A lateral flow paper microarray for rapid allergy point of care diagnostics.

Chinnasamy T, Segerink LI, Nystrand M, Gantelius J, Svahn HA

Analyst 139 (10) 2348-2354 [2014-05-21; online 2014-04-03]

There is a growing need for multiplexed specific IgE tests that can accurately evaluate patient sensitization profiles. However, currently available commercial tests are either single/low-plexed or require sophisticated instrumentation at considerable cost per assay. Here, we present a novel convenient lateral flow microarray-based device that employs a novel dual labelled gold nanoparticle-strategy for rapid and sensitive detection of a panel of 15 specific IgE responses in 35 clinical serum samples. Each gold nanoparticle was conjugated to an optimized ratio of HRP and anti-IgE, allowing significant enzymatic amplification to improve the sensitivity of the assay as compared to commercially available detection reagents. The mean inter-assay variability of the developed LFM assay was 12% CV, and analysis of a cohort of clinical samples (n = 35) revealed good general agreement with ImmunoCAP, yet with a varying performance among allergens (AUC = [0.54-0.88], threshold 1 kU). Due to the rapid and simple procedure, inexpensive materials and read-out by means of a consumer flatbed scanner, the presented assay may provide an interesting low-cost alternative to existing multiplexed methods when thresholds >1 kU are acceptable.

Affiliated researcher

PubMed 24690935

DOI 10.1039/c3an01806g

Crossref 10.1039/c3an01806g

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