Dosimetry of [(177)Lu]-DO3A-VS-Cys(40)-Exendin-4 - impact on the feasibility of insulinoma internal radiotherapy.

Velikyan I, Bulenga TN, Selvaraju R, Lubberink M, Espes D, Rosenström U, Eriksson O

American journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 5 (2) 109-126 [2015-01-15; online 2015-01-15]

[(68)Ga]-DO3A-VS-Cys(40)-Exendin-4 has been shown to be a promising imaging candidate for targeting glucagon like peptide-1 receptor (GLP-1R). In the light of radiotheranostics and personalized medicine the (177)Lu-labelled analogue is of paramount interest. In this study we have investigated the organ distribution of [(177)Lu]-DO3A-VS-Cys(40)-Exendin-4 in rat and calculated human dosimetry parameters in order to estimate the maximal acceptable administered radioactivity, and thus potential applicability of [(177)Lu]-DO3A-VS-Cys(40)-Exendin-4 for internal radiotherapy of insulinomas. Nine male and nine female Lewis rats were injected with [(177)Lu]-DO3A-VS-Cys(40)-Exendin-4 for ex vivo organ distribution study at nine time points. The estimation of human organ/total body absorbed and total effective doses was performed using Organ Level Internal Dose Assessment Code software (OLINDA/EXM 1.1). Six more rats (male: n = 3; female: n = 3) were scanned by single photon emission tomography and computed tomography (SPECT-CT). The renal function and potential cell dysfunction were monitored by creatinine ISTAT and glucose levels. The fine uptake structure of kidney and pancreas was investigated by ex vivo autoradiography. Blood clearance and washout from most of the organs was fast. The kidney was the dose-limiting organ with absorbed dose of 5.88 and 6.04 mGy/MBq, respectively for female and male. Pancreatic beta cells demonstrated radioactivity accumulation. Renal function and beta cell function remained unaffected by radiation. The absorbed dose of [(177)Lu]-DO3A-VS-Cys(40)-Exendin-4 to kidneys may limit the clinical application of the agent. However, hypothetically, kidney protection and peptidase inhibition may allow reduction of kidney absorbed dose and amplification of tumour absorbed doses.

Olof Eriksson

SciLifeLab Fellow

PubMed 25973333

pmc: PMC4396004

Publications 9.5.0