Genome-wide identification of Grainy head targets in

Yao L, Wang S, Westholm JO, Dai Q, Matsuda R, Hosono C, Bray S, Lai EC, Samakovlis C

Development 144 (17) 3145-3155 [2017-09-01; online 2017-07-31]

Grainy head (Grh) is a conserved transcription factor (TF) controlling epithelial differentiation and regeneration. To elucidate Grh functions we identified embryonic Grh targets by ChIP-seq and gene expression analysis. We show that Grh controls hundreds of target genes. Repression or activation correlates with the distance of Grh-binding sites to the transcription start sites of its targets. Analysis of 54 Grh-responsive enhancers during development and upon wounding suggests cooperation with distinct TFs in different contexts. In the airways, Grh-repressed genes encode key TFs involved in branching and cell differentiation. Reduction of the POU domain TF Ventral veins lacking (Vvl) largely ameliorates the airway morphogenesis defects of

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PubMed 28760809

DOI 10.1242/dev.143297

Crossref 10.1242/dev.143297

pii: dev.143297
pmc: PMC5627367

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