The T cell receptor resides in ordered plasma membrane nanodomains that aggregate upon patching of the receptor.

Dinic J, Riehl A, Adler J, Parmryd I

Sci Rep 5 (-) 10082 [2015-05-08; online 2015-05-08]

Two related models for T cell signalling initiation suggest either that T cell receptor (TCR) engagement leads to its recruitment to ordered membrane domains, often referred to as lipid rafts, where signalling molecules are enriched or that ordered TCR-containing membrane nanodomains coalesce upon TCR engagement. That ordered domains form upon TCR engagement, as they do upon lipid raft marker patching, has not been considered. The target of this study was to differentiate between those three options. Plasma membrane order was followed in live T cells at 37 °C using laurdan to report on lipid packing. Patching of the TCR that elicits a signalling response resulted in aggregation, not formation, of ordered plasma membrane domains in both Jurkat and primary T cells. The TCR colocalised with actin filaments at the plasma membrane in unstimulated Jurkat T cells, consistent with it being localised to ordered membrane domains. The colocalisation was most prominent in cells in G1 phase when the cells are ready to commit to proliferation. At other cell cycle phases the TCR was mainly found at perinuclear membranes. Our study suggests that the TCR resides in ordered plasma membrane domains that are linked to actin filaments and aggregate upon TCR engagement.

Affiliated researcher

PubMed 25955440

DOI 10.1038/srep10082

Crossref 10.1038/srep10082

pii: srep10082
pmc: PMC5386217

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