Local release of highly loaded antibodies from functionalized nanoporous support for cancer immunotherapy.

Lei C, Liu P, Chen B, Mao Y, Engelmann H, Shin Y, Jaffar J, Hellstrom I, Liu J, Hellstrom KE

Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (20) 6906-6907 [2010-05-26; online 2010-05-04]

We report that antibodies can be spontaneously loaded in functionalized mesoporous silica (FMS) with superhigh density (0.4-0.8 mg of antibody/mg of FMS) due to their comprehensive noncovalent interaction. The superhigh loading density and noncovalent interaction between FMS and antibodies allow long-lasting local release of the immunoregulatory molecules from FMS under physiological conditions. Preliminary data indicate that FMS-anti-CTLA4 antibody injected directly into a mouse melanoma induces much greater and extended inhibition of tumor growth than the antibody given systemically. Our findings open up a novel approach for local delivery of therapeutically active proteins to tumors and, potentially, other diseases.

SciLifeLab Fellow

Yumeng Mao

PubMed 20433206

DOI 10.1021/ja102414t

Crossref 10.1021/ja102414t

mid: NIHMS201379
pmc: PMC2874126

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