Sarahi Garcia

16 publications

Year 2020

A genomic catalog of Earth’s microbiomes
Nayfach S, None , Roux S, ..., Kyrpides NC, Eloe-Fadrosh EA
Nat Biotechnol - (-) - [2020-11-09; online 2020-11-09]
Sarahi Garcia
Character and environmental lability of cyanobacteria‐derived dissolved organic matter
Patriarca C, Sedano‐Núñez VT, Garcia SL, ..., Tranvik LJ, Hawkes JA
Limnol. Oceanogr. - (-) - [2020-10-09; online 2020-10-09]
Sarahi Garcia
Streamlined and Abundant Bacterioplankton Thrive in Functional Cohorts.
Mondav R, Bertilsson S, Buck M, ..., Lindström ES, Garcia SL
pii: 5/5/e00316-20 pmc: PMC7527133
mSystems 5 (5) - [2020-09-29; online 2020-09-29]
Sarahi Garcia

Year 2019

Decreased Snow Cover Stimulates Under-Ice Primary Producers but Impairs Methanotrophic Capacity.
Garcia SL, Szekely AJ, Bergvall C, Schattenhofer M, Peura S
pii: 4/1/e00626-18 pmc: PMC6327105
mSphere 4 (1) - [2019-01-09; online 2019-01-09]
Sarahi Garcia Sari Peura

Year 2018

acI Actinobacteria Assemble a Functional Actinorhodopsin with Natively Synthesized Retinal.
Dwulit-Smith JR, Hamilton JJ, Stevenson DM, ..., McMahon KD, Forest KT
pii: AEM.01678-18 pmc: PMC6275354
Applied and environmental microbiology 84 (24) - [2018-12-15; online 2018-11-30]
Sarahi Garcia
Contrasting patterns of genome-level diversity across distinct co-occurring bacterial populations.
Garcia SL, Stevens SLR, Crary B, ..., Malmstrom RR, McMahon KD
pii: 10.1038/s41396-017-0001-0 pmc: PMC5962901
ISME J 12 (3) 742-755 [2018-03-00; online 2017-12-08]
Affiliated researcher Sarahi Garcia

Year 2017

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Year 2015

Year 2014

Successful enrichment of the ubiquitous freshwater acI Actinobacteria.
Garcia SL, McMahon KD, Grossart HP, Warnecke F
Environ Microbiol Rep 6 (1) 21-27 [2014-02-00; online 2013-11-10]
Sarahi Garcia

Year 2013

Metabolic potential of a single cell belonging to one of the most abundant lineages in freshwater bacterioplankton.
Garcia SL, McMahon KD, Martinez-Garcia M, ..., Woyke T, Warnecke F
pii: ismej201286 pmc: PMC3526179
ISME J 7 (1) 137-147 [2013-01-00; online 2012-07-19]
Sarahi Garcia

Year 2011

Transition of microbial communities during the adaption to anaerobic digestion of carrot waste.
Garcia SL, Jangid K, Whitman WB, Das KC
pii: S0960-8524(11)00637-7
Bioresour Technol 102 (15) 7249-7256 [2011-08-00; online 2011-05-06]
Sarahi Garcia