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Ubiquitin-binding domains in Y-family polymerases regulate translesion synthesis.
Bienko M, Green CM, Crosetto N, ..., Hofmann K, Dikic I
Science (New York, N.Y.) 310 (5755) 1821-1824 [2005-12-16; online 2005-12-17]
Magda Bienko
Structure of the autoinhibited kinase domain of CaMKII and SAXS analysis of the holoenzyme.
Rosenberg OS, Deindl S, Sung RJ, Nairn AC, Kuriyan J
Cell 123 (5) 849-860 [2005-12-02; online 2005-12-06]
Sebastian Deindl
Two-photon activation and excitation properties of PA-GFP in the 720-920-nm region.
Schneider M, Barozzi S, Testa I, Faretta M, Diaspro A
Biophysical Journal 89 (2) 1346-1352 [2005-08-00; online 2005-05-20]
Ilaria Testa
Flame-coating of titania particles with silica
Teleki A, Pratsinis SE, Wegner K, Jossen R, Krumeich F
J. Mater. Res. 20 (5) 1336-1347 [2005-05-00; online 2011-03-03]
Alexandra Teleki

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