Publications 2008

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Picosecond fluorescence of intact and dissolved PSI-LHCI crystals.
van Oort B, Amunts A, Borst JW, ..., van Amerongen H, Croce R
pii: S0006-3495(08)82001-2 pmc: PMC2599838
Biophys. J. 95 (12) 5851-5861 [2008-12-15; online 2008-10-17]
Alexey Amunts
Human Wrnip1 is localized in replication factories in a ubiquitin-binding zinc finger-dependent manner.
Crosetto N, Bienko M, Hibbert RG, ..., Sixma TK, Dikic I
pii: M803219200 pmc: PMC3259897
J. Biol. Chem. 283 (50) 35173-35185 [2008-12-12; online 2008-10-07]
Magda Bienko
Nanoscale separation of molecular species based on their rotational mobility.
Testa I, Schönle A, von Middendorff C, ..., Hell SW, Egner A
pii: 175203
Opt Express 16 (25) 21093-21104 [2008-12-08; online 2008-12-10]
Ilaria Testa
A human snoRNA with microRNA-like functions.
Ender C, Krek A, Friedländer MR, ..., Rajewsky N, Meister G
pii: S1097-2765(08)00733-8
Mol. Cell 32 (4) 519-528 [2008-11-21; online 2008-11-26]
Marc Friedländer
In situ coating of flame-made TiO2 particles with nanothin SiO2 films.
Teleki A, Heine MC, Krumeich F, Akhtar MK, Pratsinis SE
Langmuir 24 (21) 12553-12558 [2008-11-04; online 2008-10-11]
Alexandra Teleki
Sortase-mediated assembly and surface topology of adhesive pneumococcal pili.
Fälker S, Nelson AL, Morfeldt E, ..., Normark S, Henriques-Normark B
pii: MMI6396 pmc: PMC2680257
Mol. Microbiol. 70 (3) 595-607 [2008-11-00; online 2008-09-17]
Kristina Jonas
Importance of Bak for celecoxib-induced apoptosis.
Müller AC, Handrick R, Elsaesser SJ, ..., Belka C, Jendrossek V
pii: S0006-2952(08)00560-1
Biochem. Pharmacol. 76 (9) 1082-1096 [2008-10-30; online 2008-08-19]
Simon Elsässer
miRNA, siRNA, piRNA: Knowns of the unknown.
Kutter C, Svoboda P
pii: 7227
RNA Biol 5 (4) 181-188 [2008-10-16; online 2008-10-16]
Claudia Kutter
Biocatalyst activity in nonaqueous environments correlates with centisecond-range protein motions.
Eppler RK, Hudson EP, Chase SD, ..., Reimer JA, Clark DS
pii: 0804566105 pmc: PMC2572963
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 105 (41) 15672-15677 [2008-10-14; online 2008-10-07]
Paul Hudson
A new FRAP/FRAPa method for three-dimensional diffusion measurements based on multiphoton excitation microscopy.
Mazza D, Braeckmans K, Cella F, ..., De Smedt SS, Diaspro A
pii: S0006-3495(08)78488-1 pmc: PMC2547427
Biophys. J. 95 (7) 3457-3469 [2008-10-00; online 2008-07-11]
Ilaria Testa
Photoactivation of pa-GFP in 3D: optical tools for spatial confinement.
Testa I, Garrè M, Parazzoli D, ..., Faretta M, Diaspro A
Eur Biophys J 37 (7) 1219-1227 [2008-09-00; online 2008-04-01]
Ilaria Testa
Phylogenomics reveals a new 'megagroup' including most photosynthetic eukaryotes.
Burki F, Shalchian-Tabrizi K, Pawlowski J
pii: J355M22278421402 pmc: PMC2610160
Biol. Lett. 4 (4) 366-369 [2008-08-23; online 2008-06-05]
Fabien Burki
Non-Linear Microscopy
Mazza D, Bianchini P, Caorsi V, ..., Vicidomini G, Diaspro A
Springer [book chapter] (-) 47-69 [2008-08-13]
Ilaria Testa
Ferroelectric WO3Nanoparticles for Acetone Selective Detection
Wang L, Teleki A, Pratsinis SE, Gouma PI
Chem Mater 20 (15) 4794-4796 [2008-08-00; online 2008-08-00]
Alexandra Teleki
Endocytic trafficking of Rac is required for the spatial restriction of signaling in cell migration.
