Study of protein and RNA in dendritic spines using multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry (MIMS).

Brismar H, Aperia A, Westin L, Moy J, Wang M, Guillermier C, Poczatek C, Lechene C

Surf Interface Anal 46 (Suppl 1) 158-160 [2014-11-01; online 2015-09-18]

The classical view of neuronal protein synthesis is that proteins are made in the cell body and then transported to their functional sites in the dendrites and the dendritic spines. Indirect evidence, however, suggests that protein synthesis can directly occur in the distal dendrites, far from the cell body. We are developing protocols for dual labeling of RNA and proteins using

Affiliated researcher

PubMed 26379339

DOI 10.1002/sia.5617

Crossref 10.1002/sia.5617

pmc: PMC4566155
mid: NIHMS677616

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