Tom van der Valk

DDLS Fellow: Evolution and biodiversity

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Year 2023

Year 2022

Genomic trajectories of a near-extinction event in the Chatham Island black robin.
von Seth J, van der Valk T, Lord E, ..., Robertson BC, Dussex N
BMC Genomics 23 (1) 747 [2022-11-10; online 2022-11-10]
DDLS Fellow Tom van der Valk
Evolutionary consequences of genomic deletions and insertions in the woolly mammoth genome.
van der Valk T, Dehasque M, Chacón-Duque JC, ..., Díez-Del-Molino D, Dalén L
iScience 25 (8) 104826 [2022-08-19; online 2022-08-01]
DDLS Fellow Tom van der Valk

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