Palamidessi A, Frittoli E, Garré M, ..., Scita G, Di Fiore PP
pii: S0092-8674(08)00696-X
Cell 134 (1) 135-147 [2008-07-11; online 2008-07-11]
Ilaria Testa
Global regulation of the interphase microtubule system by abundantly expressed Op18/stathmin.
Sellin ME, Holmfeldt P, Stenmark S, Gullberg M
pii: E08-01-0058 pmc: PMC2441667
Mol. Biol. Cell 19 (7) 2897-2906 [2008-07-00; online 2008-04-23]
Mikael Sellin
Polyploid speciation did not confer instant reproductive isolation in Capsella (Brassicaceae).
Slotte T, Huang H, Lascoux M, Ceplitis A
pii: msn092
Mol. Biol. Evol. 25 (7) 1472-1481 [2008-07-00; online 2008-04-15]
Tanja Slotte
Modeling membranes under a transmembrane potential.
Delemotte L, Dehez F, Treptow W, Tarek M
J. Phys. Chem. B 112 (18) 5547-5550 [2008-05-08; online 2008-04-16]
Lucie Delemotte
Predicting binding modes from free energy calculations.
Nervall M, Hanspers P, Carlsson J, Boukharta L, Aqvist J
J. Med. Chem. 51 (9) 2657-2667 [2008-05-08; online 2008-04-12]
Jens Carlsson
Synthesis andin vitro evaluation of18F-β-carboline alkaloids as PET ligands
Blom E, Karimi F, Eriksson O, Hall H, Långström B
J Label Compd Radiopharm 51 (6) 277-282 [2008-05-00; online 2008-00-00]
Olof Eriksson
Op18/Stathmin counteracts the activity of overexpressed tubulin-disrupting proteins in a human leukemia cell line.
Sellin ME, Holmfeldt P, Stenmark S, Gullberg M
pii: S0014-4827(08)00005-0
Experimental Cell Research 314 (6) 1367-1377 [2008-04-01; online 2008-01-05]
Mikael Sellin
Spatial control of pa-GFP photoactivation in living cells.
Testa I, Parazzoli D, Barozzi S, ..., Faretta M, Diaspro A
pii: JMI1951
J Microsc 230 (Pt 1) 48-60 [2008-04-00; online 2008-04-05]
Ilaria Testa
Discovering microRNAs from deep sequencing data using miRDeep.
Friedländer MR, Chen W, Adamidi C, ..., Knespel S, Rajewsky N
Nat. Biotechnol. 26 (4) 407-415 [2008-04-00; online 2008-04-09]
Marc Friedländer
Positron emission tomography and target-controlled infusion for precise modulation of brain drug concentration.
Eriksson O, Josephsson R, Långstrom B, Bergström M
pii: S0969-8051(07)00307-1
Nuclear medicine and biology 35 (3) 299-303 [2008-04-00; online 2008-03-22]
Olof Eriksson
Flame-made Nb- and Cu-doped TiO2 sensors for CO and ethanol
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 130 (1) 449-457 [2008-03-14; online 2008-03-14]
Alexandra Teleki
In situ observation of protein phosphorylation by high-resolution NMR spectroscopy.
Selenko P, Frueh DP, Elsaesser SJ, ..., Gygi SP, Wagner G
pii: nsmb.1395
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 15 (3) 321-329 [2008-03-00; online 2008-02-24]
Simon Elsässer
Requirements for the interaction of mouse Polkappa with ubiquitin and its biological significance.
Guo C, Tang TS, Bienko M, Dikic I, Friedberg EC
pii: M709275200
J. Biol. Chem. 283 (8) 4658-4664 [2008-02-22; online 2007-12-26]
Magda Bienko
Nanostructure Evolution: From Aggregated to Spherical SiO2 Particles Made in Diffusion Flames
Camenzind A, Schulz H, Teleki A, ..., Narayanan T, Pratsinis SE
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2008 (6) 911-918 [2008-02-00; online 2008-02-00]
Alexandra Teleki
Distinguishing between aggregates and agglomerates of flame-made TiO2 by high-pressure dispersion
Teleki A, Wengeler R, Wengeler L, Nirschl H, Pratsinis SE
Powder Technology 181 (3) 292-300 [2008-02-00; online 2008-02-00]
Alexandra Teleki
The quality of SiO2-coatings on flame-made TiO2-based nanoparticles
Teleki A, Akhtar MK, Pratsinis SE
J. Mater. Chem. 18 (30) 3547 [2008-00-00; online 2008-00-00]
Alexandra Teleki