Fully automated GMP production of [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-VS-Cys40-Exendin-4 for clinical use.

Velikyan I, Rosenstrom U, Eriksson O

American journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 7 (3) 111-125 [2017-07-15; online 2017-07-15]

[68Ga]Ga-DO3A-VS-Cys40-Exendin-4/PET-CT targeting glucagon like peptide-1 receptor (GLP-1R) has previously demonstrated its potential clinical value for the detection of insulinomas. The production and accessibility of this radiopharmaceutical is one of the critical factors in realization of clinical trials and routine clinical examinations. Previously, the radiopharmaceutical was prepared manually, however larger scale of clinical trials and healthcare requires automation of the production process in order to limit the operator radiation dose as well as improve tracer manufacturing robustness and on-line documentation for enhanced good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliance. A method for 68Ga-labelling of DO3A-VS-Cys40-Exendin-4 on a commercially available synthesis platform was developed. Equipment such as 68Ge/68Ga generator, synthesis platform, and disposable cassettes for 68Ga-labelling used in the study was purchased from Eckert & Ziegler. DO3A-VS-Cys40-Exendin-4 was synthesized in-house. The parameters such as time, temperature, precursor concentration, radical scavenger, buffer concentration, pH, product purification step were investigated and optimised. Reproducible and GMP compliant automated production of [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-VS-Cys40-Exendin-4 was developed. Exendin-4 comprising methionine amino acid residue was prone to oxidation which was strongly influenced by the elevated temperature, radioactivity amount, and precursor concentration. The suppression of the oxidative radiolysis was achieved by addition of ethanol, dihydroxybenzoic acid and ascorbic acid to the reaction buffer as well as by optimizing heating temperature. The non-decay corrected radiochemical yield was 43±2% with radiochemical purity of over 90% wherein the individual impurity signals in HPLC chromatogram did not exceed 5%. Automated production and quality control methods were established for paving the pathway for broader clinical use of [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-VS-Cys40-Exendin-4.

Olof Eriksson

SciLifeLab Fellow

PubMed 28721305

pmc: PMC5511121

Publications 9.5.0