An unbiased metagenomic search for infectious agents using monozygotic twins discordant for chronic fatigue.

Sullivan PF, Allander T, Lysholm F, Goh S, Persson B, Jacks A, EvengÄrd B, Pedersen NL, Andersson B

BMC Microbiol. 11 (-) 2 [2011-01-02; online 2011-01-02]

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an idiopathic syndrome widely suspected of having an infectious or immune etiology. We applied an unbiased metagenomic approach to try to identify known or novel infectious agents in the serum of 45 cases with chronic fatigue syndrome or idiopathic chronic fatigue. Controls were the unaffected monozygotic co-twins of cases, and serum samples were obtained at the same place and time. No novel DNA or RNA viral signatures were confidently identified. Four affected twins and no unaffected twins evidenced viremia with GB virus C (8.9% vs. 0%, p = 0.019), and one affected twin had previously undetected hepatitis C viremia. An excess of GB virus C viremia in cases with chronic fatigue requires confirmation. Current, impairing chronic fatigue was not robustly associated with viremia detectable in serum.

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PubMed 21194495

DOI 10.1186/1471-2180-11-2

Crossref 10.1186/1471-2180-11-2

pii: 1471-2180-11-2
pmc: PMC3022642

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