Comprehensive analysis of the genome transcriptome and proteome landscapes of three tumor cell lines.

Akan P, Alexeyenko A, Costea PI, Hedberg L, Solnestam BW, Lundin S, Hällman J, Lundberg E, Uhlén M, Lundeberg J

Genome Med 4 (11) 86 [2012-11-18; online 2012-11-18]

We here present a comparative genome, transcriptome and functional network analysis of three human cancer cell lines (A431, U251MG and U2OS), and investigate their relation to protein expression. Gene copy numbers significantly influenced corresponding transcript levels; their effect on protein levels was less pronounced. We focused on genes with altered mRNA and/or protein levels to identify those active in tumor maintenance. We provide comprehensive information for the three genomes and demonstrate the advantage of integrative analysis for identifying tumor-related genes amidst numerous background mutations by relating genomic variation to expression/protein abundance data and use gene networks to reveal implicated pathways.

Affiliated researcher

PubMed 23158748

DOI 10.1186/gm387

Crossref 10.1186/gm387

pii: gm387
pmc: PMC3580420

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