Tobias Andermann

DDLS Fellow: Evolution and biodiversity

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Year 2022

Estimating Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Diversity Through Deep Learning.
Andermann T, Antonelli A, Barrett RL, Silvestro D
Front Plant Sci 13 (-) 839407 [2022-04-19; online 2022-04-19]
DDLS Fellow Tobias Andermann

Year 2021

Genomic and niche divergence in an Amazonian palm species complex
Bacon CD, Roncal J, Andermann T, ..., Tunarosa N, Antonelli A
- 197 (4) 498-512 [2021-11-29; online 2021-05-10]
DDLS Fellow Tobias Andermann

Year 2020

A Guide to Carrying Out a Phylogenomic Target Sequence Capture Project.
Andermann T, Torres Jiménez MF, Matos-Maraví P, ..., Bacon CD, Antonelli A
Front Genet 10 (-) 1407 [2020-02-21; online 2020-02-21]
DDLS Fellow Tobias Andermann

Year 2019

Allele Phasing Greatly Improves the Phylogenetic Utility of Ultraconserved Elements.
Andermann T, Fernandes AM, Olsson U, ..., Faircloth BC, Antonelli A
Syst. Biol. 68 (1) 32-46 [2019-01-01; online 2018-05-18]
DDLS Fellow Tobias Andermann

Year 2018

Estimating Age-Dependent Extinction: Contrasting Evidence from Fossils and Phylogenies.
Hagen O, Andermann T, Quental TB, Antonelli A, Silvestro D
Syst. Biol. 67 (3) 458-474 [2018-05-01; online 2017-10-27]
DDLS Fellow Tobias Andermann

Year 2016

An introduction to plant phylogenomics with a focus on palms
Barrett CF, Bacon CD, Antonelli A, Cano Á, Hofmann T
Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 182 (2) 234-255 [2016-10-00; online 2016-03-18]
DDLS Fellow Tobias Andermann

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