Purification of functionalized DNA origami nanostructures.

Shaw A, Benson E, Högberg B

ACS Nano 9 (5) 4968-4975 [2015-05-26; online 2015-05-12]

The high programmability of DNA origami has provided tools for precise manipulation of matter at the nanoscale. This manipulation of matter opens up the possibility to arrange functional elements for a diverse range of applications that utilize the nanometer precision provided by these structures. However, the realization of functionalized DNA origami still suffers from imperfect production methods, in particular in the purification step, where excess material is separated from the desired functionalized DNA origami. In this article we demonstrate and optimize two purification methods that have not previously been applied to DNA origami. In addition, we provide a systematic study comparing the purification efficacy of these and five other commonly used purification methods. Three types of functionalized DNA origami were used as model systems in this study. DNA origami was patterned with either small molecules, antibodies, or larger proteins. With the results of our work we aim to provide a guideline in quality fabrication of various types of functionalized DNA origami and to provide a route for scalable production of these promising tools.

Erik Benson

SciLifeLab Fellow

PubMed 25965916

DOI 10.1021/nn507035g

Crossref 10.1021/nn507035g

Publications 9.5.0