Stepwise nucleosome translocation by RSC remodeling complexes.

Harada BT, Hwang WL, Deindl S, Chatterjee N, Bartholomew B, Zhuang X

Elife 5 (-) - [2016-02-19; online 2016-02-19]

The SWI/SNF-family remodelers regulate chromatin structure by coupling the free energy from ATP hydrolysis to the repositioning and restructuring of nucleosomes, but how the ATPase activity of these enzymes drives the motion of DNA across the nucleosome remains unclear. Here, we used single-molecule FRET to monitor the remodeling of mononucleosomes by the yeast SWI/SNF remodeler, RSC. We observed that RSC primarily translocates DNA around the nucleosome without substantial displacement of the H2A-H2B dimer. At the sites where DNA enters and exits the nucleosome, the DNA moves largely along or near its canonical wrapping path. The translocation of DNA occurs in a stepwise manner, and at both sites where DNA enters and exits the nucleosome, the step size distributions exhibit a peak at approximately 1-2 bp. These results suggest that the movement of DNA across the nucleosome is likely coupled directly to DNA translocation by the ATPase at its binding site inside the nucleosome.

SciLifeLab Fellow

Sebastian Deindl

PubMed 26895087

DOI 10.7554/eLife.10051

Crossref 10.7554/eLife.10051

pmc: PMC4769157

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