lypd6 enhances Wnt/β-catenin signaling by promoting Lrp6 phosphorylation in raft plasma membrane domains.
Özhan G, Sezgin E, Wehner D, ..., Schwille P, Weidinger G
pii: S1534-5807(13)00450-4 GENBANK: KF042353
Dev. Cell 26 (4) 331-345 [2013-08-26; online 2013-08-31]
Erdinc Sezgin
Photoconversion of bodipy-labeled lipid analogues.
Sezgin E, Chwastek G, Aydogan G, ..., Simons K, Schwille P
Chembiochem 14 (6) 695-698 [2013-04-15; online 2013-03-19]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2012

Functional convergence of hopanoids and sterols in membrane ordering.
Sáenz JP, Sezgin E, Schwille P, Simons K
pii: 1212141109 pmc: PMC3435179
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109 (35) 14236-14240 [2012-08-28; online 2012-08-14]
Erdinc Sezgin
Partitioning, diffusion, and ligand binding of raft lipid analogs in model and cellular plasma membranes.
Sezgin E, Levental I, Grzybek M, ..., Simons K, Schwille P
pii: S0005-2736(12)00087-9
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1818 (7) 1777-1784 [2012-07-00; online 2012-03-28]
Erdinc Sezgin
Elucidating membrane structure and protein behavior using giant plasma membrane vesicles.
Sezgin E, Kaiser HJ, Baumgart T, ..., Simons K, Levental I
pii: nprot.2012.059
Nat Protoc 7 (6) 1042-1051 [2012-05-03; online 2012-05-03]
Erdinc Sezgin
Penetration of amphiphilic quantum dots through model and cellular plasma membranes.
Dubavik A, Sezgin E, Lesnyak V, ..., Schwille P, Eychmüller A
ACS Nano 6 (3) 2150-2156 [2012-03-27; online 2012-02-13]
Erdinc Sezgin

Year 2011

Year 2009

Interaction of gold nanoparticles with mitochondria.
Karataş OF, Sezgin E, Aydin O, Culha M
pii: S0927-7765(09)00066-6
Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 71 (2) 315-318 [2009-07-01; online 2009-03-06]
Erdinc Sezgin